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King of Colosseum 2 texture request.

Nicholas Weintraub

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As the title suggests, I desperately want textures from King of Colosseum 2.  I don't know where else to search, or where else to ask, so I may as well ask in this topic on this website here, & hope someone provides a winzip link.  Either that, or a Google Drive link. One of those would be just peachy. Thank you!

Edit: A good reason why I need the textures for King of Colosseum 2 is for making CAWs in WWE 2K22.

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I've been modding N64 no mercy and similar games for what seems like 20 years.. as technology advanced and emulators became more accessible and popular, I began modding PS2 and GameCube wrestling games. However, I then stumbled upon some Japanese-only games that I had never played before.

geometry dash lite

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