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Rozay's Build-Up Movesets


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Hey guys,


So, I have been freeloading for a while and I felt guilty. I decided to once again release some movesets as a small token of gratitude from every year's amazing creators. It's for PC only (by the way, why CC isn't shared between platforms is beyond me, but I digress).


Now, I released my movesets a long time ago, and people liked them back then because I do them build-up style. That means, for example, that on Front Grapples only the weaker moves go, or that I save a Lariat/Clothesline for the "hold" spot of a running attack and put a shoulder tackle/back elbow on the tapping moves. Or that I don't put a drop kick on the normal strikes, leaving it for the strong strikes, and things of that nature. I do this so there's a better sense of things escalating in a match. Or at least I think so.


So, explanation out of the way, on with the uploads:


I've started uploading Hiroshi Tanahashi's moveset. Also, I uploaded a SANADA CAW that someone else made (tried to find who it was, but it was gone from CC) that has a realistic moveset, too. You can find them with the tags: NJPW, Rozay.


You can request if you want, but know that I'm lazy/have a job, so it might take a while and, unfortunately, no formulas (if someone wants to type them they're welcome!). Also, preference will be given to NJPW requests, since that's what I watch the most. So request away, who knows, I might already have the moveset ready to go...

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