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Wcw Patch (gs2v3/v4 [pal] & Xploder)


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Credit: Thanking Enigma for the Arena name changes & Title Changes

*Royal Rumble to Souled Out*

20458590 6C756F53

20458594 4F206465

20458598 00007475

*No Way Out to War Games*

20458480 20726157

20458484 656D6147

20458488 00000073

*WrestleMania XIX to Uncensored*

20458490 65636E55

20458494 726F736E

20458498 00006465

*Backlash to Mayhem*

204584A8 6879614D

204584AC 00006D65

*Judgment Day to Slamboree*

204584B8 6D616C53

204584BC 65726F62

204584C0 00000065

*Bad Blood to Bash At The Beach*

204584F8 68736142

204584FC 20744120

20458500 20656854

20458504 63616542

20458508 00000068

*Vengeance to Super Brawl*

204584C8 65707553

204584CC 72422072

204584D0 006C7761

*Unforgiven to Fall Brawl*

20458440 6C6C6146

20458444 61724220

20458448 00006C77

*No Mercy to Halloween Massacre*

20458450 6C6C6148

20458454 6565776F

20458458 614D206E

2045845C 63617373

20458460 00006572

*Survivor Series to Starrcade*

20458460 72617453

20458464 64616372

20458468 00000065

*Armageddon to World War III*

20458470 6C726F57

20458474 61572064

20458478 49492072

2045847C 00000049

*RAW A to Nitro A*

204583F8 7274694E

204583FC 0041206F

*RAW B to Nitro B*

20458400 7274694E

20458404 0042206F

*SmackDown! A to Thunder A*

204583B8 6E756854

204583BC 20726564

204583C0 00000041

*SmackDown! B to Thunder B*

204583C8 6E756854

204583CC 20726564

204583D0 00000042

Note: Great American Bash CAN NOT be put on any arena name, it

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well I would use all those codes but i have a gameshark v2.2 ntsc if anyone could convert all them to GS v2.2 NTSC I would really be happy sense i'm a huge wCw fan.

Oh and it was Halloween Havoc not masscere!

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oh, this is good, but nothing compared to what i did to my game... i'll have to post mine sometime, once i catch up on 2 weeks worth of homework...oh and how do you change the names of cities though? i mean i havent been here for a while, so i was jw how you do it

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I put wCw like that cause I liked it when Russo ran WCW and when Shane took over which was like 3 weeks of wCw damn it's gone so there if you're down wit wCw you'll but it how they last had it.

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man danomac, if you couldnt see that Great American Bash does to fit, nor could the guy that you gave credit too....you guys must not be very good.......here you go peeps:


WrestleMania XIX to Great American Bash

20458790 61657247

20458794 6D412074

20458798 63697265

2045879C 42206E61

204587A0 00687361

if you guys like this, just wait til i post the whole thing, but it will be a lil while longer, because i dont want to spend like an hour just typing codes, i will do a lil bit at a time on a word document, when im done i will post the whole thing

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since when is War Games its own PPV?

war games was not a P.P.V it was a match type. although there was a sort of 1 off P.P.V called world war 3 which was loosely based around the war games match. who ever made this patch cant have known too much about WCW but either way it is still an impressive job all i need now is to learn how to convert codes to AR MAX pal then ill have this on my system in no time at all (mainly because WCW rocks/rocked untill WWF/E bought them out and that was only because WCW were loseing ratings vastly due to all there good wrestlers leaving or not competing as much, so they brought in the new guys, way too many rookies but either way that is my explanation of WCWs downfall. they would have kicked the WWF/E's ass if they had only nutured there current talent into something realy special. kind of like what the WWF/E are now doing with eddie shelton and chris benoit. i just hope the rumors of ted turnors (hope turnor is spelt right) new upcoming company are true coz ill back it all the way coz in not so many words the WWE is starting to go a little lop sided much like WCW did.) sorry for ranting on but when i get started about WCW i just cant stop its like homer simpson eating

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