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Alternative solution for the "Can't select customized/own arenas, if I use the 2k88 mod"

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Hello everyone!

As we all know @JManny has created that really awesome aren mod "2k88".

However ifyou install it any self created arena/show is greyed out (not selectable) if you like to use it for an exhibition match.

In the mods thread there is some "copy/duplicate"-solution (sorry for that very short and bad explenation of that solution!)

But that didn't work for me.

It came to my attention that that bug/issue is somehow caused by the misc01_start.pac file of the 2k88 mod. (you find the file in pac/root)

But you need that file, if not your wrestler will hover over the floor, instead of walking on it.

Somehow I had the idea to use a misc01_start.pac file from another mod, which is the Goldern Era  Arena Mod that @WhereTheFdidTheEgo created.

(You have to scroll down a bit in the opening post to find the download link)

And it worked!

However I stress out that this helps to use your own arena while using the 2k88 mod.

But it seems that it's no a perfect solution, because your wrestler might not hover anymore over the floor, BUT he might glichth through a ramp, if an arena has such!

I still hope this is a help for people who have thes ame problem I had!


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