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Hey, can someone try and make Shawn from NeVerseT?






If you need more pics tell me.

Don't worry about attire or too much on the tattoos. All I am worried about is the face and body morphing, and make up and stuff for the face.

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Jeff Hardy

He's one I created from his WWE days.


Alternatively there's wolfgang's, although you may need to use some codes for extra layers, or just download the save file. There's also the formula's for some of the attires.


For Matt Hardy try this one.


@Texas, I'll try and find a Shane/Raven Moveset for you

how do u get codes to get extra layers

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Sir I'm sorry in advance, but I'm new to the site and modding psp games in general.

Im trying to find codes to add 32 layers to my Caw in 2006 (I did find ones for 2011).

Can you please help me with this. Thank you in advance.

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