How to enable titantron ID slot 106 in the assetconv_p30.pac file

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If you have tried installing titantrons with ENT_0106_0_0 for a RVD mod on slot 106, you will have noticed the trons don't work. They will work if assigned other ID's .

So the first question is why isn't that slot working.

The file which handles the playback of media assets in entrances is the assetconv_p30.pac file. This file contains a list of every titantron and theme music ID in the game. If the ID 's were removed from the file, the assets wouldn't play. 

The vanilla assetconv_p30.pac file contains ID's for default superstar trons only. This file had to be modified (many thanks to the guys who worked on it) adding the titantron ID's for all the custom slots we use for mods. This is the titantronfix file we install in CCT.

What has happened is the ID 106 was mistakenly omitted . This is why the trons don't work on that ID slot.

What I will do here is show you how to add the ID to the file.

You will need a copy of the assetconv_p30.pac file which you will find in the mods\titantronfix folder if you have the titantron fix installed through CCT.

You will also need to download one of the older versions of wrestleminus ( or Here is the link to @pozzum's Wrestleminus page with the version


You will also need the Pac Editor tool to extract and inject.

1. Open the assetconv_p30.pac file in Pac Editor. Highlight the 9E50420460C2C5BC.vmum.dat  file inside the window and select EXTRACT.

2. Open the older version of Wrestleminus. Ignore any errors you encounter and press continue.

3. When wrestleminus launches , open the 9E50420460C2C5BC.vmum.dat  and click on the asset view tab. Here is a screenshot of the view.


4.You will see 106 is omitted here. This needs to be added to the list. A new row will need to be created and 106 inserted between 105 and 107. Scroll to the extreme right and click on the ADD button on the same row 105.


5.When a new row is added , it will be labelled 105 as shown. We need to change this to 106 and the other entries on the same row as shown .


6.Click on SAVE CHANGES and don't close the page instantly. a lot of offset changes are made in the save process so be patient.

Inject the vmum file back into the assetconv_p30.pac file with Pac Editor .

Place the file back into your game's folder.



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