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Hello all! I'm an old-school fan of wrestling from the 90's into the 00's and I wanted to make a Universe that reflected the old Arenas but obviously branded New and Old talents.

I want to do a brand split for my universe, going with the classic WCW Nitro for one show, but I would love some suggestions on the second show.

I also want to "draft" a smaller pool of talent (15 men per show, 6 women per show) just to keep it simple. There are some pushes I want to make for New Faces that I am not totally familiar with (Keith Lee for instance), but also make older talent appear as a regular on the roster (Hogan for example).

By making Nitro my 1st of two shows, what Championships should I include? I was thinking the Television Championship for sure, but am open to others.

I also wanted to keep everything "fresh" by eliminating any established Stables and Teams. Alliances that others might have had would not exist within this universe, obviously. I like the way the game sometimes teams others up for Tag matches and I tend to build from what the AI generates in terms of if they work well together or if they hate each other's guts.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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