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P.S. This is my own creation SVRreyreybombdiggity8/ also you MUST have the code.

Vitals: Sheamus

Nickname: Superstar

Hometown: ANY

Expertise: Power

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Body- Size: 7 Clicks down 2 Clicks Left


Forehead- 7 Clicks Down

Eyes-Scale 7 Clicks Right

Jaw: 10 Clicks Right 7 Clicks Up

Hair: Anime Spike

Color: Red/Orange

Eyebrows Trimmed

Color: Red/Orange

Facial Hair: The first Facial Hair thing on there

Arms Left

Tattoos- Biceps- Celtic Cross

Lower Body: tights

Type- Short


Color: Black or Dark Green

Shoes Typer: Wrestling Long

Shoes Color: Black

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