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Red Roosters Mod Thread - WCW World War 3

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WCW World War 3

I just realised I hadnt previewed my latest (and probably final) WCW Arena. Pics wouldnt do it justice so heres a Video, it showcases Bugsyboy's amazing Buff Bagwell and also features stlpowercats announcer audio during Lex's entrance.

WCW Great American Bash

Credit Judders for Ring Apron






WWF Hogan Pack

After a lot of fucking around I managed to get all 10 slots to work for Hogan and also made 3 Superstar Threads attires too. These will be in the upcoming Wrestling Legends game.

Credit to Bugsyboy for his help and textures.

Credit to yjkim0901 for logos on the White attire







SuperBrawl Arena

My old WCW Saturday Night Arena wasnt needed anymore so I have modded it into SuperBrawl circa 1991.





New Honky Attire (Credit to Bugsyboy for the inring model)


Decided to convert my PC Honky Attire and make some new tights



I have removed the download links from my WCW Arena mods, if you want them please PM me.


New Trons


Heres some trons I made to go with some of Bugsys new mods etc. and a few others i hadnt released.


Includes :

Dino Bravo

Dungeon of Doom

Dustin Rhodes



Outlaw Ron Bass

High Energy

Steiner Brothers



NWO Souled Out Arena


Credit to Judders for Apron texture and Bugsyboy for NWO font


Includes : Matchup Screen, Loading screen, Icons/Thumbnails, custom crowd, Custom Wall/Banner/Header Trons, Post Matchup Screen video w/ audio & nameplates.


Yes! All those tvs are actual trons playing videos during the entrance. 


Read the instuctions file provided before installing and as always, Backup your files first!!!










In Your House Arena Fix & nameplates


Credit to UndertakerWLF for Arena


I have fixed the disappearing/reappearing entrance object in UndertakerWLFs IYH Arena and I have made custom nameplates. I have it installed in bg34 (WM7) and I cant guarantee the nameplates will work correctly if you are using a different slot but you can give it a go.






Million Dollar Man Pack


Looking for any excuse not to start my next WCW arena I decided it was dumb having an attire slot in Misc01_start for Million Dollar Man and only having 1 alt attire so I made the green one and the White and Gold one.


The pack includes the following :


00013602/04 : Original 2k14 Attire

00013612 : WM 11 Manager Attire

00013622/24 : Black Attire (WM5)

00013632/34: Green Attire (Survivor Series '88)

00013642/43: White/Gold Attire 






Download Link


WCW Uncensored '97 Arena


As usual this includes Custom crowd shirts, custom Matchup Screens/ Universe Loading Screens, Nameplates, Barricades, Thumbnails, Icons and for the first time, a custom Font. Enjoy.

Replaces WM18 (bg45) Arc value = 86E0







Download Link


WCW Fall Brawl Arena fixed
In the process of making my next WCW Arena I fixed a few issues with the Fall Brawl Arena, the Titantrons were a little screwed up and there was a Fall Brawl Logo texture on the curtains that would disappear/reappear (Thanks Titan for advice on fixing that problem). 
New Renders File (menuHD_dlc2.pac)
Backup your plist.arc and menuHD_dlc2.pac before you start!!!
Ive spent the last 3 days creating a new menuHD_dlc2.pac from scratch. It has a total of 144 slots for renders (50 more than the original) and each slot can hold a considerably larger file.
All SSFA and SSFB slots can hold up to a 128kb (20000 in hex) compressed ZLIB and all SSFC can hold up to a 64kb (10000 in hex) compressed ZLIB.
That means you no longer need to struggle to find a slot big enough for decent quality DXT5 renders because they will fit anywhere you like.
The file already contains all CDLC renders (apart from Divas and a couple of others) some slot numbers may not match your game but you can easily change them. There are 53 slots free in SSFA, SSFB and SSFC which currently have placeholder BPE files in them, just "compress and inject" into them as you would normally, change the slot ID and the corresponding entry in your arc and you are good to go.
You will need to copy and paste the data from my Arc file over the Render info in your own arc. Do a search for -ENU and select from there until FF FF. 
Select the entire contents of my arc file and paste it into your arc.
NB : I have discovered a mistake in my "Replace menuHD_dlc2 in arc.arc" file, open it with a Hex editor and find the 3rd occurrence of 0152, the size is not correct.
The hex values after 0152 should be 00 00 52 84 00 00 01 00. Change that value and save it.
If you need to replace any of the renders I have injected into the file you may have trouble replacing a ZLIB with another ZLIB (it sometimes doesnt work, Im not sure why). I have found a workaround for this problem :
Included in the rar file is 2 files SSFAorSSFB.bpe & SSFC.bpe, "Inject" (DONT "Compress & Inject")  the correct BPE into the slot you wish to change and then "Compress and Inject" your DDS into the slot.
The free slots are numbered 17, 18, 19 & then 500 - 549.
Download Link
Harlem Heat
Credit to Nseinski and El Guapo for the original mods
All I did was basic colour mods, removed Booker T's crotch flames and fixed the back of Bookers tights.
I forgot about these mods till just now.




Download Link
Full credit to Nseinski for this mod all I did was some recolouring.




Download Link
Winning Animations for CDLC Wrestlers
NB : I will continue to update this file as I add more Winning Animations I just need to find animations that suit each wrestler.
I havent added Classic Sting, Finlay and Regal to my game yet thats why they arent included.....yet, Winning04 only has 21 animations in it so far, room for another 53.
Download Files
I have added winning animations for the following wrestlers :
DDP 105**
Bam Bam Bigelow 486
Lex Luger 495
Sting 499
RVD 120 **
Billy Gunn 313 
Booker T 338
Big Bossman 238
British Bulldog 212 
Cactus Jack 245
Dude Love 247
Gangrel 485
Golddust 277
Jimmy Uso 440
Jey Uso 439
Brian Pillman 498
Rikishi 106**
Road Dogg 312
Scotty 2 Hotty 317
Grand Master Sexay 320
Ken Shamrock 311
Mike Tyson 310
Val Venus 108
Xpac 314
** = in Winning00.pac
Apart from the 3 indicated, all these files are in the Winning04.pac, if your Wrestler IDs differ from mine then simply change the ID in the Winning.pac and the arc file eg. if your Bam Bam Bigelow is ch495 then just change 6486 to 6495 in the arc and Winning04.pac.
Backup your Winning00.pac, plist.arc and plist.def before you start just in case you cock it up!!
Def File
1) Open your plist.def file in Hex editor
2) Open my "add to.def" file in Hex editor
3) Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C to copy all of "add to.def"
4) Paste at the bottom of plist.def



Arc file
1) Open your plist.arc file in Hex Editor
2) Search for the text string 6100
3) Select from the EVP just before 6100 until the byte before the next EVP (shown in pic)



4) Open my "copy over.arc" file in Hex Editor
5) Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C to copy all of "copy over.arc"
6) Paste in your plist.arc to replace the selected data
7) Scoll to the end of your plist.arc and delete the FF FF at the end.
8) Open my "add to end of.arc" in Hex Editor
9) Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C to copy all of "add to end of.arc"
10) Paste at the end of your plist.arc
11) Find the last EMD in your plist.arc (as shown in pic below)



12) My entry is 01 C3 yours will probably be different, in a hex calculator add 1 to that number (or do it in your head) eg 01 C4 in my case.
13) Enter that number in the 2 bytes before EVP (as shown in the picture below)



14) Copy plist.arc, plist.def, Winning00.pac and Winning04.pac to your Xbox harddrive. The Winning.pac files go in pac\evt folder. 
WCW Arenas
Make sure you do an Update Arc Non Wrestler on Evtmov.pac after injecting the bik for Road Wild, it has been pointed out that I fucked up making the file the right size but it works anyway as long as you update the arc. (Thanks LordBarker)
These arena packs include everything, custom nameplates, matchup screens, universe loading screens, thumbnail pics, universe arena select pics, WCW crowds, barrier replacements and a couple of surprises.
You will have to manually edit the size of each arena in you arc.
The arenas replaced are as follows :
Halloween Havoc '97 = WM14 (bg41) New Size = A8 E0
Spring Stampede '99 = WM16 (bg43) New Size = 9E F8
Fall Brawl '96             = WM20 (bg47) New Size = 7D B8
Road Wild '97            = WM24 (bg51) New Size = AF 78
For Matchup screens and nameplates etc just inject the new file into the file stated and "Update Arc Non Wrestler" with Xpacker if I have labelled it as such.
N.B. For Fall Brawl and Road Wild there is a file that needs to be injected in MOVT in evtmov.pac this is the 2nd bik file in the pac eg for Fall Brawl inject into the 2nd occurrence of M047 not the 1st one.
A few of the arenas dont have editable Announcer Desks so the WWE logo appears on them, it get rid of it inject this file into m2.pac
P.S. If you downloaded the Spring Stampede files early then just ignore the 0003 file in the LoadHD folder, you dont need it.
Credit :BugsyBoy for various logos & Road Wild Matchup Screen
Halloween Havoc 




Fall Brawl Arena




Spring Stampede




Road Wild 




Sting Entrance from 2k15 w/ Bat



Download Link :
It replaces Undertaker w/ Druids Easy Entrance (Advanced Entrance is still Undertaker) unfortunately I cant get rid of Undertakers Pyro but it still looks pretty cool.
I might try to mod it into the advanced entrance so you can turn off the Pyro.
Road Warriors Blue Attire



Download Link
Turnbuckle Fix for WCW Arenas (Credit to Titan83 for this discovery)
Just inject it into 03C4 of your WCW arena for turnbuckles facing the correct way - Thanks Titan83
Arena Animations for WCW Arenas
These are the animations that play after you hit Play from the matchup screen, they go in the evtmov.pac too, in MOVT which are just below the sidetrons.
Make sure they are the same size as the bik you are replacing. (I couldnt use the Starrcade one its too big and if I compress it then it looks too shitty)
Sidetrons for WCW Arenas
These have to be injected in evtmov in place of the the original arena sidetron.
1) Open evtmov in Xpacker9 with the "Open pac with directories" option
2) Inject the bik file in place of the original file (extract them all and rename them to bik to figure out the right tron)
NB : Make sure the file you are replacing is the same size as the new file by adding or deleting 00's from the end of the bik file in a Hex Editor. 
Tron Fixes for WWE12 WCW Arenas
1) Open Arena pach file in Xpacker
2) Inject 0323.yobj in 0324
3) Inject 0328.yobj in 0328
4) Edit your arc file to account for the larger file size using a Hex editor
For more info see my tutorial thread here 



Titantrons added to WWF Monday Night Raw Arena
Credit to IamCrazyPT for the Arena
Credit to Tekken57 and Brienj who made all this possible
Thanks to El Buvor for the info



I was trying to find an arena with 2 titantrons on each side of the entry (for use in an upcoming WCW Sprint Stampede Arena) but there isnt one so with some advice by El Buvor I modified IamCrazyPT's WWF Monday Night Raw to have 2 trons by the entrance.
Arena Nameplates
Rename the files before you try to inject them, the filenames are too long for Xpacker
Ok heres how you add them :
They will probably only work correctly if you have replaced the same arenas as me otherwise the placement maybe different.
I replaced Wrestlemania I(bg28) with Superstars of Wrestling and Wrestlemania VIII(bg35) with Monday Night Raw
The nameplates go in evtmov2.pac, open it with XPacker 9 using "Open pac containing directories" 
In there you will find M000-M081, inject "mondaynightraw nameplate.bik" into M035.
The intro logos go in evtmov3.pac, open it with XPacker 9 using "Open pac containing directories"
Inject "superstarsofwrestling intro.bik" into M028 and "mondaynightraw intro.bik" into M035.
If you have the arenas in different slots and you want to try them to see if it works then edit the bik file in a hex editor and add or remove 00's from the end of the file to make it the same size as the file you are replacing.
I will write up a tutorial soon on how to make your own.


My Superstars of Wrestling Arena
IamCrazyPT's Monday Night RAW Arena

Upcoming DLC Previews


WCW Road Wild Arena

These are previews of some of the mods that will be in Bugsyboys Legends 2 DLC and WCW DLC .
Credits : Bugsyboy for Earthquake Model & Original Texture
                Nsienski for Harlem Heat and Wrath models and textures
                El Guapo for Booker T texture that I edited
Superstars of Wrestling Arena
This ones for Bugsyboy. Theres not much to it but I wanted to keep it basic and old school like it actually was.




(Credit to iconbadgta for the Superstars Logo)
Download Link :
Size is 9C4800 replace any arena with 3 different colored ropes and no ramp
Survivor Series '88 Arena
I promised a long time ago that I would do a Survivor Series Arena so Im finally making good on that promise.
I intend to continue making mods and possibly do a collaboration on the next community DLC with bugsyboy if he's keen but who knows but for now I just wanted to do something easy to get my mind back into the right headspace for modding.
I hope you like it.



(I cant remember who I got the Apron texture from, either Judders or WLFUndertaker so credit goes to one of them)
Dont update your arc file using XPacker (it doesnt do it right)
You will have to update your arc file manually using a Hex editor to make this load. Survivor Series arena replaces WM 1 (bg28).
Luckily arenas are listed right at the top of the arc file so its easy to do. 
Open your arc file in a Hex editor and find 0028 (as shown below in the screenshot) change the entry for the size to 00 00 A9 80. Save your arc file and transfer back to xbox



Download Link



Included with the pac file is a wrestlerID and moveset/entrance file for Zeus. In my game I added him as slot 488 so you will have so change a few thing if you want to add him to a different slot. You will also need to change which DLC pack he is included in.
If you use my Wrestler ID file then you will notice I have made Zeus extremely tough (it took me four attempts and 6 leg drops from Hogan to beat him), he has 200 Toughness and Durability and the damage for his whole body is set at about 200%.
Also included are some crappy renders I cut out (better than nothing).
His moustache and eyebrows could use some work but Im not too worried. If someone else wants to tweak them then they are welcome to post a better version.
Download Link
Jake "The Snake" Roberts pack


Wrestling Challenge '90
WrestleMania VII
WrestleMania III
WrestleMania IV
WrestleMania 2
WrestleMania V

Download Link
I have uploaded the Jake The Snake Attires in Kanes pac (because thats how it is in my game). To use these attires you must replace someones wrestler ID in the misc01_start.pac with Jakes ID and set the number of attires to 0A.
Here are the attires :
00039212 : Mathayus's mod of LOWM attire (credit Mathayus)
00039222 : Wrestlemania V
00039232 : Green w/ Purple Snakes
00039242 : Wrestlemania 2
00039252 : Wrestlemania IV
00039262 : Wrestlemania III
00039272 : Wrestlemania VII
00039282 : Wrestling Challenge '90
00039292 : Flames
Big Bossman Mod


Also included is a fixed entrance.pac that gives Bossman his nightstick during his entrance

Download Link
WCW Saturday Night Custom Arena
Credit to Judders for the Ring Apron Texture



Replaces WM13 (bg40) make sure you update your arc file because this is larger than the original. Screenshot of arc file below.



Download Link
Ive never been happy with the facepaint of Demolition or the hair colour of Ax so I have redone them, I hope you like it.



Mr Perfect
Credit to Mathayus for original texture & credit to Anabolica for the idea to use LOWM face texture



Download Link
Data for the Misc01_start.pac to have the right attire names










Classic Arenas
Here is a classic Summerslam arena mod I made, its not supposed to be an exact recreation of any particular arena I just wanted a Summerslam arena with old school logos. So before anyone says "There werent any banners there" or "that entrance doesnt look like blah blah blah" .....I dont care.
If anyone is interested in it I will upload it. I will also be doing a Survivor Series and King of the Ring.



Download Link
Dont update your arc file using XPacker (it doesnt do it right)
You will have to update your arc file manually using a Hex editor to make this load. Summerslam arena replaces WM XI (bg38).
Luckily arenas are listed right at the top of the arc file so its easy to do. 
Open your arc file in a Hex editor and find 0038 (as shown below in the screenshot) change the entry for the size to 00 00 A7 58. Save your arc file and transfer back to xbox.






Download Link
I had difficulty getting UndertakerWLFs Royal Rumble Arena to work on Xbox so I redid it and added a few more things. Full credit to him for the original mod and textures.
Royal Rumble Arena replaces WM XII (bg39) Find 0039 in arc file and change the size to 00 00 A8 A8 as shown in the sceenshot below.



Credit : UndertakerWLF for Royal Rumble arena and ring Aprons
Million Dollar Man 
Original Texture                   Modded Texture
New Entrance Attire



Included in the pac is a retextured Original Attire (In-Ring & Entrance), the WM11 Attire (I havent modded it because Ive locked it in my game) and a new attire from LOWM. Enjoy
Ultimate Warrior


SummerSlam 88
Royal Rumble 91
Wrestlemania V
Wrestlemania VII
Green/White with Stars on Trunks
FacePaint tweaked 8/12/13
Orange/Green/Pink (2K14 Render Attire)

Purple,White & Yellow Attire!KAQ1yB4Q!JO9VNwDyuAmX3SN9fXcQ7WjIf2MteOBu6pmodVraMj4
Red,Yellow, & Black Attire!rcIAkB7T!C5h4vmTGosvQeCfLZElv6GhUMNsJbPIHwfl6NzXG-NE
Blue,Red & Yellow Attire!yJZ0CJAD!MwZ6zzk7Rf3hrBTyNvMArm51rZdfT9J1-A9PU3DrVjQ
SummerSlam 88 Attire!rNh0CbzC!WT5thnb3B07SuV4Jl3PC_ncgwUcQrE96vYHjdZ4sxOU
Royal Rumble 91 Attire
Wrestlemania V Attire
Wrestlemania VII Attire
(Tweaked version with tassels)
Green/White with Stars on Trunks
Orange/Green/Pink (2K14 Render Attire)
10 Attires Pac file
1)Open ch254.pac in xpacker and hit "Add additional attire data to arc file" find your plist360.arc file and hit open.
2)Press "Add additional attire data to arc file" again and find your plist360_4x3.arc and hit open.
3)Close xpacker
4) Open misc01_start.pac in a hex editor and find where warriors attire data starts (Search for Hex value FE)
5) Overwrite with the Hex data from my thread.
6) Save and close hex editor
7) Transfer ch254.pac, misc01_start, plist360.arc and plist360_4x3.arc to your xbox overwriting the existing files.
Here is the Warrior part of the misc01_start.pac  so you can just copy and paste it over the top (Updated : attire 5 says Summerslam and attire 7 says RoyalRumble)










I have edited the original (WM6) texture to remove the body paint on the chest, now it can be used to make 3 more attires in superstar threads.



Modded Wrestlemania 6
Credit : Thanks to Tekken57 for XPacker

Edited by Red Rooster
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Is there a way to remove the shine from his chest paint?


Looks promising by the way! :D

Edited by nikethebike

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Looking awesome.


@nike, the reflections should be in the alpha or the normal map

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wcw warrior would be sick.

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Loving it, Hopefully those logo colors are all separate layers so its a simple re-color for more attires :)


wcw warrior would be sick.


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Looks awesome man.

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Red Rooster

Looking awesome.


@nike, the reflections should be in the alpha or the normal map


Is there a way to remove the shine from his chest paint?


Looks promising by the way! :D

Yeah as Tekken said, a bit of tweaking on the normal and alpha should sort that out, I'll fix that once Im happy with the texture

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Looks awesome man.

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Looking fantastic!

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Great! Looking forward to a release!

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XHP Original

That attire is looking really awesome at the moment, looking forward to this, really nice work.

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Was also going to request wcw warrior, specifically the attire he wore against Hogan.

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Connor MacLeod

Great job man.

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Love that Warrior attire RedRooster

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really like that attire good job

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Darth 6am3r

Great Job on Warrior!

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That looks incredible, man. It's going to be fun seeing all of the different mods of him done this year. I'd say we're definitely off to a great start.

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Very nice red!!!!!!! , pls could you tell how can i add it as an alt attire using xpacker? thanks

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Do i have to do anything special to unlock him first 

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Big Pete®

feel the powwweeeeerrrr! looking great so far.

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Red Rooster

Do i have to do anything special to unlock him first 

You need the DLC, Tekken57 uploaded it at

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press "back" when you do screens...disables the controlpanel or what ever you calling that.

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