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    THE BRITISH BULLDOG SS 1992 Released updated hair Updated Face skulpt Remember to say thanks if you use my mods
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    Hercules WM5 WIP have to make some texture edits. This is for his match vs my King Haku WM5 mod. The WM4 Hercules will complete the match vs my Ultimate Warrior WM4 for the WrestleMania Showcase.
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    Iron Sheik WM1 Released. Custom made Iran flag. Just drag and drop into your pac/prop folder and select "Stand at Attention" entrance. It replaces U.S. Flag. Backup your files and be humble. https://mega.nz/#F!lmB3zIoZ!0roRaMwnwDzQn2Mh5STr3A Credit to louevil for shorts object. Credit to Tekken for keffiyeh object
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    Hi, This is something new I've been looking into for a few days now. First is the issue where the character hometown is not announced during entrances. You will notice if you install pofo and movesets for characters, the Hometown is announced as long as the game is still running. Once you restart the game, this announcement ceases. This has been the case since wwe 2k18. This also occurs when one is replacing an in-game character with a mod and you try to change the hometown settings. The profile_dat.pac file located in the pac/profile folder, holds pofo data for in-fame superstars which also includes home town data. I have observed the game will read this file when loading.It seems as if all other data apart form the hometown bytes is loaded from the gamesave file. Adding the hometown bytes for a superstar profile_dat.pac file seems to fix this problem. @Perfectplex had modified this file and a few others to enable the extra character slots. With this, the hometown data can be added to each custom slot by locating the slot number looking through @pozzum's memory sheets, modifying the offsets and reinjecting back. RING ANNOUNCER NAME AUDIO. Many thanks to @Junaid Ahmed for sending me a copy of the xml file he has created which indexes most of the announce names and ID in the ra_m.pck file . Looking through this list, I realised the name audio for all the removed characters from 2k19 are still in the game. I'm not sure the commentary is in. Names I saw listed include: Tommaso Ciampa, Nicki Cross, Earthquake and Typhoon, Bushwhacker Luke and Butch, Michael P.S Hayes and the other fabulous Freebirds, The Von Erics, Mankind, Mick Foley and Dude Love, Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Tatsumi Fujinami, Larry Zbyszco, Sawyer Fulton, Tyson Kidd, The Brian Kendrick, Summer Rae, Neville, Darren Young, Emma and Mark Henry. The sound.pac file located in the pac/audio folder contains data for the ring announcement and commentary script. Each character had a ring announcement ID which maps all the audio pertaining to the character. I realised this ID has been the same for in-game characters since 2k17. On mapping this data to character ID's for custom slots by copying data from the 2k18 sound.pac file, the name announcing works for the slot. You can also map this ID to a slot for an in-game character. I will put up a tutorial soon. The clips below illustrate these mods. The mods used in the video are from @jimmyveez, @Dennis-Bieser, @julianbitw, @Unbreakable138 and brave (discord forums) First you will notice I am not replacing a character as these are custom slots for mods. There are two name audio lines for Chyna. I injected these over the Tatsumi Fujinami audio. You will also notice the Hometown announcement works. There is no change even if the game is restarted as it reads the hometown data from this file and the other data from the pofo stored in the gamesave. Another thing is you can use the same name announce id on multiple slots. So lets say I had 3 Mods of Hogan on CH 475,476 and 477. I can inject his announce name audio by Jojo (which I will post here soon) on let's say sawyer Fulton's audio, and assign to all three slots. UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK: 21st February. Added ring announcer names for Cody, Kenny Omega, Chris Benoit and Scott Steiner. Updated the ring announcer names for Hulk Hogan and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. https://mega.nz/#!JqhRACpA!JaiDyU9uHFyJQQ6DNbVV4BU-sTbFMSjnkzhAOB3iJek here is a download link below for the modded sound_p30.pac and the profile_dat.pac files. The sound_p30.pac file is placed in the pac/audio folder. If you have installed @Perfectplex's perfectplextra through custom character tools to enable additional slots, you will notice a profile_dat.pac file in the pac /mods/perfectplextra folder. You will need to replace it with this one. There is no modification which affects the file, he only modification done is adding a few bytes of data. I have added hometown announce data for : RVD ch id 106 Cody Rhodes CH ID 460 Tomasso Ciampa - CH ID 461 CM Punk - ch id 468 Hulk Hogan - CH ID 475 Hollywood Hulk Hogan -CH ID 476 Bubba Ray Dudley -CH ID 477 D-Von Dudley -CH id 478 Chyna -ch id 487 Chris Benoit - ch id 489 Kenny Omega -CH ID 492 AJ Lee - CH ID 500 Road Warrior Hawk - CH ID 506 Nicki Cross - CH ID 510 Honky Tonk Man - CH ID 780 Mankind -CH ID 782 Road Warrior Animal -790 AX - Demolition -792 Smash -Demolition -793 Typhoon -794 Earthquake -795 Jimmy Hart -796. Enzo Amore - 918 Big Cass - 574 Neville - 784 Buddy Murphy -336 I have mapped the announce names for RVD,Tommaso Ciampa, Nicki Cross, Mankind, Earthquake and Typhoon, Enzo and Big Cass I will update these files as the mod is still a work in progress.
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    Thought Id drop another fresh one on you. Paul Roma. WIP. Going to make attires and hairstyles for WrestleMania Showcase and also @Just Not WCW Retro Universe. Four Horseman, Pretty Wonderful w/ Orndorff, Power and Glory w/ Hercules, Etc. Going to be fun stay tuned.........
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    Ron Simmons '92 🏈 Download: https://mega.nz/#!YfgAxIjZ!TJ7pBoUxn1x0vw4Sjw5ZxjaTC4rJxAHGy6RW8p1eLRQ Stunning Steve Austin '92 🔧 Download: https://mega.nz/#!5Kxy1KQI!auUmbMgcXQPuNzw3hsKOtiTWaDu58Ow7rkwlBCEL1rQ Enjoy!
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    Paul E. Dangerously Released. With special cellphone entrance animation and 90s nokia phone prop. Rename evt (entrance animation file) in hex to replace whatever entrance you want or add as an additional entrance and set it in data editor. drag and drop the prop file into the pac prop folder. If someone can make a custom moveset with this then please feel free to post the link on this page or on my DM. Thanks. Credit to @squaredcirclefan for help getting the entrance to read the prop. https://mega.nz/#F!0yQzTIbB!6DgPUVLRzhnd5LpEMF5jCQ
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    Hi all, The reason I am starting this thread is to put up an updated rtcs_step file for additional modded entrances in 2k19. The rtcs_step file located in the pac/evt folder controls the break_out / Run-In feature for entrances and victory motions. It also controls the timing of the first solo or tag entrants leaving the ring when the second solo or tag team enter the ring to avoid characters bumping into each other. If you ported entrances from older games to unused slots, you will notice this feature is not enabled as data for each entrance, tag entrance and victory need to be added to the rtcs_step.pac file. @AznBlusuazn had done some immense work by creating a sort of Master rtcs_step file, but it hasn't been updated in a while and I am aware there are quite a few ported entrances used by the community in unused slots. Now the challenge of creating a sort of master rcts file by adding data for every available slot is each entrance or victory animation has peculiar characteristics and just duplicating the same data doesn't work for all animations from my experience. To move ahead, I will need a bit of information regarding each ported entrance in your game. I will need 1. The evt ID and name of the entrance/ victory animation you have ported 2. The evt ID slot number you have ported the entrance/Victory to in 2k19 I will then update the data file , test in-game and upload a link here for the community to use. UPDATE : Here is the first updated mod of the rtcs_step file. This file includes data for all @AznBlusuazn's ported entrances with the following fixes ; 1. Fixes to the Hulk Hogan retro and modern entrance where the characters bump into each other when Hogan is selected as the second entrant. 2. Fixes to the Break-out for Hogan's victory animation where the theme music doesn't cut out when Breakout is triggered This file will enable Break-out and Run-in for : 1. All @AznBlusuazn's ported and modified Hogan 2k15 entrances 2. all @AznBlusuazn's ported and modified Hollywood Hulk Hogan 2k15 entrances 3. Hulk Hogan Victory motions 4 CM Punk Entrances and Victory motion 5. Ken Shamrock's entrance and Victory motion 6. Rey Mysterio 2k15 entrance and Victory motion 7. Cody Rhodes 2k15 entrance and Victory motion 8. AJ lee entrance motion on evt slot 298. Here is the download link. Place the file in the pac/evt folder. If there are any issues experienced, kindly leave feedback on this thread. I will update the file as more requests are made. https://mega.nz/#!R25R0ADA!ZuTOQR01pNrB5GYOI1RTHwwwXjs-7DTYCdlltBJn17I
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    Another Tag Team. There are going to be a lot this year. StrikeForce Martel. For this one I used a different base and resculpted it to make a younger version of Martel. Custom hair is animated this year as well. Early WIP
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    Nikolai Volkoff WrestleMania 1 Released. Featuring Custom Soviet Union Flag. just drag and drop into your pac/prop folder and select Rusev 2 entrance. https://mega.nz/#F!E3h2EaTZ!JSXPHL1eO7Zb3-l4JQivvw
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    I will have to admit, that entitled, lazy users are an annoyance to me, can you not just donate enough so I can rent an actual download-capable server with sufficient bandwith for a year and a little bit extra to make it worth my while to spend weeks without sleep so I can implement a better update procedure to be more convenient next time?