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  2. EvolutionIV

    HHC's CAWs: reached silver rank! New CAWs uploaded.

    Any chance you could re-up some caws.. or do you post on a 2nd account..
  3. TheJStale

    Help With Modding Tag Team Entrance

    Thanks! I wasn't 100% sure if their effect/lighting and the entrance had the same slot number or not.
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  5. Eagerly awaiting this release. Thank you to everyone involve in this HUGE undertaking to make this a reality. Also, good luck to everyone's internet connection tomorrow!
  6. Cave Waverider

    Data Editor for WWE 2k19

    Looks like you will have to install the latest version of the Super String to solve that problem. The latest version of CCT's Install Mods->Install "Super String" should do the trick. On a side note, you can use Data Editor's "Fix WWE 2k19 Startup Crash with Mods" to clear or remove the chunk0.arc file or use CCT's "Chunk Tools->Clear Chunk0.arc" function instead of doing it manually as well.
  7. squaredcirclefan

    Help With Modding Tag Team Entrance

    Hi, The Hype Bros entrance in 2k19 has the ID 1312.There is an effects file 01312.pac but no lights file. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable's entrance has the ID 01361. You will find an effects file but no lights file. The Fabulous Freebirds trio entrance has the ID 1802. There is an effects file 01802 but no lights file.
  8. I'm trying to mod in Enzo & Cass's tag team entrance and I would like to replace the Hype Bros entrance or Gable and Benjamin's entrance for the tag entrance, and the Fabulous Freebirds trio entrance for Enzo, Cass & Carmella's trio entrance, but I do not know which effect or lighting file corresponds with those entrances. There is no WWE 2K19 Files spreadsheet like there has been for past games. Could someone please help?
  9. Dollarman

    Data Editor for WWE 2k19

    Half succes, after instal new data editor and delete chunk0.arc file and made a new with text editor. But now I cant see attires 1,2 words.
  10. zhigge

    Kgs tool and the ps4

    Not sure how he does it every year. But he has a way to mod the save via another tool and it suppose to work on the ps4. Has anyone tried it. Before I spend the money I wanted to see if their were any alternatives for the ps4 tool as this is cheaper than buying a good rig.all I want to do is add mods and unlock the npc.
  11. Dollarman

    Data Editor for WWE 2k19

    Thanks, I tried it, but nothing yet...
  12. Looks amazing! I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get multiple instances of the game running on my computer, because I'm greedy and I want these...but I also want JManny's...but I also don't want to give up the Golden Era mod 😁
  13. I have some good news! I was able to finish ALL of the show videos(and themes) and got them working properly in game, so they will all be available in version 1 for you to use in Create a Show and Universe mode! Here are some things you might want to know about Get The F Back In 2K19!: These arenas will replace ALL of the stock WWE arenas(and the two generic Japanese arenas), as well as the match up screens, nameplates, locators, etc. No need to create a show(unless you want to) you can use these in regular exhibition mode. There is no way to quickly install 1 arena at a time or switch which slot it is installed in(refer to the arena modding wiki if you wish to try it for your own personal use), and there is no way to keep the modern arenas as well as the modded ones! This mod is NOT compatible with ANY of the single arena mods you might find, if you try to use them both you will completely break one or both of the mods(It is possible to 'merge' them, but again you would have to read up on the arena modding wiki, it's a really tedious process). However, you should be able to easily switch between Get The F Back In 2K19! and @JMannys 2K88 by simply installing one over top of the other. I will likely continue updating this mod over time(I'm not impressed with 2K20 so far..) so keep an eye on this page! List of known bugs at release: Smackdown '02 nameplate doesn't show up in regular exhibition mode, you can get around this by creating a show for this arena and using the "Futuristic" plates that I have modded. There are some lighting issues in the ported 2k15 arenas(the stage pieces don't reflect light as well as they should) Starrcade '83 doesn't appear in the Show menus(this seems to be a Yukes/2K issue) The weapons glitch is still present in many arenas, but does not affect MOST of the arenas that you would frequently use weapons in(like Raw is War, Smackdown '00/'02, WCW Nitro, All ECW arenas, both FMW arenas, etc.) So, with all that said, seeing as how it's almost the 25th, I only have one question for all of you........
  14. tomwearsglasses

    Sound Editor 2019 [Released: Version]

    Hey TheVisitorX! I wanted to thank you for the advances you've made in Sound Editor and Custom Character Tools. They both work great and the new stuff makes it much easier to make changes and keep track of them. I took a break from modding with 2K18 because it kept crashing on me and sat out the first few months of 2K19, so I'm still kinda catching up. I'm looking to do some research and planning in 2K19...just in time for everything to change in 2K20 😀. As part of that I have two quick questions about Sound Editor. 1) I skimmed through last year's thread and saw your post mentioning that one of the 2K18 patches broke the Sound-ID Helper feature. Does 2K19 have the same issue? I found it extremely helpful for tracking down sound IDs. 2) I also saw a mention about a tool that looks at bnk files. Did you ever release that, or was it just for testing?
  15. Clarityman

    Joe Mashups' Mods: Raven V2 Preview

    I second this. Please, please release! It's so much better than any Raven we have available, or any in-game model I've ever seen.
  16. Yesterday
  17. WWF Wrestlemania 8, AWA Pro USA on ESPN, AWA SuperClash 5 added to first post. Had to blur intro for youtube. Entrance BK2 by: @LordJustice17 All CH mods by @matt2282p Thanks to @XfallofparadiseX for the updated Mid-Atlantic background. Thanks man!
  18. Hi. Thanks. Quite a while. Porting the removed diving moves was quite difficult since the developers had implemented new animations for the present moves to add reversals. They had to motion capture all the springboard and diving moves in 2k19. The Machoman diving double axe handle was replaced with a different animation so I had to port it to a different slot. Same with the CM Punk diving elbow. Did you ensure you have placed the attr_50000_p30.pac file in the pac/audio/attr folder. This is the file which handles sound fx for standing grapple moves. Im not yet sure about 2k20 yet but time will tell.
  19. Ohhh yeah! Randy Savage proper diving double axe handle 👍 , that was a request I made months ago and is finally here thanks to you. thanks a bunch mate, you never cease to impress me.💣 For some unknown reason the Hulk up still has no sound at all during the boot and the leg drop for me but nevermind. P.S. Will you be joining the next WWE 2k20? I really hope so.
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