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SvR2010 CAW Injector 14/11/2010 Update


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SvR2010 CAW Injector for SvR2010 on the Xbox 360. This is a PC based program that will inject CAWs from one save into another, or into the same save, and after the CAW is injected and you save, then resign your save files, your CAWs will then become available in your save and if they were downloaded CAWs, they will become non-downloaded and you can then edit them in the game. This is only a trial version that will work until Nov 10, 2010, and I will hopefully be updating the program by then.

November 14, 2010:

The new version of the SvR2010 CAW Injector program is now completed. I have also finished the SvR2011 Editor Program. If you wish to get the SvR2011 Editor, you must first download the SvR2010 CAW Injector and read the purchase instructions in order to get it. I am posting this at 2:00AM in the morning, so I will only be awake for a little bit longer. Please don't expect the SvR2011 Editor right away, so if you do buy it tonight, give me time until I wake up to process your order. Thanks.

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