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  2. Bro The red lights are lokking great in fiend entrance but bro can you make more dark light like in bray wyatt entrance and bro there is no light in fiend victory can I do anythig to add light in fiend victory Thnx For Recent Help
  3. Hey, Here are some new features after injecting the renders. I'm quite happy with the way the female renderers turn. I have a little more difficulty with some male renders. Especially in the head size. There are quite a few to fix (for example here Andrade) An some others guyz example updated. Tag team preview here again, some little problem that I have to fix (Jey Uso position for example). Since it's pretty hard to find renders other than the WWE full-featured ones, I'm in the process of updating The Elite at the same time, I only started Matt Jackson by customizing under the jacket (I added Nick's pants). I still have a lot of work to do on a lot of similar renders, there's a lot of white area still. In summary, I stopped at Mike Kanellis (I took into account the characters from A to K following CCT methodically) + counting some mods (like Brian Cage AEW added for example). At the moment I have a folder of 511 different renders of type B. I get back to work as soon as I can. I'll see you soon.
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  5. denbigh7

    Help with editing strings

    IT WORKED!!!!! Bro, can't thank you enough. Seriously. That magic string file really is magic. It did the trick. Thank you!!
  6. a7med7assan5

    Ahmed Hassan's Mods

    HCTP - Special Refeere (Earl Hebner/Mike Chioda) - Electric Cage Match HCTP - Add 5 More Attires (Total 10) / Add 7 More Wrestler Slots HCTP - SVR05 Models Converted To HCTP (All Possible Models) + BONUS
  7. Red Rooster

    Help with editing strings

    Did you try injecting into the string_dlc05 that I linked? I cant test it because as I said I have no Xpacker at the moment. The process is simple 1) Extract string_dlc05.pac from WL 2) Extract 5000.pac 3) Extract 0000.pac 4) Make changes to the 0000.pac in XPacker 5) inject 0000 back into 5000.pac 6)Inject 5000.pac into a FRESH copy of string_dlc05.pac 7)Inject string_dlc05 back into your DLC file using Le Fluffie Edit : Ok just in case the other one I linked didnt work I dug out my old PC and found the "magic" string_dlc05 that I used making WL for some reason it always works, I never figured out why. Here you go :
  8. denbigh7

    Help with editing strings

    Let me see if I get this straight....first I edit the string_dlc05 from WL because it has all the previously edited stuff in it. Then I make my changes. And then THAT'S when I inject into a fresh string, correct? Is that the last step in X-Packer or back in LeFluffie? Am I replacing the string_dlc05 file in LeFluffie with a fresh one and THEN injecting my edited string into that? Just trying to make sure I'm figuring out when to use the fresh one. I don't believe the linked string_dlc05 you sent was fresh, as it appeared to have WL stuff in it, as best I could tell. But thanks! If you are able to find a fresh one, that'd be awesome! I'm so close to figuring this out close!
  9. doomwyn

    Black Pixels

    exactly that
  10. Hi, on investigation, I discovered the 2k18 Cobra Clutch 1 is Sgt slaughters Cobra clutch and the cobra clutch 2 was renamed MILLION DOLLAR DREAM in 2k19. Cobra Clutch 1 was removed from the listing and a different move animation with a different ID named aCOBRA CLUTCH 1. I have added the 2k18 Cobra Clutch 1 to the list which I will upload in a few days.
  11. Heya. If you watch the animations, they're different. The Dream swings more wildly. The main thing that bothers me about using the Dream is that the ending animation has a bit of a strut and puts the opponent to sleep, whereas the Clutch sees Slaughter toss the opponent to the mat.
  12. Is the Million Dollar Dream not the 2K18 animation just renamed? It's not listed in the New tab and a lot of move names were updated in 2K19 like the Diamond Cutter and Vader Bomb (Slingshot Body Splash and Standing Cutter in 2K18).
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  14. Help

    Logos for pente el zero m

  15. Help


    I need logos for penta el zero m
  16. Red Rooster

    Help with editing strings

    If I remember correctly, I think you have to inject into a fresh version of the string_dlc05.pac to avoid that problem, if you try to inject 5000.pac into a string file that has already been edited you will get that error. If you are using the sting_dlc05 from Wrestling Legends you will get that error. My Xpacker isnt working at the moment (I updated Windows 10 to 2004 and now it needs reactivation) but I think this is a fresh copy of string_dlc05.pac but I cant test it. Make several copies of it so you always have a fresh one to inject into.
  17. Hi, One way will be to set it in the moveset file with data Editor and reinject. This will force the move to load in the menu but it wouldn't be listed for selection. It will have to be a running grapple move not a strike. The other way is by duplicating the move animation and assigning an ID to the duplicate within the range which the game places the move in the running grapple category. This way it will be selectable as a running grapple . The original one will not be affected but will still be selectable as a finisher or signature only.
  18. So I use Sting's WCW entrance (with the baseball bat) for Marty Scurll. I know which .pac is used for Jack Gallagher's entrance (6317.pac) and the one used for Sting's baseball bat (0021.pac). Is it possible to replace the one with the other? As an aside, I know that I could just use Gallagher's entrance straight-up but, other than the presence of the umbrella, it doesn't really suit him.
  19. oh understood...i thought it would be a fun motion for alicia fox!!! but i understand if you didnt have any interest in porting things that arent perfect. thanks for the reply!!
  20. Dogman


    Works totally fine. I also have the new flight simulator on it and it's performs well.
  21. FKR

    texture solving help please !

    Thanks brother it really helped just removed alpha channel
  22. Aniero

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    I'd love to see a Kip Sabian mod considering he's one of the only wrestlers I couldnt find a even halfway decent CAW for my Universe.
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