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  3. dwitt

    BlackBen83 Renders : Updated (15/12/2020)

    Hi Men, can you upload renders for Corey Graves and William Regal in his Wrestler Attires?
  4. Impaler

    WWE2k14 DLC PS3

    hi, is your console hacked?
  5. rated_rko_2

    SvR 2008 Xbox 360 Project by TheViper12 (Me)

    I have had very little time and the other I have not yet been able to add renders I would have to see if there is any mod on ps2 since the structure is similar
  6. Quick FYI, Curt Hawkins' move the One Night Stand is basically the Suicide Solution, so if you need it for anything you have it.
  7. Hi, (Sorry, too late to realize that it's wrong forum for this posting) It's been plenty of hours that I am trying to figure out how the hell did the guy created her. Constantly failing. Besides these two pictures from create a wrestler here is a video by someone using something similar approach with different body parts You can view this at around 15 minutes in time line. If you create a new caw same body parts behave differently, but with his caw the used body parts (only used) go to extreme. All else again behave normally.
  8. Found the Dun Goofed issue. I placed everything where it was suppose to go but i had forgotten to reset the chunk before starting the game. Everything works perfectly. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help. PS any chance of porting theses DLC moves... Corkscrew Axe Kick 2 Corkscrew Shooting Star Press 2 Regal-Plex 3 Spinning Fisherman Driver Springboard DDT Suicide Solution
  9. 8 attires now released. I will work on 2 more over the next few weeks. Enjoy all
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  11. RatedR77

    Replace In-game render?

    You can´t use Renders for in-game created wrestlers etc. If you have installed a mod and done an alternate attire in-game in the creation suite, you cannot use the render on that. You can only use renders on mods. So if you want to use an alternate attire for that wrestler, you need to install a modded attire through CCT and assigned with Data Editor. There is no other way unfortunately.
  12. mattfick


    retro raw is in main post, and yes i have plans for nitro 99,00,and 01
  13. CyberOcelot

    Are DLC Slots Different? (Candice Lerae CH)

    I see it now. CCT didn't properly name the file to end with "_p30.pac" as seen in the game directory. Now I see how to troubleshoot issues like this too for the future! Woozah! Thank you, guys!
  14. squaredcirclefan

    assetconv_p30.pac file update 4

    Hi, Do you have a mods folder in your 2k19 folder ? If you do, the assetconv_p30.pac file needs to be placed in the 2k19\mods\titantronfix\pac\audio folder.
  15. jalil1m

    assetconv_p30.pac file update 4

    Everything except the titantron works for me. What I'm I doing wrong ?
  16. manta


    Awesome arenas! Any plans for a wcw nitro set or retro raw?
  17. j3trko

    WWE 2K19 Shield PC

    Anyone knows how to fix The Shield's Victory Motion? I Always Get Roman In Dean's, Seth In Roman's And Dean In Seth's Place. They Are In The Correct While I'm Setting Up The Shield Victory Motion. But While Playing Matches As Them The Glitch Occurs. Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated.
  18. Cave Waverider

    Mods still in game after new install

    They are in the save game. You'll have to create a new save to start fresh. See the Restore Save Wiki entry for more information.
  19. kuba015

    AEW GFX Mod - Jon Moxley

    Here is Jon Moxley's custom graphics pack. It's a mix of his previous and current AEW entrance video. The pack replaces Dean Ambrose's graphics. .bk2 files go to movies/titantron, .pac files go to pac/mov/ss_[...] DOWNLOAD:
  20. Cave Waverider

    Replace In-game render?

    Perhaps you didn't look hard enough...
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