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  2. DrJoeyMagnumRyan


    commissions are not allowed on this site
  3. Impaler

    2003 Smackdown Arena (first release)

    Its on WL game as a bonus but it has its glitches if I remember right.
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  5. Angel Castro


    Hello everyone looking to commission a Great Muta 2000 Mod for 2k19 preferably his WCW Fall Brawl 2000 attire from his match against Sting and Vampiro. Please shoot me a DM if are able to make one, thank you!
  6. rated_rko_2

    SvR 2008 Xbox 360 Version 1.1 Project by TheViper12 (Me)

    I already have the maximum slot, Jim could place it but it would be replaced by Shane with a suit (optional version)
  7. manta



    2003 Smackdown Arena (first release)

    @Red Rooster isn't the Smackdown! "fist" arena in Wrestling Legends?? Would it just be a simple swap out with the SmackDown! arena that's in-game currently or would you have to do any type of modding?? I wanna say I read on here one day it's just a simple swap of arenas, but I could be wrong...
  9. Awesome, glad it worked! I tried doing it with X-Packer, too, but you have to set them for Universe as well as My WWE. It can be a pain in the ass. Replacing In-Game trons is easier.
  10. Chainsaw Charlie

    SmackDown Reloaded - 48 arenas, covering 5 years

    Let's say I have a backup of my game, modded or original. Could I just drag and drop an arena pack in the backup and play? Or would I have to re-import my modded roster aswell?
  11. BlackBen83

    BlackBen83 Renders : Asset B Updated (24/02/2021)

    Hi dude, here's the new updated asset B renders, I need a good pics for Paul Robinson (if you have one? ) For Santos Escobar I've only those two Champion pics. In attempt to have one without belt. The "Champion Santos Escobar NXT Cruiser 2 B replace the other asset B Santos Escobar, this new render is in HD. @hulkamania2020@@ I'm currently working on a big folder with a lot of Macho Man Randy Savage asset B. I need to work on a lot of pics. And as you see, for all, I'm also working on a lot of Randy Orton era's pack. Enjoy all. Ben
  12. Thanks! I'm eyeballing him, but no promises 🤩. I'm messing around with something I found that is about 90% similar to the mask that he wears. If I can get it to a level where it looks really spot on, then I'll give it a go. It's a bit above my talent grade, but I want to see how close I can go. His mask is a cross between an Orc and a Bull. It's not complete bull head Minotaur if you look at the teeth. Definitely put the tattoo images up. I'll throw them in the witches brew 👹
  13. Adamanisov

    BlackBen83 Renders : Asset B Updated (24/02/2021)

    Hey, please, can you make cara noir, poul robinson, leon ruff and santos escobar renders assets b
  14. @Freon Bane should be with AOP, excellent mod dude, great job ! If you plan to do Black Taurus, I've tried to do one caw, but there's no mask for him in game. If you want some logos, I made his tatoo's texture. Ben
  15. TheUnknownOne

    Post your Game Videos

  16. peja12

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    wcw revenge roster, groups i finished so far:
  17. MKKHAN

    Ok, so I'm tired of this.

    i have the DLC in my jtag xbox and have the bret in DLC
  18. Yes, coincidentally that time coincides with the entrance of 2k19, as I already told you it would be just adding the screen effect 8 seconds to the start. Thanks
  19. VintageFreak

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    could anyone please make a pofo and moveset for King from Tekken? He's 220lbs and from Mexico City, Mexcio. please and thank you
  20. th3rand0mgamer_7

    Ported entrance, victory motions and move animations from 2k20 and previous games

    Nope that probably it haha
  21. appleguts

    moded arenas

    hey i download AEW V3 OF 2KM i also have raw thunderdome stage works fine smackdown one works fine of 2km i keep sinking through the ramp on aew v3 i have done all the fixes. to try a fix and still cant fix it also having trouble with customs arenas no crowd cant choose them in singleplayer no A button to select them help plz im all out of ideas
  22. appleguts

    custom arenas

  23. Finally finished the Bane for those that wanted him. If you like, you know the drill. Change the pac number to whatever you want so you don't overwrite someone else. To the person I gave the prototype to, you're going to like this one 100 times more. Enjoy!
  24. Loco por Wrestling

    2003 Smackdown Arena (first release)

    Link broken : (
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