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  2. Honky Tonk Man 1986 babyface Attire. This one come with pofo, moveset, render, and his first theme. Be sure to download @BlindedByTheGraceported moves and animations pack before installing the moveset. With this moveset. If youre standing facing the standing opponent, hold RB and press d-pad R to remove the straps like he did in his debut match. Enjoy! https://mega.nz/folder/VrYiTZhL#l7ZOaQlCfX4FBWOI3qHM1w
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  3. I might do before and after pics for all my mods eventually, here are a few of them at least, in case people were curious what changes were made: Stone Cold Steve Austin '99 Kane '98
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  5. Does anyone have the attack on titans mod character? pd: or any other fantasy character would be awesome.
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  6. toxic attraction and kayden carter please here u go my man https://www.prowrestlingmods.io/file/76a4da862161879119698f2d5b361fa9
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  7. Hey there, it's Banshee. I will be periodically posting my WWE 2K22 mods in this thread. This thread has various sections: Characters / GFX / Championships / Misc. Navigate to what you need. All mods here are made by me, therefore reusing them is only possible by asking me personally and crediting me. Twitter: Banshee Mod installation tutorial: PWM Wiki Enjoy! 💖 CHARACTERS: GFX: CHAMPIONSHIPS: MISCELLANEOUS:
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  8. Jake 2 pack. WM7 and RR97. Collab with @J N Thanks @OldSchoolCool84 https://mega.nz/folder/F7J2EK7Z#RCp1pBh-nnLOEPebSUICKg
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  9. Hi, This is a page where I will put up links to the mods I've put together FOR 2K22 1. 2K22 GRAPHICS PLACEHOLDER MOD VERSION 3. / UNLISTED MOTIONS MOD This is a mod which will enable you place custom gfx for your mods in a selection of 79 unused slots if you don't want to replace gfx for in-game characters when installing mods in unused slots. It also has the unlisted motions in the game selectable in the create entrance\create victory menu . (details of the unlisted motions can be found in the main folder) There are also placeholder names assigned to the gfx ID's which will enable you select them in the create entrance/create victory menu. Here is a download link to the zip file: https://mega.nz/file/NJphlDiJ#Rz4A7nr6OZESBo86v6ATYA9hvTraLpRcWIlhAfjSXzg. Unzip and copy the files from the mods folder into your own mods folder and bake with caketools. Please read the instructions and go through the screenshots images provide in the folder which list all the gfx ID's available and the placeholder names you will find listed in create entrance titantron , stage ramp, banner and apron selection within the Create Entrance menu 2. EXPANDED RA-1.pck ring announcer file. This is a modded ra_1.pck file which contains the ring announcement audio for superstars in the game. The mod adds about 30 additional ring announcer audio call names to the file without replacing any. Details of the ring announcer names added and the ring announcer/ commentary ID's can be found in the folder for the mod. Some of the audio added is for 2lk20 superstars with crowd chants and taunt sounds left over in the game. Download link : https://mega.nz/file/8RQ0mTDT#UKWUZDA0O7qACr_64asRXWZT1qYlDfaWTKHTsJDX8Dk Instructions - Download and place both files in the WWE2K22/sound folder. Do not add to your mods folder It is first advisable to backup your current ra_1.pck file before you try out the mod. Take note that to use this mod will mean having to re-add any mooded ring announcer call names for your mods , but its a small tradeoff to have additional callnames available.
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  12. There was no way i could make this team without the legendary Paul Ellering....yes...no way Road Warriors with Paul Ellering
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