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  2. drwho269

    Everything disappeared and reset!? Look on this thread, we are having the same issue multiple times.
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  4. As above. Where is the awful soundtrack located so I can replace it? Thanks
  5. solidassassin47

    The Many faces of Sting (previews)

    Yes this is incredible always loved your work from back when you first started your mod legacy back then. Cant wait to see all the variations also hope to see some of the paints when he fought with Nikita Kolof at the great american bash 1991 was one of my personal favorites hoping to see that one. Also hoping to see the crow version. But am happy you started with the blonde stinger as that was really stings best years and so many memorable matches and feuds.look forward to watching the progress on this.
  6. Kneez2Facez

    Help with putting Mods in Universe Mode

    Thanks, worked!
  7. I have a recent backup so nothing too disastrous, but for some reason my whole game reset itself and removed all the mods!? I have it blocked from the server, so no idea how this happened. Anyone have any ideas? Okay, so my backup saves are gone too!? Any idea if CCT or anything else backs this up automatically?
  8. drwho269

    Odd Save file issue

    Problem I have is that I have a notebook, so unplugging the cable doesn't solve my problem. I have the game blocked on Windows Firewall so technically is not suppose to try to connect to STEAM, yet it keeps happening almost every single time. EDIT: I have even started the game with Online OFF and still happens. Worst is that I can't advance on Universe because when I copy/paste the backup files, I am at the exact same card that I was weeks ago. EDIT: I opened STEAM, on the top left click on SETTINGS then click on INTERFACE then unclick "Run STEAM when computer starts" then click APPLY. I started the game after restarting the PC, it appears to be working without problems now.
  9. SummerSlam '02 BackLash '03 BadBlood '03 Judgment Day '04 Can't play Titantron And Minitron? Why?
  10. micencronin

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    Hi, I'm looking for Tazz, tommy dreamer and Mike awesome ch.pac files and pofo, moveset, titantron someone can help me? I need also titantron for cactus jack. Thanks in advance.
  11. ale2must

    WWW 2k16 PACPLUS

    Hello! Someone could give a link to pacplus
  12. TheVelveteenBreeze

    VelveteenBreeze's Wrestler Mods (Cody Rhodes attire pack RELEASED)

    Cody Rhodes 6 attires released at first post
  13. Mate, I Will do It, but like I said before I have not so much time and I still have a lot thinks to do before your request. So, I Will release this renders, do not worry
  14. bravebird31

    Brave's Trashy Novels:

  15. Update - if you copy the url of the file, the download manager JDownLoader will pick-up the correct file download link and download it.
  16. Dr1982

    Cain Velasquez (W.I.P.)

    Thanks bro
  17. i have this issue too, i can't begin to download any modding tools, such as the CCT 2019. Did you find a fix?
  18. Fawuwu

    Fawuwu's Mods & Recolors

    another early WIP Blade runners era Sting still need to tweek the facepaint, add lipstick and change the wristbands and will probably do warrior before release and release them together
  19. BrayanxD2000

    Dave's Hidden Arena MOD

    Any way to unlock Wrestlemania 32 too?
  20. thebrianwright

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    Im looking for some 2k19 pofo for the following people if anyone has them Marty Jannety Paul roma jaques and raymond rougeaus brothers Thanks in advance
  21. amazing-maze

    The Many faces of Sting (previews)

  22. Holly sh$%t Psychosis looks fantastic leon. Time for a rey vs Psychosis match. Thanks so much
  23. Yesterday
  24. Can you try placing all the entrance files, evt_data and rtcs_step_p30 in the pac/evt folder, the effects files in the pac/evt/effects folder and the cae_item file in the pac/menu folder. Regenerate the def file.
  25. Breakdown of what I do Copy the pac / mod folder into root directory of 2K19 Run full regenerate of def file in CCT Open game and assign 2 belts to a wrestler eg Stone Cold / The Rock Go to creations, Entrances. Pick the Stone Cold / The Rock and the menu loads and red bar freezes at about 25% and the right hand circle keeps spinning As a test I have closed the game. Re opened and I then remove the belts from Stone Cold / The Rock. I then start a match with The Rock it goes to the loading screen and the red bar never shows and the circle spins
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