AznBlusuazn’s WWE 2K19 Mods : CM Punk (Full Port) + Hollywood Hogan (Full Port) (RELEASED), Hulk Hogan Mega Pack (Coming Soon), HBK RR 1995 + DX 1997, Rey 2k15 Entrance Ported, Step-By-Step Mod Install Tutorial

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The Anti Source
8 minutes ago, amazing-maze said:

I didn't make a demand. Im just a huge fan of Hogan and I just wanted to see a version of him with hair. Im a big time Hogan fan and all I wanted to do was see if he can make different versions of hulk. Sorry if I sound demanding. Im just a hyped up Hogan fan of the 80's 

Telling him not to do something and explaining how you want it sounds exactly like a demand. You can be hyped all you want, but there's a good way and bad way to show that. If you want a specific Hogan, then request him in the mod request thread.

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you are the man!!!!!!

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