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Wrestlemania 3 - 7 Nameplates


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Made some nameplates for Wrestlemanias III-VII, tried to keep them as accurate as possible. Am sorting out some custom fonts for the straight letter plates for WM V and VI, but these are pretty good for now. Thanks to @hovathagod32 for sharing the arena info and for his tutorials. Cheers to @WhereTheFdidTheEgo as well. 





LINK: https://mega.nz/#F!MuwQjKoa!29HIkauwFCHvGkBLxOXY6Q


1.)Download any of the .pach files above, they can be used to replace any nameplate. It will be compatible with any arena/arena pack since the nameplate files are independent of the areas. 

2.) Locate the nameplate.pac in  pac > menu > assets > wwe19_singleread > anime > ltag_nameplate_win.pac

3.) Open the ltag_nameplate_win.pac in paceditor. 

4.) Locate the nameplate you want to replace. A list is available on Hova's 2K19 Arena info. spreadsheet.

5.) Inject your pach into the slot you want to replace. Check in game. 


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Hi, a really great job. I have two questions. Is it compatible with the Arenen Pack from WhereTheFdidTheEgo? How can you use them? Is it enough to put it somewhere in the mod folder?

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56 minutes ago, squaredcirclefan said:

Hi @LordBarker , Just asking if you might need to leave to place an installations instruction guide for users in your pack.

Good idea. Added. 

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@LordBarker Great work! Some Feedback to you. I tested your mod by overwriting the RR nameplate. Works fine

I just wonder if yo ualso work on the "locator" files?

As you maybe know, I created something similar, also the "Locator" files. Mainly for the RR (for those who want to give that a retro look) my result however became very minimalistic, kinds WM1 like! :D

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