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  2. That WALTER is getting awesome! Place take your time doing him, I know his face must be very diffcult to do. It doesn't matter is we have to wait a month
  3. My problem is that after installing a superstar(e. g. Kenny Omega) it doesn't show up in the game. I checked the chunk.def (after regenerate) and it shows up there but not in the game. Thank you in advance for any help
  4. Today
  5. I'm gonna be honest I don't think I'm gonna make any Punk unless I especially like the model. There's a gazillion Punks you guys can download with face anims
  6. straight edge subhasis


    Hi, all I remember is wwe 13 has money in the bank cm punk rather you should ask for wwe 12 or 2k14 cm punk
  7. Im just back into modding and thanks for the tool. I notice that all of my converted Wem files sound low in game. How do I turn the volume up on these tracks?
  8. Yesterday
  9. SVR 07: Batista SVR 10: Jeff hardy WWE'13: CM Punk!
  10. Been doing tweaks every so often but he's ready and honestly I just forgot to release
  11. Njquestcat

    Wrestling Legends Install Guide and Support Thread

    Hi Red Rooster, I pm’d you regarding my interest in the mod
  12. Great job on all the moves thank you. Could you port the Kushida moves from 2k20 if you have the chance please. Namely, Cartwheel dropkick, Handspring kick, Penalty kick 2, Springboard Hurricanrana 7, Springboard overhead chop, wind up forearm. Any of those would be great. Anyways thanks so much for what you have already done.
  13. Titavius

    *NEW* SmackDown 2020 - Titavius' Arena mods

    You shouldn't need the 0002. anymore. The latest version has the fix pre applied. Re-download. Copy the pac folder, paste into your game directory, play.
  14. Leingod

    Port 2k18 Entrance EVT to 2k19 new slot

    Man, you are the boss. Can't thank you enough for taking the time!
  15. Petey_The_Clown

    Can someone hybrid face textures?

    what on earth drugs are you on?
  16. Petey_The_Clown

    Wizard of thay's CAW's Updated 21/01/20

    These are all Great! I never saw these before... very nice job. I like your Simon Miller haha have to tweeted him?
  17. Petey_The_Clown

    Custom WrestleMania UK Arena

    I like this... although a mere dream that mania would come to the UK
  18. Hi, You don't need to assign them. The ID's are not named in Data Editor as these are ID's assigned in 2k20. If you wanted to set Toni Storm's Victory in data editor, just select ID 6396 as the Victory ID. All you need to do is select the entrance and Victory animations in the game. They are listed in create Entrance and Create Victory.
  19. Elegido2016

    "Extra Attire Slots" Help

    Hey everyone, I want to know how I can install alternative attires using "Extra Attire Slots". For example, Aj Styles has 6 Extra Attire Slots which are 532,533,etc. Do I have to name the attire ch53202.pac to make it work? Could I install other mods in those slots instead of extra attires for aj styles?
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