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  2. liamgordon961

    Themes & More

    Hi everyone, I'll be posting my themes here from now on, as well as other wrestling related topics, news etc. All the themes I've converted so far will be reposted here in a new format.
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  4. BlackBen83

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

  5. Andy

    Andys -2023 T-Shirts

    Thank you. But iam not happy with samis chest logo. cant find a better resolution.
  6. UndertakerWLF

    Tekken57's 2k22 Mods

    Just seen these, amazing work on these!!
  7. UndertakerWLF

    Andys -2023 T-Shirts

    Nice work Andy
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  9. setho123113

    WWE SvR Series Hacking Tool 1.2 Cracked

    I hope so too man.
  10. B4G.TV

    ERAS 1-9 | 40 Years of Arenas

  11. Andy

    Andys -2023 T-Shirts

    KO - updated him bigger logo. V.3 Download Roman Reigns Sami Zayn (not 100% perfect) Jimmy Uso DOWNLOAD : https://www.mediafire.com/file/rsklaj4ul3ah8y8/Andys+T-Shirts.2023+V.3.rar/file CREDITS goes to all Modders here that created this beautiful Mods! by the way i think this is the best Mod ever made. A 70 year old Ric Flair. LOL Maybe a shirtless in ring version ?? My dream come true 🤣
  12. Andy

    Andys -2023 T-shirts

    Sorry Admins this should be in the 2k22 Mod Section! Can you put it there?
  13. setho123113

    WWE SvR Series Hacking Tool 1.2 Cracked

    oh. ok. hopefully something will be done about it.
  14. Rongogoi12

    Ultra Lag in 2k15, Tried everything

    to Please tell how you fix it. Its also happening to me 🥲
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  16. mohanned85

    Tekken57's 2k22 Mods

    bro do you have scott steiner by any chance? i know few made but i love your work
  17. I was trying to install cm punk gfx to my wwe 2k22, i used wwe patcher and caketools .i patched it and when i opened the bakedfile8.cak on the caketools it was there but when i check it in the game its just jordan devlins default gfx which should've been replaced by cm punk gfx and i don't know the reason
  18. Hi. This tutorial will cover assigning a tag finisher to a tag team in Universe mode. The issue in 2k22 is that when a tag finisher is assigned to a team in the Universe mode Team Creation menu, the selected tag finisher will not save and you get NONE displayed in the setup menu. This is a game save issue. The workaround will be adding the tag team finisher move ID into the team-info file using cheatengine. What do you need to do this.? Cheatengine. (That's about it) I will assume here you already have a team set up in Universe mode without a tag finisher assigned. The first thing you want to do is create a random team in the ROSTER -EDIT TEAMS menu which is used in Exhibition mode. Whenever a team is created in the game, team-info data is saved into memory which contains the team profile, just like a pofo or prof data is saved in memory with a superstar or CAW. 1. Create a random team and assign any tag finisher. Select a team name, any 2 characters and the tag finisher. Leave the other options as default. For this example, I created a random team and named it BROTHERHOOD1. I also assigned the tag finisher 3D to the team 2. Next Launch cheatengine and search for the name of the team. Type in the name of the created team in the search box. select STRING as the value type. What we are looking for is the team-info data for the created team. When you search, right-click on the first memory address and select BROWSE MEMORY REGION. You should see the name of the team listed. Scroll up a bit till where you see the name of another team. The space between both names is the team info data for that team as I have circled here 3. What we are searching for within the team-info data are the bytes FF7F. This appears only once in the data so shouldn't be hard to locate visually. A few bytes right after the FF7F 00 00 00 00 are the bytes for the Tag Finisher. from the screenshot here, it's AF85. 85AF is the ID for the tag finisher move 3D. Each move in the game has it's own ID so if you select a different tag finisher, you'll get a different value, but they will usually end with 85 . Take note of this ID and the bytes 00 00 00 00 before it. FF 7F 00 00 00 00 AF 85. 4. Next we go into Universe mode and navigate to MyUNIVERSE-TAG TEAMS. Ether create a new team or Lookup the name of your universe mode. I will be creating the same team here but I'll change the team name to BROTHERHOOD2. You can always change the team name later. I do this so it's easy to locate in cheatengine. You will notice the TAG FINISHER will read as NONE even after assigning it in the menu. That's the bug. Now save. 5. Go to cheatengine and search for the name of your Universe mode team. I will suggest you change the name temporarily before you search if you have already created the team beforehand, for example add a number after the team name to narrow down the search results. 6. You will see a few memory addresses listed in the results. You will have to open each and brose the region. The first result might not be the correct memory address as you will have some which contain other data. You will need to be able to figure out which is the right one from the options I will post a few below you might come across which is not the right data The memory region below is the right data. When you scroll up, you'll see the team info data and the name of another team above it. This is not hard to locate and will depend on your ability to observe patterns in data. 7. Look for the FF7F and you will see there is no data for a Tag Finisher ID listed after it. That's the issue right there. The selected tag finisher in the menu is not written into the memory region. we have to add this manually. Remember the FF7F then 00 00 00 00 and the ID for the team finisher. Remember the ID is AF85. I add this manually to the memory region as shown. Sometimes you will have to check a few others. Before you do so, check in the Universe mode team menu if the tag Finisher reads the name of the move. You see here the tag finisher reads the name of the move which has the Id written into the memory region. If I change the ID to the next HEX number B085, which is also the ID for another tag finisher, you will see the finisher will change here. You can now change the name of the team back to whatever you choose and save . The team finisher will then be saved with the team info data. You can now test in a Universe mode tag match. That's about it. Good luck.
  19. WWExVSxTNAxx96xxX


    Hey, I'm Chris 🤘 I really wanna join the 2k Modding Community and provide custom announcements. The idea is to have the same voice for in-game Superstars and modded Wrestlers. Even special announcements with various accomplishments and nicknames for extra flair. I have I'm just on mac and ps4. I can't mod games from there i think. I'm a trained singer and here on my new ig/tt I have 2 examples. @c_calls_wrestling Can you help me out in any way? I would appreciate it so much, for real. 🫂
  20. j3trko

    WWE SvR Series Hacking Tool 1.2 Cracked

    Windows 10 defaults the name to K.G so I don't know if anything can be done normally.
  21. Maze

    WWE 2k22 Community Creation Requests

    Could anyone make an intergender Beth Phoenix, Khama and Nia Jax for me if possible please
  22. Greg Valentine Rumble 94 Released. Thanks @OldSchoolCool84 https://mega.nz/folder/QqIh1KIC#tS9LUoRexR7w5nbPkjgr3Q
  23. onebarpapi

    Wrestling Legends Install Guide and Support Thread

    How can I download this please? I have a JTAG 360 already.
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