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News release mod WWE 2k20?


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If there is anything new you find it there: https://smacktalks.org/forums/forum/353-mods/

But good luck, WWE2k20 sucks! Th Community still prefers to modidy WWE2k19 over WWE2k20.

So credits to those who try to modify that mess that 2k20 is to make it better! You guys do the job the developers should do and that unpayed! Respect!

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Not only does the game sort of suck even with the fixes that have been made but I am not sure that anyone has figured out how to inject mods into the file system and still have the game work. Not sure 2k20 is going to get mods. I hope 2k21 goes better cause this year has really sucked for me. It is still early so most likely me just being a pessimist. All of the modders and program makers are the best and mad respect for all the hard work that has been put forth over all of the years.

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