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Hey everyone!
Thanks for all the support that I got last year on my creations!
Here are some of my caws that I've uploaded to CC. To find them just use #Rhuanico99 on PC.

All the feedback and suggestions are welcome and be sure to check my twitter account where I post my creations (@Rhuanico99). Enjoy!

Kenny Omega (includes entrance, moveset and blonde attire)






CM Punk (includes entrance, moveset and bald attire)






Suicide (includes entrance, moveset and manik attire)




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Thank you so much @Skeemo! I'm glad you like them, you got any suggestions for any caws I should make this year? I already have some planned but I'm open to suggestions.

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On 10/6/2018 at 3:25 PM, dokoham said:


wait for bobby lashley

thanks again

I'll make a non DLC version of Lashley this year.

On 10/7/2018 at 3:40 AM, wallybescotty said:

what CAWs are on your list this year, anychance your able to port your Kenny Omega and John Morison? those are some of my favs of last years line up

I have lots of caws planned, I'm making CM Punk, then Omega and then Morrison. Thanks!

23 hours ago, NarukamiYu said:

Yeah, your omega looks awesome last year, hopefully you can make him again and updated with fully blonde hair, g1 climax attire and strong style evolved attire

Thanks! I'll take a look at those attires!


Just wanted to apologize because I haven't uploaded anything yet. I have Suicide and CM Punk ready to upload but I haven't had internet since saturday morning and I'll have it back on Wednesday so I'll be unable to make any caw till then. But after that I plan on getting a lot of caws done so just stay tuned and thank you for your patience!

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2 hours ago, dokoham said:

non DLC version of Lashley???

what is the different?

I'll be making Lashley in these next few weeks before he comes out as DLC so people that didn't buy the deluxe edition can still play with him. 

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14 minutes ago, NarukamiYu said:

Tbh i want you to take a shot with ibushi, tanahashi and jay white too, since your omega is fcking amazing, so i guess you can add them to your list

I was actually thinking about trying to make Ibushi this year, we'll see about the others though. I can't promise anything.

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5 hours ago, Gift Of Jericho said:

I'd suggest Bandido if you have time ;)

Hmmm.. that's an interesting caw, I'll add him to the list. Thanks!

2 hours ago, dokoham said:

i see thanks. anyway @@ 

But don't worry, Okada is on my "maybe" list so you might be lucky!

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10 minutes ago, dokoham said:


then who will you make next? :)

Right now I'm working on CM Punk, after that I'll make Kenny Omega, Lashley, Ryback, A. Del Rio, T. Ciampa, Cody Rhodes, John Morrison, in no particular order. I also have some others planned but they're not confirmed, like Neville, Boogeyman, Umaga and MVP.

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