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SVR 2011, WWE 12, and WWE 13 DLC for Xbox 360?? (No Mods)


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Hello everyone. I hope its a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night wherever you are in the world. I have a dilemma, and one that is driving me crazy. I was a dumb kid and didn't buy the DLCs when I was younger when I had the chance. And I really want them. I've tried everything. I've tried every download you could imagine. Whether it be on archive.org or anywhere else, I can't find it, y'all. I really need someone's help. I'm trying to find all the DLCs for SVR 2011, WWE 13, and WWE 12. I'm gonna post on any forum I can to help my chances. If any of you could help me out i would a billion percent appreciate it. I think there are two methods I'm willing to try. I tested it myself, and if you upload a DLC to google drive and redownload it, it'll work. I'm also willing to try and do license transfer or whatever that's called. Please please please I need y'all's help. I just wanna play the DLCs and if it was possible to buy them I would. I don't want to have to use any mods or mod my xbox. I just want that authentic DLC. Thanks in advance, much love to y'all. I know this subject is a bit unrelated to this forum but I need help and I'm out of options. 

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