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Hi people!

I came here to make a simple requirement, simple as the title! *laughs*

I have the PC version of WWE2K15, and I just hate that Undertaker from WrestleMania XXX, really that attire sucks.

I've played in a friend's, the PS3 version of WWE2K16 (lame version even if compared to the PC version of 2K15), and I loved the new Undertaker's attire, the one he used on WrestleMania 31, and so on, such as Hell In A Cell (2015) against Brock Lesnar.

So, people, could I have the caw or any mod attire to WWE2K16's attire of The Undertaker so I can put it on my PC version of 2K15?

(In this video you can see what Undertaker I'm talking about)


Sorry for the bad english, I'm from Brazil.

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wrong section buddy this belongs in requests. 

I'm in requests.


Posted Image

good news for u, i am currently working to bring all the best of 2k mods to  2k15 pc. so far got these textures for the starting. u could pm me if u want to see more previews

Holy mother, man! 

I'll PM you, right now! :D

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