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  2. Im so psyched that mods are incoming!!
  3. Unfortunately 2k22 uses a different format . The animation data files are sort of compressed so will not work as they are.
  4. xblxckheart

    Blxckheart Arena Database

    Hello all! I'm posting a drive that consists of all my arena uploads from PWM here This drive will be updated with newer uploads and I will post here when the drive is updated with new uploads! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XQDQJ1tlKzIN0wZweG1AFVUViXzzItps?usp=sharing -- Each arena comes with install instructions -- (Note: These arenas are for 2K19 only.)
  5. thebrianwright

    Sound Editor 2022 [Released: Version]

    I was looking to see if anyone has done this im attempting to work on a commentary overhaul project 2klive once promised
  6. NecromicoN

    Necromicon's arenas / "Classic Graphics"

    Imgur links/graphics threads
  7. Yesterday
  8. i got it, thank you but what about 2K22 can i use this method to backport 2K22 finishers and entrances?
  9. ya prob and fixed tron when the scripts updated.
  10. Dana Wolfe

    Judders Aprons

    Hello my name is dana n I'm wondering how much would one of the green NWA aprons be to purchase my email is wolfedana6@gmail.com if someone could please contact me id really love to purchase one of those for a custom ring I'm building for myself thank you for ur time here today..

    Lynch's 2K22 Mods & Ports Emporium - RELEASES HAVE BEGUN!

    I'm loving the souled out 98 stage, it was my favorite in revenge. will you be updating it with an accurate ring? Thanks for these mods.
  12. Mods is fine. Mods is easier than 2K19. Installing mods is better than 2K19. Modding still unfinished, even tho things are being released its way better to wait until after last patch, and when all the tools and tutorials are completed, which they are not. But yes, modding is back at the moment
  13. Hello everyone, I am a bit lost about modding at the moment. From what I rode, the situation was bad, due to the new format of files, patch etc. BUT a lot of mods are released, with new texture, new meshes etc...so it's ok ? I saw also caketool, a software which permit to include new textures and mesh. apparently.. I used to mod a little bit in wwe2k19 with Xpack and co ; will be a program easy to use to do mod again ?
  14. Lord Tengen

    Which programs are used for making 4d renders?

    yes bro u can open up models in both blender and 3ds max.. but u can directly open .YOBJ file in these software. for that u shud export the obj files from the yobj and save it somewhere and then import the .OBJ file to the blender etc... (pls leave a like)
  15. Lord Tengen

    2 Questions about 2K19 Custom Images

    emboss may work but invisible maybe NOT..
  16. thank you for your answer, but as explained "unlock alternative outfits" does not work, it does not open anymore...
  17. Hi, You can’t convert an acts file to a pac file. The file has to be opened in a hex editor like HxD and broken down into separate bits by copying blocks of data from it and creating new data files. If you decompress a 2k19 entrance animation file, one of the pac files in the decompressed folder contains the same data as the 2k20 acts file. Basically that same pac file has to be created using the data inside the acts file.
  18. Thanks, I was wondering if there was a smaller program like XNALara where I could just pose the models and take a screenshot. Maybe I'll try opening up the yobj in Blender.
  19. can you upload it to http://prowrestlingmods.io so more people can use it?
  20. TheNoOneM1

    2 Questions about 2K19 Custom Images

    Does the Emboss and Invisible features work this way?
  21. Last week
  22. Hello I need 2K20 move animation files. Can you do me a favor and tell me how to convert an (acts) file into a (pac)? The reason I want to convert the (acts) to a (pac) is to be able to explore that file
  23. mattfick


    got quite a few belts coming up. some backports from 2k22 and some customs!
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