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Which .pac file do I update to change the show/arena logos...?


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Hi everyone! 

I'm creating a show for AEW Dynamite for my Universe. When I am in the edit menu to select the effects, like Transition, etc...The files are there and working, but they are showing the 205 Live icons/logos. 

I even went into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\WWE 2K19\pac\menu\win\Assets\wwe19_singleread\texture\ppv_logo and extracted what was in the 205Live pac, and the dynamite logo is there. 

So, not sure what I'm doing wrong? And yes, I always regen'd my cct/game. 

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59 minutes ago, timmyz4 said:

Hey I had the same issue, I had to redelete the ltag files in the instructions for the uncompressed graphics download. Did you do that?

Yup, did that too. It's something so silly, but annoying LOL I mean, after creating the darn show, you don't see the issue(s). I'm just trying to get it perfect. LMAO 

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