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  2. Hi @BlindedByTheGrace. I hope you've been well. Can I request a small update to the rtcs file. It seems the Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong tag entrance has the problem where the other team doesn't leave the ring. I think the entrance number is 1382. Cheers!
  3. @Fest_ If you search on prowrestlingmods you can find the custom_data.xml you need for the full ra_1. I asked this a while back and got no reply and shortly after I found it on there!
  4. Pepsiguy2

    Logan Paul SS folder name in WWE 2K22

    2K probably made a typo in it. Look for his files and check
  5. B4G.TV

    ERAS 1-8 | 40 Years of Arenas

    Don't use cct for refs. manually inject into these pacs in pac/ch folder Their renders are in this file > pac\menu\win\Assets\wwe19_texture\ltag_referee_select_win.pac
  6. Is there a way to still play the Million Dollar Tower? Since the servers closed, it doesn't show up anymore.
  7. What is the SS folder name for Logan Paul? Because recently I install Logan Paul new GFX and I thought his SS folder name is same with others wrestler Eg. His ID 960_Logan_Paul But after I did that, his Apron and Banner did not appear on the game. Please help thanks.
  8. a7med7assan5

    Ahmed Hassan's Mods

    Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga | HCTP Mod (New Wrestlers & New Hacked Moves)
  9. Chaitanya_Jain

    WWE 2K15 Patch Download & Tutorial

    lua engine not reponding
  10. What do you mean modern? you mean 2k? If someone is an expert in that, then yes, it could be done, but I don't know how to do it.
  11. ebilbryan

    ERAS 1-8 | 40 Years of Arenas

    CCT says the slot ID for the referee is 255. Another NPC ref, idk, for cutscenes maybe? is in slot ID 571. It's been a while since I installed refs in my game, so I'm not sure what those correlate to. I have Hebner, 2 versions of Charles Robinson, and I believe an ECW ref all installed. Also got Aubrey Edwards on my AEW mod. The majority of those were installed via drag/drop. They're all named different and replace certain refs, I assign them to shows to keep track of them. Haven't figured out renders for them myself. Hope I've been of some help. As I said in my post to B4G, I'm just using a handful of tools and trying not to brick the game. lol Edit - looking through my game, Earl Hebner replaces Old School Ref 1. WCW Nitro 1999 Charles Robinson replaces Standard Ref 2. Classic WCW Charles Robinson replaces Standard Ref 3
  12. Guys where can i find music files location for indi hartwell and mandy rose please and commander az33z in the tool thanks
  13. Wolfstrike28

    ERAS 1-8 | 40 Years of Arenas

    How do you install via CCT? and what slot would go to what referee?
  14. Yesterday
  15. You can install mod where ever you want. Cct names are just suggestions
  16. Ninosp96

    Need help

    Hi y’all, can I get help on Smackdown! vs Raw? I’m trying to create Brock but the tattoos formulas I’ve seen online aren’t looking how they look online.
  17. Ninosp96

    Brock Lesnar Caw Updated!

    Hey y’all can I get help on this one? The back tattoo isn’t looking how it looks online
  18. Drum Dude

    WWE Attitude Era Save Compilation PS3 (WIP)

    reupload one more time bro. or rip it from your PS3 please. its gone everywhere and dead links
  19. Drum Dude

    [PS3] WWE 13 Save File - WWF Golden Era - * OUT NOW *

    any way you can still rip it off yours?? fat or slim model bro??
  20. Last week
  21. Pepsiguy2

    WWE 2k22 Mod Requests

    Can't do Godzilla again til i get a bone snapping script. I have a tool that'll let me inject a skeleton, but moving the bones around manually for godzilla is a fuckin choooooooore
  22. ebilbryan

    ERAS 1-8 | 40 Years of Arenas

    There are a few modded refs available both here and pwm. Hebner, Lil' Naitch, and a couple ECW refs. You can overwrite the .pac files or install with cct/whatever and you're good to go.
  23. superman108w

    Mods after 1.17

    mine did not work either. i redid the patcher but this time i launch from caketools. it wiped my game clean. but the mods work again. all the place mods spaces are visible and ready to be filled too.......
  24. MarsWarrior

    ERAS 1-8 | 40 Years of Arenas

    What an immense job! A masterpiece for old school wrestling lovers, thank you so much for this gem! I just have a question regarding a feature that I can't find while it was present in previous versions, I'm talking about modded referees. The referees remained the same as the vanilla version, they aren't the old school ones. Did I do something wrong with the installation? I think I have done everything correctly. Thanks in advance for your reply.
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