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  2. IUE1718

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    I have a new one! Can anyone do Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels specifically from this Elimination Chamber match? It's from Summerslam 2003! I don't believe anyone has ever made these two versions in mod form.
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  4. OmniBLACK

    Omni's 2k19 CAW efforts

  5. hack matt

    spliced moves

    hey just curious since i been away modding wwe svr games for a bit, have any of you modders for 2k tried move animation splicing yet? if they've figured it out for wwe svr games i think for pc it shouldn't be that much difficult. just curious 🤔
  6. MightyMartinez

    Hello! Here is Mighty!

    Helloo Guys! I'm a big WWE and Pro Wrestling Fan! I love to watch it and to play it!! I'm from Vienna, Austria and i', 23 Years old. I'm a big Macho Man and Bayley Fan. Sometimes i have some troubles with the English Language. Feel free to correct me! Currently i play WWE2K19 on my Xbox One X but i want to play it on PC. I also Replay WWE13. I never played the Season Mode. Thanks for taking Time and reading it. I hope it's okay that i put this Picture of my Collection in the Post. If not, i'm gonna removed it.
  7. Love your channel and work on the forums, don't mean to be a beggar, but are there any pofo movesets for the loose cannon Brian Pillman the fifth Hart foundation member and last horseman, thank you.
  8. Looking at mongo makes me remember how I used to look at Debra, I'm in love. What a masterpiece, time for mongo to get jumped by the nwo and job to disco inferno in my universe. Disco fever, disco fever, yeah yeah....
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  10. So I've taken to watching through The Ditch's Puroresu archives and though I'd give some legends a whirl! Akira Taue
  11. Righteous

    /\Righteous Moveset Temple/\ Bianca, Beth added!

    Bianca Belair, Beth Phoenix added!
  12. Leon, Installed the mountie, the hat and the boots are black instead of brown , is that correct?
  13. Stinger1717

    WCW Monday Nitro

    Cool let us know when it’s ready to download. I’ve been creating all Sting 97-98 crow and Wolfpack caws can’t wait to use them in this arena.!
  14. Here's the pics of Saturday's upload. Face pics can be found in the OP. Johnny B. Badd To summarize this one in 4 words, it'd be "LACK OF CAW PARTS". The Tatanka belt was shaped completely wrong for his logos so I had to do what I could with his trunks. Obviously there were no garter belt type kneepads, and the game doesn't allow logos to go on any of the Warrior tassel kneepads except for one set. The hair options sucked overall, and aside from taking 10 layers of material designs to cover the Macho Man entrance rope, logos glitch all over it. So with that being said, I did what I could Attire 1 is a heel attire from Clash of the Champions 16 vs Sting And yeah I know our cutoff is pre-Hogan, but he spent most of 1993 in a mask and most of his other face attires just wouldn't be possible. So attire 2 is Bash at the Beach '94 vs Lord Steven Regal As always, credit and huge thanks to Keith Majors for his moveset! Be sure to get his DLC set if you have the season pass, and there should be a trio of guys coming later this week or weekend sometime.
  15. Sportfreund86

    WCW Monday Nitro

    Hey, yes, they try to stick to the modern style of the original n64 game from 1998. Will only be about the arena with funny details I have currently created a test arena, see attachment .. .
  16. Steve "Mongo" McMichael The Mountie Sin cara 3 Attires Kelly Kelly All these mods Released at first post Remember to say thanks if you use my mods
  17. Cave Waverider

    Brock Lesnar PAC Files

    That's why you should always install mods into the \mods\ folder, so you won't run the risk of replacing any files by accident (if you have them installed inside the WWE 2k19\mods folder, it's a simple matter of deleting the files in question and then re-generating the Chunk0.def file via CCT). I think there is an archive of various game files somewhere. Backup your mods (or better yet - move the .pac files to the \mods\pac\ folder instead) and verify your game files via Steam. Steam will then download any missing or changed files with their originals. Then restore your mods (or leave the .pac files inside the mods folder), clear the Chunk0.arc and regenerate the Chunk0.def file and you should be good to go.
  18. Thank you! These new uploads coming soon...
  19. BlackBen83

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    @Levibull Yeah I got @No One Rey Fenix, I see his creation when I post my request in fact thanks And that's right like says @Rami96 a good Brian Cage would be awesome for Lucha / indy roster too
  20. Chris2000

    Alt attires

    This is something I need to examine also
  21. Hi everyone. I need some help, I am trying to work out the best way to get the quality of the recording, in game using create a video, zoomed in, like on xbox one, the same good high quality as xbox one elite, my gaming pc and laptop both have graphics cards 1050ti, is it do-able to increase the settings, or not do-able, if not what card do I need, many thanks Any help would be massively appreciated
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