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  3. Check if your game directory is set to the right location in both CCT and WrestlePlus. Then ensure that you have the Rising Stars Pack DLC properly installed (Right-click on the WWE 2k19 entry in your Steam Games List, then Properties, then DLC and see if everything you own is ticked. You might try to untick, apply and re-tick all the DLC and see if that helps (don't forget to make backups first). If that doesn't help, it might be that your save game is messed up. Try to create a new save game and see if the DLC works with it (again, don't forget to backup your old one first).
  4. amazing-maze

    Fawuwu's Mods & Recolors

  5. I've been having this issue for a couple days. When I inject Wrestle+, the Rising Star character are gone. Tried "Verify DLC" with WrestlePlus and it only picks up the Titans DLC. Tried injecting the .pofo and .moveset files of the Rising Stars after injecting WrestlePlus, and it tells me to verify the DLC. I was gonna import their .pofos and .movesents with CCT but for some reason CCT wont let me right click. I'm on Versions 1.04 for 2k19, for WrestlePlus, and for CCT (I assume these are all the latest version too). I would really appreciate some help for anyone. Thank you! Right click not working:
  6. Beautiful work on the brain busters arn and tully look stunning. All your mods are excellent thank you for releasing so many of these we almost have a new legends of wrestlemania thanks to you and the other amazing modders.
  7. kevan1700

    Fawuwu's Mods & Recolors

    Check the 2k18 forums. Someone did a really good one
  8. What's up guys! I'm looking for a modder that can make a mod so I can run a show on Twitch. What I need is a way for people from the chat to be able to interact with my game. So when somebody that's "trusted" say a MOD runs a command like say !nextmatch The game will auto select the next match. That's just a basic example. Let me know if you are interested. Also I'm going to be paying for this mod we can talk privately about money.
  9. Beatkillker4th

    BeatKiller4th's Puroresu Showcase

    Switched the hair up and added an Okada face preview
  10. Yesterday
  11. Awesome job with Ziggler and Ricochet! I really appreciate those 10 attire packs, man. Hopefully we can see more of your work in the future.
  12. Rich Swann looks fantastic! Great job on all the caws you've been working on. Been waiting on a good Swann caw and looks like an in game model.
  13. The Orsum One

    BeatKiller4th's Puroresu Showcase

    That Marufuji hair would probably work quite well actually
  14. Red Rooster


    I have PMed you
  15. Beatkillker4th

    BeatKiller4th's Puroresu Showcase

    I was thinking about the new hair I used for Marufuji. Idk. I'm gonna grab stuff to finish him and Okada this week coming up
  16. I have been watching abit of TNA recently hence Rich Swann. This will be uploaded Sunday. 3 attire logos by Unbreakable
  17. The Orsum One

    BeatKiller4th's Puroresu Showcase

    That hair isn’t terrible. I think the best way to go though would be the hair that everyone always gives Ibushi
  18. h2xtreme

    Pofo and Moveset By DFM85

    One of the requests was from me, so thanks a lot
  19. AndreAnoai

    WrestlePLUS for V 1.04

    Just to be sure what is the latest version of Wrestle+? Because when I inject it, all the Rising Star characters don't show up anymore. When I click Verify DLC in Wrestle+ it says game must be open (even though it already is).
  20. FalcoKick

    Ciampa Not Working Properly?

    THANK YOU I totally forgot about the pac/ch folder, that was what was missing
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