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  2. thornado

    The "Hair Glitch" Database

    Really glad you made this thread. This one loads matches in without the hair going through the face. Haven't tried an entrance yet but fingers crossed!
  3. squaredcirclefan

    Universe Mode

    Hi, Universe mode will not normally crash. This is due to mods you might have installed , character mods, gfx ,arenas etc. Any of these are possible causes. You might want to look at the gfx files first. Remove all the custom gfx files you have installed and try to see if this helps. Its basically a process of elimination to try and find out the cause. There is not sure way of knowing what particular files are causing the issue without performing tests.
  4. waaaoo good to see you @UndertakerWLF
  5. Salut l'ami, c'est possible les pofo & moveset de David Hart Boy Smith? Et en second lieu, de Layla? J'ai essayer de les trouver mais pas moyen Mais c'est bizarre il devrait en avoir dans le coin.
  6. ItsReigningKen

    SCGameplays Ports - WWE 2K20 GFX Ports, WWE 2K15 / 2K16 / 2K17 model ports

    Enzo and Cass 2k18 evt dont work?
  7. NWO1983

    Sting 98 Texture

    Yeah I am trying to create a caw. I’m using a photo but it looks crap. If you have the red face paint texture could you message me.
  8. Slicky

    Universe Mode

    Having the same issue
  9. Hi. No it isn’t possible to add strong strikes in the grapples section in create moveset. There is code written into the animation which determines what categories the game will place the move animation listing. Hi, This has happened because the original ID’s used for CM Punks 2k15 entrance and victory notions have been assigned to new motions in 2k20. For instance the ID for CM Punks 2k16 entrance is 131. When 2k19 was released, @aznblusuazn changed the ID’s for CM Punks entrance and victory notions and assigned new ID’s. This is also reflected in data. If you look at the Data Editor 2k19 entrance ID’s you will see CM Punks entrance is 1134 and Victory motion is 6134. I took this into account when I ported the motions as I used the original ID’s the developers used in most cases. 131 Has been assigned to the New Daniel Bran in 2k20 and CM Punk’s 2k15 title entrance ID 618 has been assigned to Ricochet’s second entrance in 2k20. If you have downloaded the entrance mod with the original ID assigned then the conflicts will occur. What I will have to do in this case is assign a different unused ID to the the New Daniel Bryan and Ricochet motions and reupload. I will do this sooner rather than later.
  10. FKR

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    Hey DM me brother
  11. Yesterday
  12. Nice to see someone modding an older game, I remember modding this back in the day it was a lot of fun!, pretty sure I was the first to do it on PS3 too.
  13. @squaredcirclefan I have noticed that when some motions results on CM Punk motions. For example, Ricochet 2k20 entrance is CM Punk's entrance while, the NEW Daniel Brian victory motion is actually CM Punk victory motion. I never really messed with the entrance before and even though I updated the files, I barely changed the entrances in the game. Any idea?
  14. KJ SimsJr

    Universe Mode

    For some reason Universe Mode is always crashing. I'll be in universe mode then i'll leave out and go back in and the game crashes. Other times I go into a match and the game will crash, and I know it's not the wrestlers because when I go back in the match will go perfectly. What do I need to do? Thanks, in advance
  15. I get where you guys are coming from, but to me if a CAW is really well done; it's just as good and official as a mod. Especially if there are no mods available for that wrestler. You still need a pofo, moveset, render, theme music, graphics, etc. whether CAW or mod, and you already get a pofo and render with a CAW, and most people include movesets. Plus you can easily edit and add CAW attires. There are a few benefits. But I get what you guys mean. In the end, mods are usually better. I appreciate all the mods and CAWs the community has produced.
  16. Hey @christoph glad you like Paige. She should be out soon. I loved this outfit before she went all black. Purple is the stuff! I've seen some exceptional CAW work for sure. But for me, I prefer to have a mod because it feels more "official". Pretty lame, but you know, that's just me. lol. Mostly everyone I wanted is in, so I can't complain really.
  17. Britt Baker has been uploaded to CC. I tried doing the two hair glitch with this one and everything looked awesome! After loading in a match and realizing it made one of her hairstyles go through the face, I had to go back and pick one. Sooo... sorry 😛 BRITT BAKER AEW D.M.D. (Because you have to respect the title!)
  18. Hi, I sent you a PM about SVR 2006 modding. because I want to know how to put characters from Rumble Roses in it. with this tool called svredit. I am telling you this, because I can't seem to find a tutorial for it. only in SVR 2011 (PS2 Version) if you can get back to me, it would be a pleasure. thanks, Seth. I'm using (PCSX2 PlayStation 2 Emulator)
  19. swipergod

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    I'd like to commission a port of Michelle Mccool from WWE '12. I know AlcLegacy did one, but it's gone now and it seems hard to come by. I'm hoping to do one where I can touch up the textures. If you know how to port models from the old games, please hit me up. I am happy to share all commissions that I request for the community.
  20. Praised

    Reshade 2020 WWE 2K19

    Any reshade for COLOURFOULNESS or any help to improve the graphics in the game?
  21. BlackBen83

    Using Custom Trons Game Crash

    Yeah, I just downloaded in 720p definition for test, the titantron is 4 times smaller. And I have no more lags or crashes for the moment. Now I just have to redo the ones I converted to 1920x1080. That will take a lot of time @squaredcirclefan Thanks for the advice. Ben
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