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  2. If you made an Australian account it should have prices on the 2 updates. I just bought an PSN AU card from the Playasia site and redeemed the code so I could buy and download the updates.
  3. tapmybuttons

    Sting (Starrcade '97)

    Hi hovathagod32, Would you kindly let me know if you will be sharing your Sting 99 mod?
  4. Today
  5. Chainsaw Charlie


    I had this problem as well, verify your account, or log out and log back in. It will only work if you own the steam version.
  6. Lunatic Fringe

    Lunatic Fringe's Mods: The Rock, Kevin Owens, Razor Ramon, Mark Henry (NOD)

    The Rock (We Bring The Whuppin' Attire): Download
  7. mattfick

    Issues with barricade

    what arena? what type of barricade? can you provide a screenshot of your issue?
  8. mattfick


    it is for steam users only
  9. tapmybuttons

    The Chronic Workshop - Attitude Era Mood.

    Hi Chronic, Absolutely love your mods and would like to download your Triple H from 1998 and the Attitude Era Hardy Boyz Are you still active or sharing these mods? Look forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, TMB
  10. Blxckheart_GTS

    WWE 2K20 r_am.pck

    Hello all! I took the time to listen to and name every voice line in the WWE 2K20 r_am.pck! This took over 12 hours across 4 days. You can now efficiently pull whatever call names you want and add whatever call names you want out of 2K20! here is the link to the drive that has the updated customdata.xml file and has a folder full of cut call names that are still in the 2K20 file https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16JXJXyCrgMaOzz6Gm6zMX7CeyESSK3ld?usp=sharing ENJOY!
  11. How did you install this mod? Can you upload and post a link to the the chunk0.def file in your Wwe 2k19 folder?
  12. In gameplay the move doesn't connect and the momentum resets. In create a moveset, the green and black wrestlers disappear or they move wonky/phase through the ring.
  13. \ The 1996 Survivor Series Bret "Hitman" Hart Port+ from 2k16 is live in the first post! Tugboat Update! I caught a seam between the head and torso that I missed. I fixed the gap and it should be seamless. Sorry about not catching that before it went out. If you've downloaded, please download again. Thanks!
  14. Hi. Does this happen in gameplay or create moveset mode preview and practise play?
  15. Thank you, that was the issue. I also had an issue where the 2k20 labeled moves are not connecting and the momentum goes back to 0.0%. Was there something I installed incorrectly?
  16. So no way to just copy paste files with DLC already activated without going online? What do we need to do to get online with CFW without getting banned, just SEN Enabler and PSNPatch or I need special settings in MultiMan? And how do I make Australian account on non-Aussie PS3? Sorry am noob. Edit: Figured out, made Australian account, logged into the store and... the game shows "Add to cart" instead of download for Roster Update 1 & 2. I have done all previous steps, edited param.sfo and copy-pasted the ISO onto PS3.
  17. Yesterday
  18. LexRed

    Issues with barricade

    I'm sorry. I thought this could be a general issue that could be fixed with editing a number or moving around a folder, which must of the are the instruccion I'm given to fix an issue. I wasnt sure what info you might need. Maybe someone who had the same issue before could provide more details on how to fix it.
  19. There's a few wrestlers I've created with custom outfits, but it's been a pain using them because of all the loading that is involved in wanting to use them. Is there any way to make a modded superstar version of them to reduce the loading times? I ask because I have had some custom wrestlers and they load just as fast as the default wrestlers. But the CAW versions of them takes so much more longer to load.
  20. Dodger127

    Wwe 2k22 deluxe

    I'm curious if the early access is for console only or all platforms. because i didn't see anything about being able to play on march 8th on the steam page.
  21. Smacktalks

    Wwe 2k22 deluxe

    This is what I'm led to believe too, although it's not been confirmed.
  22. Personally, I feel like it will be better. My biggest concern is that they will make it near impossible to mod like they did 2k20. That really burned me. Now I've got 2k19 modded to a near perfect roster. It will be hard to sell some of us on the upgrade. At least at full price. Maybe over the next month, they will drop some info that really sells on it. I noticed they said cross platform CAS. Could be cool if they intend on making a PC creation studio so people can upload them like mods (I.E how Skyrim and others are doing it).
  23. @jtolliver23 Hey, click by "date added", once the link is clicked. You'll see the last updates.
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