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Faction codes


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004BF260 000000?? : Faction Storyline Off/On

00 : Off

01 : On ( Not sure if you can actually turn it on if you originally chose to work as a singles wrestler )

104BF264 0000???? : 2nd Member

104BF268 0000???? : 3rd Member

104BF26C 0000???? : 4th Member

104BF270 0000???? : Manager

104BF274 0000???? : 1st Member of Corporation

104BF278 0000???? : 2nd Member of Corporation

104BF27C 0000???? : 3rd Member of Corporation

104BF280 0000???? : 4th Member of Corporation

104BF282 0000???? : Corporation Manager

Values: 0000????

Red type indicates no model/skin currently available. This value will cause a lockup unless the wrestler's ID mod has been changed to an acceptable value.

Orange type indicates non-unlockables

0000 The Rock

0001 Steve Austin

0002 Triple H

0003 Undertaker

0004 Rob Van Dam

0005 Kurt Angle

0006 Chris Jericho

0007 Kane

0008 Booker T

0009 Chris Benoit

000A Edge

000B Christian

000C Matt Hardy

000D Jeff Hardy

000E Lita

000F Bubba Ray Dudley

0010 D-Von Dudley

0011 William Regal

0012 Lance Storm

0013 Scott Steiner

0014 Stephanie McMahon

0015 Vince McMahon

0016 Eric Bischoff

0017 Rey Mysterio

0018 Bradshaw

0019 Test

001A Big Show

001B Trish Stratus

001C Tajiri

001D Rikishi

001E Ric Flair

001F Stacy Keibler

0020 Hollywood Hogan

0021 Rosie

0022 Rico

0023 Jamal

0024 Billy Gunn

0025 Chavo Guerrero

0026 Victoria

0027 John Cena

0028 The Hurricane

0029 Molly Holly

002A Torrie Wilson

002B Spike Dudley

002C Brock Lesnar

002D Shawn Michaels

002E Goldust

002F Goldberg

0030 Sable

0031 Mike Chioda

0032 Michael Cole

0033 Earl Hebner

0034 Jim Ross

0035 Jerry Lawler

0036 Jonathan Coachman

0037 Linda McMahon

0038 Eddie Guerrero

0039 Billy Kidman

003A Sargeant Slaughter

003B Rodney Mack

003C Batista

003D Randy Orton

003E Val Venis

003F Al Snow ( The Rock w/out elbow pads, Al Snow's Moveset ) thx CRE3Duke

0040 A-Train

0041 Tazz

0042 Kevin Nash

0043 Steven Richards

0044 Roddy Piper

0045 Ted Dibiase

0046 Jimmy Snuka

0047 Sean O

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Customize your Faction Storyline

In order of usage : All codes are optional

Green type indicates choppy code that will not take effect until the week after selection. All others are smoove.

104BF264 0000???? : 2nd Member

104BF270 0000???? : Manager

D04C0068 0000090F : Joker for RAW season

104BFDD0 0000???? : Potential 3rd Member who comes out 4th week of Sept

--- or ---

D04C0068 00000910 : Joker for SD! season

104BFDD0 0000???? : Potential 3rd Member who comes out 4th week of Sept

D04C0068 00000909 : Joker for Unforgiven

104BFD5C 0000???? : Opponent at Unforgiven ( since you have that opening screen at Unforgiven, you could make your opponent be someone you might have actually had a feud with rather than some random geek )

004C0080 000000??-up : First Letter of faction name-up ( max 20 letters )

004C00AC 000000??-up : First letter of opposing faction name-up ( max 20 letters ). Not sure if this is smoove or not...

104BF274 0000???? : 1st Member of opposing faction

104BF278 0000???? : 2nd Member of opposing faction

104BF27C 0000???? : 3rd Member of opposing faction

104BF282 0000???? : Opposing faction Manager

D04C0068 00000A0A : Joker for No Mercy

104BFDC0 0000???? : 4th Member of opposing faction ( attacks after NM main event )

The location of the 4th member of the player's faction is a friggin' mystery to me. If you accept him into your faction, the code 104BF26C 0000???? should change him to whoever you want, but that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I'm thinking the game actually does a calculation during the first week of November to determine who it's going to be, because I hacked all over the place and got 2 different 4th members during numerous restarts. I haven't checked to see if/where the value is stored yet because I'd really like to make a smoove code for this one too. Wish me luck.

With the exception of the faction name mods, all ???? values are the same as in the primary post.

Not tested on non-faction storyline. I don't know what they'll do during those months, but they shouldn't affect gameplay outside the September-November months.


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