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  2. tich

    Cinema 4d render pack

    Added some menu renders in the first post
  3. Kathect

    Tag team crashes in universe

    No, I tried with modded wrestlers and without, no matter what it always crashed after the post match replays, since then I have somehow got it fixed, but it has since turned into a new issue of everyone's entrance coming out as a morphed version of themselves and the Ken Shamrock mod I downloaded. Still does it even after I had uninstalled that slot from CCT. Turning entrances off has worked, but would still like to understand why Ken decides to invade everyone's entrances. This new issue doesn't crash the game every time if i was to just skip the entrances if they was on. But after skipping an entrance, the camera gets locked on its current position and takes a minute to snap back to the new wrestler coming out. Skipping again before the camera unlocks does result in a crash.
  4. tich

    Cinema 4d render pack

    added renders to the folder here's the list
  5. hello blindedbythegrace , do we have a wakeup corner taunt for daniel bryan with the yes taunts?
  6. tich

    Cinema 4d render pack

    I think it was those ones not sure if they were ported after 2k17 I edited the textures btw so it may not looks exactly like the renders
  7. SLynx


    New Years Revolution 2006 Backlash 2005 Still messing with the red color on the bottoms, but the design is done.
  8. bro where r the pics..then only i could get u textures
  9. Thanks, this is really helpful! Is there a similar list for crowds? I an't seem to find onw on the wiki.
  10. Recently I bought an XBOX 360 with being JTAG'ed I also tried injecting caws but It kept corrupting the save data (I used PUR3's tool BTW). So Is there a way/tutorial to inject CAWS without the save being corrupted or something? I also use Horizon to resign datas Also the console is already JTAG'ed so don't ask me that is it JTAG'ed or not. I just want a way to inject CAWs without any wrong goings.
  11. jordi_wrestleside

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    Hey, does anyone have a configuration or something that makes it so Signatures aren't as powerful as Finishers in the game? I've messed with the sliders and it forces finishers and signatures to have the exact same power level, and it sucks because AI don't like cycling through their entire movesets to just settle for Signatures being a 3rd and 4th finisher, see I love booking ai vs ai matches, and alot of the wrestlers I like use signatures as setups to their finishers and this obviously gets problematic when signatures are as powerful as finishers because the AI treats like to end matches as soon as possible... ie. The Twist of Fate into the Swanton Bomb, The Leviathan Spinebuster into the Batista Bomb, the spear into the jackhammer, etc. but then you have stuff like Drew McIntyre's headbutt the Gloscow Kiss ending matches where it obviously shouldnt... sorry to have so many requests on this thread.
  12. El Guapo

    bin / dat files containing textures

    RePac doesn't seem to like them (the loading progress bar moves and then nothing happens) - I'll re-buy X-Packer and see if that is any more successful (my old license is gone after I switched out my motherboard and reinstalled Windows) I actually forgot I had 2km arc as I generally just use PACeditor, RePac, and WrestleMINUS for pretty much everything Thanks for the advise both!
  13. Cave Waverider

    Tag team crashes in universe

    Does it happen with specific mods or any wrestlers?
  14. Check out the Referee Wiki page to see which .pac file is which Referee.
  15. jamo9759

    Cinema 4d render pack

    Where can I find those Rey Mysterio Jr. attires?
  16. Hello, how are you doing? I don't know how that 2011 wrestling project is doing for months I know that the other day another week they uploaded a live on Twitch and so they put a stage on top of a building myself to know how they are doing if it is very green that project or is it about to finish me to be able to help only asked for that
  17. Yesterday
  18. It's a storyline I have in the CAW universe I have in my discord server. I know I can export the referee model and import it to other slot and add a pofo and moveset and wrestle with that. But I'd like the specific World Class Referee attire.
  19. Just recently started getting crashes in my universe mode specifically when running tag team matches only. The crash happens after the match and highlights. This is the dmp file it created, but I'm not real sure what I'm looking for as far as a cause.
  20. micencronin

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    Hi @peja12could you reupload Norman Smiley please?
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