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Possible Explanation for CAW RTWM Freeze Issues

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In the PSP version at least (can't remember what the PS2/Wii versions of this game did in RTWM's CAW story, although I've played both), the CAW RTWM storyline will ALWAYS freeze during the loading screen before the Elimination Chamber match, rendering this RTWM impossible to complete (there is no known way around this glitch, sadly).

The reason: Santino gives you a Chicken suit to wear during the match, according to the storyline (he calls you a chicken) and, as the PSP version apparently lacks the required Chicken suit (a rather bone-headed oversight by THQ, I'd imagine), the game tries to load your character with a nonexistent attire, and simply locks up, forcing your PSP to shut off.


Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, however (as in, describe how to bypass this freezing issue).



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