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MST3Claye's TNA CAWs - Crimson - FINAL CAW - 10/9/16 - UPLOADED!


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So I made that gigantic step and went from WWE 2K14 for the XBox 360 to the PS4 and WWE 2K16.


Planned CAWs:


James Storm - done

Eli Drake - done

DJ Zema - done

The Wolves - done

Bobby Roode - done

EC3 - done

Madison Rayne - done

Tigre Uno - done

Crazzy Steve - done

Abyss - done

Rosemary *** added - done

Jesse Godderz - done

Robbie E - done

Rockstar Spud - done

Aiden O'Shea - done

Eric Young - done

Gunner - done


Possibly Velvet Sky and Angelina Love


James Storm - UPLOADED - 11/6/15


hashtag search: James Storm , MST3Claye






Eli Drake - UPLOADED - 11/12/15


hashtag search: Eli Drake , MST3Claye


(I had to re-upload it. I forgot to include the abilities. Download the one that states abilities are included. Sorry!!)




And that is not an insult.. That is just a fact of life!



DJZ (Zema Ion - UPLOADED - 11/19/15


hashtag search: MST3Claye , DJZ , DJ Zema , Zema Ion


Two attires (1st with partial died non-spiked hair.. 2nd with spiked hair (NOTE - Spiked hair model itself has a square shadow glitch. I left it as an attire in hopes 2K Games fixes the glitch in the hair model)




Once again, thanks to Codes and Shattered for the tats!!!


The Wolves - UPLOADED - 11/31/15


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Davey Richards , Eddie Edwards , Wolves


Two attires.. off-white and blue. Claw marking body paint on both attires. Logo on the back of "Wolves Nation" t-shirt is also included. MANY kudos to Codes for assistance with face morphing tips!!







Bobby Roode - UPLOADED - 12/13/15


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Bobby Roode





The face continued to bug me in-game and I realized some more obvious face morphing needed to be done. Satisfied with the results now. Happy with how the robe turned out. Didn't think I would have enough room to put all those custom logos.




EC3 (Ethan Carter III) - UPLOADED - 1/5/16 ||| Non-DLC UPLOADED 1/18/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye , EC3 , Ethan Carter






Madison Rayne - UPLOADED - 1/18/16

hashtag search: MST3Claye , Madison Rayne , Knockout , TNA







Tigre Uno - UPLOADED - 1/31/16

hashtag search: MST3Claye , Tigre Uno , TNA , Extreme Tiger






Beer Money - Preview - 2/12/16

hashtag search: MST3Claye , Beer Money , TNA , James Storm , Bobby Roode


First off, because of the horrible timing by me. PLEASE, go check out Codes' CAWs. He is doing an excellent job and is currently doing a great version of Beer Money himself. Again, I feel bad for making Beer Money myself, but the reason is below the link. Maybe I should do a different attire than the red? Maybe the black and gold? Go look at Codes' awesome work in the game!


I've been wanting to do a better James Storm CAW since he was the first one I did in 2K16. The first time ever messing with the nextgen console and the new face deformation. I knew I could do better. I also wasn't happy with how my Roode CAW turned out... So, in keeping things current, to a point........





Personally, I think both have turned out better than the previous ones I did.


Crazzy Steve - UPLOADED - 3/10/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Crazzy Steve , Decay , TNA


I've got two make-up designs, but only one tights design attire.




Decay... Decay... DECAY..........




Abyss - UPLOADED - 3/10/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Abyss , TNA , Decay




Here is a .PNG file of Abyss' current facepaint that I created. If you wish to use it in an upload. Please give credit.







Rosemary - UPLOADED - 3/10/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Rosemary , TNA , Decay







Jessie Godderz - UPLOADED - 3/22/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Jessie Godderz , Mr Pectacular , BroMans , TNA


Includes current singles attire and teal BroMans attire








Robbie E - UPLOADED - 4/17/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Robbie E , Bro Mans , TNA

2 attires. Recent single attire and current BroMans attire.






Rockstar Spud - UPLOADED - 4/25/16

hashtag search: MST3Claye , Rockstar Spud , TNA



It was either this hair and using dye to give a shaved effect in the back or using the hair that resembled a week or two after he was shaved bald by EC3.



Aiden O'Shea - UPLOADED - 5/6/16

credit to Codes for top parts of left arm tattoo and xBroskixBen for the moveset

hashtag search: MST3Claye , Aiden OShea , Jay Bradley , TNA




Two attires - different pants colors and different entrance shirt color along with a sweater. Credit and kudos to Codes for top part of the arm tattoo.


Eric Young - PREVIEW - 6/4/16

hashtag search: MST3Claye , Eric Young , TNA

NXT Attire slot hashtag search: MST3Claye , Eric Young , NXT





NXT Attire Slot





Blue and Pink tights attire... the stripes in the socks DO appear in-ring. Not sure why they don't in CAW mode.




Gunner - UPLOADED - 8/4/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye, Gunner, TNA


(same situation/account as Rosemary CAW and Eric Young NXT CAW)






Crimson - UPLOADED - 10/9/16


hashtag search: MST3Claye , Crimson , TNA , IMPACT Wrestling






Edited by MST3Claye
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Downloading right now.. glad to see the master of the James Storm CAW on PS4!

Thank you! I couldn't resist the PS4 after hearing how 2K16 was and with Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront and Just Cause 3 coming out.

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My big game every year is usually this one.. and it looked like this is where the best CAW makers were heading, so PS4 it was.

Sucks to not be able to use the NPC's anymore though.. loved doing that on 360...

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Added a preview of my next two CAWs...

Poll... claw markings on the chest body paint or not?

Also... Any tips for Eddie Edwards' face? I used a face photo like I did with Richards.. but something is off and I think it's the eyebrows.. even with designs used to try and help it. That and the fact they don't give you enough width for the mouth.


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