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Peja12s WCW CAWs


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my wwe2k19 Content Creator Username on PC is "Darius".

You can find the characters with the tag "WCW" too.

Have fun with them.

More coming in future. 

All Textures i used can be downloaded here use them for whatever you want, but don´t sell them!

my twitter: https://twitter.com/Peja121





Buff Bagwell:



Norman Smiley:












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I really want that Starrcade 98 arena, but every time I try to download it says, "Download failed. Content is damaged."

Also, anyone know why some of the CAWs I have downloaded are duplicated under DLC wrestlers and why some of the DLC wrestlers I purchased are missing names?

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10 hours ago, peja12 said:

Did you try to repair your game undr steam?

I can reupload starrcade. Did somebody else got this problem? 

Wich caws have missing names?

Sorry, should have been more specific: not your CAWs, but some of my other CAWs I downloaded appear in DLC. Your CAWs seem fine.

I only had issue with the Starrcade arena. If you re-upload, I can try downloading again. I have not repaired game under Steam, no. 

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On 10/10/2020 at 1:56 PM, peja12 said:

ok, you can try to repair your 2k19 on steam. maybe it will fix the problem. or reinstall it. 


i reuploaded starrcade. please give me a sign if you can download it or not. 

Still can't download on my end. 

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