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Intergender Matches


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You'll have to change all wrestlers you wish to use to the same gender in their .pofo file (I suggest male, females probably can't bleed like in previous years). Then they can fight each other without restrictions. It should be Byte 36 in the .pofo (checkout the WWE 2K20 POFO Breakdown for details).
Since .pofo files are arranged dynamically in memory on load in WWE 2k20 contrary to previous games, you'll have to find the addresses of the .pofo area yourself with cheat engine. For that, it's best to have an unedited .pofo of the first slot and search the memory for a match with cheat engine. Then count the length of a .pofo file times the slot number to find the right one for each wrestler (or just change all wrestlers to male one by one).

I don't have WWE 2k20, so I can't help further, but this is how it'll likely work.

Don't forget to backup your save game before doing this in case you mess up!

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