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How to play intergender matches in WWE 2K23 v1.17. Please help


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Can anyone provide we cheat table for wwe 2k23 v1.17. I will be highly grateful ūü•≤. Or any other¬† method to play intergender matches other than downloading characters from community creation. Please help guys....

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I believe I've answered you on this before.  You either have to do the work yourself (and it will still have weird bugs like women moving and sounding like men, etc), or you can just use the cheat table I created here which will do all the work for you WITHOUT permanently converting anyone to the wrong gender.  As far as I know, my version is the most complete and realistic feeling since it's around 12+ scripts all combined into 1.  The males will still move and sound like males, the females will still move and sound like females, there's an option to have anybody compete for ANY title regardless of men/women title, and many other details are fixed to make it play and feel more natural. 

Here's my link including details on how to acquire and use it.  Right now you still have a chance to support the project as a donor before it eventually is set to a higher price for everybody.  If the donation link I supplied in the thread isn't working, send me a PM for other possible methods and options.  If you have an outside of the box idea for a different way to support this project and get more eyes on it, I will also be open to unique proposals and/or partnerships.  If for some reason there's no way possible for you to support the project, and no way to donate even a dollar, or alternatively if you're somebody that doesn't feel they should have to donate for somebody's work,  then you don't need to.  You will then either need to do the manual work yourself or stick to my other free public options and scripts found in my other threads. 




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