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Lidstrom5 CAWs (Hayabusa/Atsushi Onita/Jinsei Shinzaki*All final versions*)


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Not sure how many CAWs I will end up making but just wanted to put these in here for people who are interested

(My name on CC is Lidstrom5 and you can find all my caws by searching their actual name or promotion)

FMW Legend - Hayabusa(*Final Version* with accurate moveset): http://imgur.com/hgO6mYu  *Updated facepaint and mask*: http://imgur.com/a/z7uVt  

FMW Legend - Atsushi Onita(*Final Version* with updated attire and updated moveset): http://imgur.com/rZW3moL  Coat update: http://imgur.com/s7fAJYT  

FMW/AJPW/MPW Legend - Jinsei Shinzaki(aka Hakushi/*Final Version* with updated moveset): http://imgur.com/MOltJ4D  

Enjoy! :) 

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Thanks for these man, they all turned out great. Any chance you'll be doing an old school Great Muta or a Kota Ibushi?

Thanks dude, much appreciated :)  I was thinking about maybe doing a Kota Ibushi, I'm having a hard time deciding, I'll likely only be able to do 2 more caws because of the stupid 2000 download mark you have to hit to upload more than 5...  By the way, the long haired Muta on CC is pretty awesome, I think I had to do some body morphing, etc to make a bit more authentic, but I love the idea they had for his entrance attire, you should check it out.  If you ever have some spare time maybe post some reference pics of the Kota Ibushi(and year) that you had in mind, I'll look up some matches and see what I can do, I like to try to stay away from wrestlers that require too many textures if possible and also I'm limited to what the game has to offer in CC, so Muta is a long shot.... but maybe, just maybe ;)

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I would REALLY like to be able to pull off a version of this Muta(one of my favorite matches/entrances of his): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJIzfghH5AI but it's just so hard for me to get the logos for the pants, etc.  The face paints shouldn't be too bad, idk I might have a crack at it and see how it goes at least :D 

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