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Nike The Bike hacks the 360


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Hi guys.

Decided to do this topic to motivate myself.
I will post my progress here on my hacking of the 360 version of SVR 2010.

This is my plan. I gave up on number 1 though and decided to do it the manual way...

1. Hack a character model - managed to swap Carlito for Hollywood Hogan.
2. Change the stats of a character.
3. Change stats and model of a character.
4. Change the moveset of a character.
5. Add a character with model.
6. Create a tool to convert PS2 data to the 360 so that I can use SVRedit for the 360 version.

7. Getting the brienj 2.0 hack to work.
8. Extract data from the brienj 2.0 hack so that I can create a chetc.pac file to edit with SVRedit based on the 2.0 hack save data.
9. Convert SVRedit to work directly on the 360 files.

Wish me luck.

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I will log what I do here so that it could be used as a n00b tutorial or base for automation in an editor.


Add a new character model and stats:

1. I took Hollywood Hogan's PAC from Brienj's hack (121.pac),

2. Added the file to \pac\ch\121.pac

3. Added "pac\ch\121.pac" to \pac\plist360.h & \pac\plist360_4x3.h:

4. Added "EMD .@......00012102......d.ÿÿ.¬" to \plist360.arc & \plist360_4x3.arc

5. Corrected values by using x-packer - open 121.pac file, choose update ARC on both arcs above.

6. Open up chEtc.pac, extract DAT.pach & PRO.pach

7. Open DAT archive DAT.pach

8. Uncompress 0079.BPE (79 == 121 in HEX)

9. Open pofo file 0079 edit stats and save

10. Open DAT file DAT.pach and inject 0079

11. Open chEtc.pac and inject DAT.pach

12. Corrected values in ARC by using x-packer - choose update ARC on both arc files.

13. Test game...

13.1 hangs at "NOW LOADING" screen...

13.2 removed 12302 from arc to ensure size of arc was same, still hangs at first loading screen...

13.3 start from scratch and only added the 121.pac file to file structure, game boots.

13.4 added 121.pac and edited the .h files, game crashes, gives a "Fatal Crash Intercepted" error message at the press start screen...

13.5 added ch121.pac instead and changed h-file references to ch121.pac, got "Fatal Crash Intercepted" during "NOW LOADING" screen instead...

13.6 extracted 00012102 and injected it in 118.pac as 00011802. Made no changes to .h files. Updated the arc files with x-packer. SUCCESS! My first 360 model hack!

13.7 continued on the success from 13.6, did steps 6 to 11 to edit "Carlito" into "Hollywood", however the game now hangs at the "NOW LOADING" screen again, the logo just keeps spinning.

What am I doing wrong about the adding characters end editing stats procedures?

Please help...

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No, I used the archiver, which left the chEtc.pac the exact same size as it was un-edited. So, it must be that you have to update the size entires for the DAT.PACH and the chEtc.pac in the arc files.

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1. Not sure if I got the answer to this question so I ask it again, do I have to patch my xex to devkit?

2. How did you edit the h files? My game seems to crash when I edit them...

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Question. Why bother hacking SVR 2010 when WWE 13 is pretty awesome and in need of good hackers.

I made an editor for the PS2 side and want to convert it to the 360 + the compatibility with LOWM that WWE13 does not have.

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And I can't use the archiver since brienj is on vacation (or something like that).

Darn. I had this little time over and I typically had to run into a stupid wall and waste time on this.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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By manual HEX editing and replacing Carlito (76) plus no models (77 & 78) with bpe unpacked content (took three files to make room for it) I could rename "Carlito" to "Hulk Hogan" in the selection screen. However when the edited character is selected for a match, the game freezes and I need to hard reboot the system. I repointed all DAT references for 76/77/78 to point to the same unpacked content. That way the chEtc file keeps the same size.

Almost worked...

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I don't know if this helps at all , but for the names I just changed them in the pofo files and replaced the red & green models with Hogan and warrior then updated the arcs and they work perfect. I also have started on doing 2010 because of all the models it can use & I wasn't able to get into modding it on 360 back then. would love the Editor to work on 360 for it. Because I can not for the life of me get no models to work. (I have Andre & Bundy pcs for ch256 & ch257 & cant use them) Also anytime you change a pofo file I was told you have to start a new save.

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Yeah, those things I know, that's rule 1 of chEtc hacking - new save.

That's not the problem here. Problem is that I cannot get the game to accept my edited chEtc.pac or added files (via the h-file).

1. If I edit chEtc, at what stages do I need to update the arc? More than once at the end when the new chEtc is ready?

2. Another question I have, have anyone tried adding multiple characters in one ch file, just like how it works on the PS2?

Can you have multiple character IDs within one file?

"The fun part" is that now is my fan on my backup computer going crazy. Perhaps this one will die aswell... Atleast I think it's the fan, hope it's not the HDD...

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K, that was just a reflection I made about the file structure, that if we were to put characters in the files that way it would be more similar to how it is on PS2.

Anyhow, back to the h file and chEtc modding problem, do you guys have any ideas of where I am going wrong? I can not use the brienj tool since he's away.

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On 2010 we all use the editor I wrote back in the day that means nothing need to be done manually as it does everything for you. You just set the attributes and whatnot from the gui.

The editor in turn, during the first run unpacks all pofo files from the DAT folder and pastes them all at the end of the chetc.pac so that the editor knows where all files are exactly, Then it re-references the data (in the arc I think), don't remember if it was just telling the game where the DAT folder is located now or if it was re-referencing each individual pofo file.

Point is, not many people haveedited this on the PS2 since the editor solved it automatically and I forgot the details over the years. :)

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Success! Restarting from clean files I managed to run the game after modifying the pofo of Carlito.

Interesting to do some editor converting now to edit the pofo and the moveset file. Shouldn't be impossible. :D

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