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  2. Hi, Yes I did. The developers didn't include data for a towel prop in the entrance file.
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  4. Hi, I don't think there is a move in the game called FOOT CHOKE AND PENDULUM KNEES .
  5. GamOuZz

    GamOuZz's CREATION, @Gamouzz_off 4 more infos

    I invite you to go see the first post! all faces were updated
  6. bushysowavvey

    [W.I.P.] Greg Hamilton to 2K19 | Dominik Mysterio Theme Song

    The little bit of Jojo doesn’t bother me that much. I know you tried your best and I appreciate that.
  7. Thanks for the excellent work @squaredcirclefan ! Any chance to see the corner move "Foot choke & pendulum press" ported ?
  8. mason44441

    WWE 2K20 Vanilla Files - GFX uploaded

    are the dlc files going to be added?
  9. Cave Waverider


    If you have Steam Cloud saves enabled for the game, then the save game will carry over, as will anything that is modded. However, the modded files will not. You'll have to backup all your modded files or even better, the whole game directory. So what you want to do is this: 1. Install Steam on the new Computer. 2. Run Steam. 3. Install WWE 2k19 on the new computer and let it finish the download. 4. Close Steam once the download and installation is finished. 5. Rename your freshly downloaded WWE 2k19 game directory or move it to a new backup folder. 6. Copy the backup of your old computer's backed up WWE 2k19 game directory where the fresh one used to be. 7. Start Steam. 8. Start the game. 9. Your mods should be there and you should be ready to go.
  10. KJ SimsJr


    If I was to get on a new computer and I download steam and wwe 2k19 will all my mods be on there
  11. Shawn Spears '20 RELEASED at first post
  12. Pofo and Moveset UPDATE: Matt Cardona, Sammy Guevara, Orange Cassidy, Evil Uno, Abadon Remember: To use my pofo and moveset please download my super String: (In case you use the CCT one you have to replace it in the CCT Superstring Folder) and you will need the entrance and moveset ports from @squaredcirclefan
  13. Women of WCW Pack Released! Download link in first post. Thanks yet again to @Fawuwu for help with porting and updating, and @matt2282p for Jacquelyn's top! Jacquelyn Madusa Miss Elizabeth (10 attires) Sister Sherri (2 attires) All have a full moveset, entrance, pofo, theme, tron (and attire_names if there's more than one). Jacquelyn's attire is now closer to what she actually wore at Halloween Havoc. Elizabeth is probably the biggest trade-up from the 2k17 - I updated her face texture to look more realistic to how she did in the late-90's. Also cleaned up some of the hair and textures. ______________________________________________________________________________ That's the last of the pre-2K19 ports! I have a few attire mods that I'll probably drop as they're ready. I also wanna do some not-really-exciting organizing and cataloguing work. And then someday I'll suck it up and try my hand at a few arenas.
  14. Ok this is the 4th and final attire of this current wcw Macho 4 pack. Commissioned by @Red Rooster Thanks alot!!!!! These are some pretty cool looks you chose. "Checkers"
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