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Anybody got the Ps2 wrestling games character models?


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So I've been looking into a bunch of shit and to no results, Azn had a SVR 06 and HCTP model resources on his Drive but it was taken down, Whenever I try to do them myself they come out with no uv's to put the textures on and with everything on them like eyes, hair etc. This is really my last resort so hope to hear some responses 

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im gonna try to explain this to the best of my recollection. 

(Make sure to back up your pac files in case an injection goes wrong)

02 is the model and 09 is the texture archive

you can open the ps2 era pac files with x-packer. there are free versions that can do this.


Open the Pac file you wish to edit

extract the 02 (model) and 09 (texture archive) 

you should now have 2 files. 02.bpe and 09.bpe

run quickbms

choose yukes.bms as the script when it prompts

select 02.bpe

choose a save location

you should now have 02.bpe.unpacked


run quickbms again and repeat the steps with 09.bpe to get 09.bpe.unpacked


go back to x-packer

inject 02.bpe.unpacked into the 02 slot. extract again. this should give you a .yobj file

inject 09.bpe.unpacked into the 09 slot. extract all. this should give you the .tm2 texture files (in addition to some identically named .txc files)


run rroexporter

click export

navigate to the yobj file

save as obj



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