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Possible way to create your own videos with overlays/watermarks

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Hello everyone!

Some of you might like to your own videos and maybe use an overlay/watermark.

Her is a very quick instruction how to do it.

You need :

1. GIMP (Free on the Internet)

2. Shotcut (also free)

3. RAD tools AKA Bink player

With GIMP you create a new image file with the size 1920x1080 (in pixel) and a transparent background!!!

Now add which ever elements you like (Logos, writing), but such files should also be .png with (transparent backgrounds, otherwise it will not work the right way)!

If you are happy with the result merge the laers to one (you do that in the layer Dialogoe box. if that box isn't dsiplayed by default activate it in the toolbar windows->Dialogoues->Layers

Here is a good video tutorial that describes how ou bring that overlay/watermark on the video


Note: The Creator of that video has a video how to create a watermark as well, but he uses a different programm than GIMP.

Export the Video as .mp4

(Additional info: It's possible to create a video just with images, if you like. It's simply a "drag&drop"-thing. Shotcut is very intuitive and simple to use. So you might figure that out yourself ;-))

ShotCut technically can export the video to a avi-file (which would be needed to convert it into the needed bink-file) but for some reason RAD tool has problems to convert it, if I do it that way.

So my solution is to convert the mp4 file with an online converter to a avi-file. (You should find several on the internet, I suggest that that works for you ;-))

Now that you have the avi-file, opne RAD tool, select that file and select "Bink it" it should now convert the file into a bink file.

Now simply chang the extension to bk2

To use that video in WWE2k19, simply browse in your WWE2k19 fullscreen directory and replace the original files with that you created by giving your file the name of the file that should be replaced.


And as always make a recovery of the original file (but outside the WWE2k19 folder structure!)

Also a Video that could help you, if you like to create such an overlay:


If you use any youtube tutorials, those I linked here, or some you might found yourself, give those guys a like to appreciate their help!

And if you just like create a video that you like to use for WWE2k19, but without any overlays you can do the same steps, except that you don't need GIMP.


Stupid me ended up in the WWE2k18 section, while this was supposed to be for WWE2k19!! But I as it might also work for WWE2k18 (since the games have a similar folder and file structure) it coul still help you.

But if not delete that nonsense! :D

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