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General Rules:

1.      Advertising is allowed ONLY within your signature and/or profile.

  • This does not include advertising links to your forum under the offer of exclusive content such as "Check out my forum to download my mods exclusively." The latter is a violation of the rules.

2.      Posting of pornographic content of any form will result in a warning or instant ban.

3.      Do not abuse staff.

4.      Be respectful of other members, banter is allowed, but don’t take it to the point that it becomes harassment. 

5.      Do not post photos of other members without their consent.

6.      Piracy and discussion of is not allowed.

7.      Spamming of all forms is prohibited.

8.      Boosting for reputation points, including creating a 2nd account will result in a warning and said 2nd account will be banned.

9.      Do not post and/or derail threads with off topic posts.

10.    Do not quote a long post in it's entirety. Only quote parts most relevant to your reply.

11.    YouTube videos of full matches/universe mode playthroughs/other lengthy gameplay videos should be kept to a single threads for long series or the respective game video threads for match simulations or similar.


Creation Forum Rules:

1.      Credit must be given when posting creations that use others work(logos, formulas, etc.)

2.      Do not promote your creations in others topics.

3.      If you feel the need to leave a negative comment on a creation, be constructive and explain why you don’t like it. Help the creator to better themselves.

4.      When posting images of creations make sure to upload photos to a free image sharing website such as tinypic.com, DO NOT post links to other websites that host the images as this will affect their bandwidth. Using a website you own for hosting images is fine. 

5.      Do not post requests in people's threads. Use the appropriate, pinned Requests thread instead. 


Modding Forum Rules:

1. Users that have used pirated copies and/or having issues stemming from pirated copies and/or cracks of the game seeking help/support as well as users that promote, support or otherwise encourage or post pro-piracy messages is strictly forbidden and offenders will be warned accordingly. We do not wish to have our site associated with piracy.
In addition, various mods and modding tools simply won't work with pirated/cracked copies of the game due to the way modding works in these games.

2. Reuse of other modders content without consent is forbidden. Do not attempt to pass off other people's work as yours. If you wish to reuse other people's work, ask for permission first and if it is given to you, give them credit in your release.

3. No requesting passwords or bypassing the creators of mods.

4. Do not post requests in people's threads. Use the appropriate, pinned Requests thread instead.

5. All mods that are showcased have to be released free of charge and without gates on the Smacktalks forums. Charging for mods and advertising of mods that require payment or "donations" or other gates to download and use is not allowed.

For more details about this rule, click this link.

6. Any download links should link directly to the file offered. Redirecting users to other websites in order to retrieve the download link is considered advertising and offenders will be warned accordingly. (Adfly links are fine providing they refer the user directly to the content).

7. Respect the additional mod/tool submission rules on the website. Follow this link to read them.

Racial / Homophobic Comments:

Anyone reported posting racial or homophobic comments by the person they are directed towards, whether or not they were posted in a hurtful way will receive an instant warning and associated ban.

Should any complaint of this nature be reported to Law Enforcement then we will provide any and all requested information from Law Enforcement Officers to help towards a criminal investigation.


Cyber Bullying / Social Media:

Any members found to be harassing or bullying members on the forums as well as outside of the forums on Social Media websites will be eligible to receive a warning strike.

If you find another member harassing you outside of the forums you should take a screenshot of the offender and what has been said, then send that screenshot AND a link to the content to the Forum Admins to deal with.

You can find a list of Admins here.

Please note, any instances of harassment / bullying on another forum will not be eligible here, you should take those issues up with the Admins of that forum. Also we can only accept complaints if you are the one being harassed.


Misuse of Report Function:

We ask all members to use reports responsibly. Abusing the report function (for example unfairly targeting other members, or repeatedly using it for content that clearly doesn't need moderation) is against rules and regulations, and may lead to action against the abuser.


Creation Website:

Boosting / Down Rating of creations is not allowed

While users are allowed to vote their own creations 10 or another person’s 1, this is only allowed with your initial vote.

All votes are logged and flagged by the system when a user is found to be manipulating the rating system using multiple IP addresses and results in an automatic warning being issued.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning, with further rule breaking resulting in a suspension/banning where deemed necessary.


What is considered Piracy?

Any version of the game not authorized via the intended distribution and DRM platforms such as the Steam Client/Xbox Store/Playstation Store or official retail disc versions and/or has been cracked to circumvent copy protection and/or DRM is not supported on these forums (nor is the discussion thereof).

Distribution of any tools or methods of unlocking Downloadable Content (DLC) or any game for free is unauthorized.

Distribution of any tools or unintended methods of gaining virtual currency is unauthorized.



1st offense- Verbal Warning / No Warning Strikes

2nd offense – 1st Warning Strike

3rd offense – 2nd Warning Strike / 2 Week Suspension

4th offense – 3rd Warning Strike / Permanent Ban

If you receive a strike and go 6 months without any further offenses it will be removed.


Rules are subject to change as new problems emerge that need to be addressed. 


All Rules also apply to the discord server


Please note that under rules 4 & 5 creation and distribution of personal depictions of other members in a deprecating manner may be considered harassment.

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