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    DatBlizz's Theme Thread

    Just another request please could you do the 2010 tna show theme change me thank you.
  3. Hi please could I request some graphics thank you. Christian Cage (TNA) Beer money (TNA) James Storm (TNA) Motor city machine guns (TNA) Thank you.
  4. DFM85

    2k19 RENDERS

    DOWNLOAD LINK New Year, New Game, New Renders They are already in dds format, so you have to inject with Pac Editor or CCT Hier ist the list until now
  5. Today
  6. Whenever I install a mod and change the announce location in Data Editor the in-game announcer still calls the hometown of the original superstar, is there a trick to get this to work or something?
  7. not making titles bud! Ryee's Jay Lethal is looking good and will be out soon. UPLOADED FINAL BATTLE ARENA
  8. Sorry, I didnt recieve a notification that someone replied to the post that's why I didnt respond. Thank you for the reply, I'll try it and I will feedback
  9. KeithMajors

    Brian F'n Pillman, DDP '92, & WCW Rick Rude UPLOADED!

    Scott Levi is my favorite wrestler so...... we are doing WCW 1989-93/4ish so I guess we will see
  10. Codes4u

    New to boards

    Going with the xbox. Got the deluxe for half off at
  11. TheVisitorX

    Custom Character Tools 2019 [WIP]

    Yes, changing gender for superstars (single or multiple at once) is supported.
  12. Kasumi

    Custom Character Tools 2019 [WIP]

    Will this program let swap Superstars genders in the save? Cause I swapped some with WrestlePlus for intergender matches, then my game updated and it stopped working.
  13. RebelYellPain


    Well, probably nothing... Kobashi is difficult to make for me, I made him two previous games and he always looked like shit.
  14. DreamCaws

    Chris Ridgeway Early Preview

    See I want to get this out but there’s not enough tattoo references for me to finish and I don’t want to put out bad content for my first caw so might just move on
  15. GGgod545

    Chris Ridgeway Early Preview

    Nice Job
  16. GrreatMatu

    GrreatMatu Puroresu Caws (KENTA and Kanemaru uploaded)

    Yoshinobu Kanemaru and KENTA (Noah circa 2005 attires) uploaded. Search tags: YOSHINOBU KANEMARU KENTA NOAH GREATMATU
  17. Mrmorbid81

    Chris Ridgeway Early Preview

    That's actually not bad man, not bad at all.
  18. Yesterday
  19. bipolar23

    Chris Ridgeway Early Preview

    Good start.
  20. Thrashcan666

    Brian F'n Pillman, DDP '92, & WCW Rick Rude UPLOADED!

    Super psyched for this! Are you guys going to do Scotty Flamingo by chance?
  21. Was just using your Misawa and Kawada recently. Really hyped to see what you do with Kobashi and Taue.
  22. Can someone please make a good 3 Minute Warning of Jamal Rosey and Rico. I need them for my universe and there are none except for 1 Rosey in his superhero gimmick. I stink at creating so I'm asking for you more talented folks to help me out. Thanks
  23. Learned13

    CAW / MODs Texture Repository

    I’ve come to terms I may not get modding down and am more than happy to make my own caw’s - but I CANT FIND THE TEXTURES I NEED ?! any help would be great i have SO many from the smackdown hctp days - but no indies or newer stuff. Even apa ministry logos - can’t find them. HAAAALP LOL
  24. WWE2K16ITNA

    Long startup after modding

    From my personal experience, I found If I rebuild def before opening the game every time it opens instantly, this may be too much trouble for some, but I don't mind doing it.
  25. Replicant13

    Brian F'n Pillman, DDP '92, & WCW Rick Rude UPLOADED!

    Keith uploaded DDP '92 today for anyone interested One of us might make a 1993 or Freebirds manager attire down the line, but that'll be a while as there's a lot of other guys we have planned. DDP is uploaded on ExplodedJoker81, and he comes with an updated moveset for the time (meaning NO Diamond Cutter) so be sure to copy that over the in-game moveset if you plan on doing pre-NWO WCW. And I should have Harley Race up either tonight or tomorrow.
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