WWE 2K19 Create A Video - Cutscenes

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This will be updated as I go through it. The victory cutscenes and My Career cutscenes will be added in later updates.

V 1.0. Promos, Entrance, Pre-Match & In-Ring Cutscenes Done.

V. 1.1. Victory Cutscenes Done.


WWE 2K19 Create A Video - List of Cutscenes

Skipping the Entrance’s Cutscenes, as they’re just quick scenes of that person’s entrance, be it an in-game talent or CAW


Ring In Promo

1.       Generic promo walk, gets in through middle rope.

2.       Slower walk towards the ring, stops briefly at end of stage before walking up the steps and into the ring.

3.       Enthusiastic entrance, runs around in a circle before running back and forth on the apron. Fits someone like Santino perfectly.

4.       Superstar points to himself then the crowd, before entering the ring. Again, rather energetic.

5.       Superstar enters the ring, rubbing hands together as he moves back to forth quickly. Suits Harper, Rowan, that sort of gimmick.

6.       Scared entrance into the ring, taking small steps as they enter the ring. William Regal esq.

7.       Dejected walk into the ring, head down, before sitting on the apron for a moment.

8.       Looks up at the rafters, before slowly entering the ring. Not sure if the person is hurt, or looking out for someone.

9.       Waves and claps at crowd before entering ring.

10.   Female generic entrance, shrugs off crowd on steps before entering.

11.   More or the less the same as 10, but a different angle.

12.   AJ Styles’ promo entrance. Just walks to the ring.

Lead In Promo

1.       Pumps fist, grabs the mic. Looks very amped up.

2.       Slowly walks towards the mic, looking out at the crowd. Very Orton.

3.       Points their finger in the air, then presents the mic to the crowd.

4.       Looks through the ropes before grabbing the mic. Links with Scene 5 of ring in.

5.       Scene 6 of Ring in’s follow up.

6.       Scene 7’s ring in follow up.

7.       Stretches and rolls wrists before grabbing mic.

8.       Scene 8’s in ring follow up.

9.       Female lead in, sticks ear out to crowd, then grabs mic.


All of these are virtually the same, 4 is for females.


Again, mostly the same. 4 has Paige in the scene by default.

Wrap Up

1.       Generic ending, leaves ring with the mic and just walks up the ramp.

2.       Nods head and amps crowd as they leave.

3.       Nods head and leaves quickly, points at crowd as they walk.

4.       Punches the air, leaves the ring.

5.       Looks almost identical to 1.

6.       Wrap up for tall guy, steps over top rope and walks down steps.

7.       Points at crowd in ring, seems heelish. Yells at ringside crowd as he leaves.

8.       Cocky walk in ring, leans against the rope before they leave.

9.       Holds arms out, pointing to hard camera as they leave.

10.   Kicks bottom rope, shrugs off the crowd as they leave.

11.   Stands on apron for a few seconds before leaving, neutral scene.

12.   Generic female end promo, leaves ring and walks away.


1.       Points to timekeeper area, jawjacks for a few seconds.

2.       Scratches head, smiling while doing so.

3.       Looks at crowd, tapping the mic and telling the crowd to shut up.

4.       Glares at crowd, before telling them to get louder. Assume this is face.

5.       Opposite, tells crowd to stop chanting.

6.       Points to crowd briefly before resuming.

7.       Bows to crowd before continuing.

8.       Female jawjacks with crowd, walks briefly around the ring.

9.       Female… Just stops talking.

10.   Female shakes head at crowd.

11.   Female nods head at crowd.

Reaction Vs.

Most of these are the same, some have more annoyed reactions than others. 6 & 7 are female.

Vs Talking

1.       Cast 2 points at Cast 1, then crowd as they talk.

2.       Cast 2 talks to Cast 1. Suits Dream/Women better.

3.       Cast 2 more aggressively talks to Cast 1.

4.       Similar to Scene 2.

Vs Fail

Basically all the same. 3 is female.

Wrap Up 2

1.       Staredown, Cast 1 backs away for a moment. Cast 2 stares him down on the apron before leaving.

2.       Cast 2 jawjacks at the end, points at crowd as he leaves.

3.       Cast 2 punches the air, raises arm as they leave.

4.       Cast 2 points at Cast 1 briefly before leaving.

5.       Cast 2 points to himself and Cast 1 as they leave.

6.       For taller guy. Cast 2 leaves ring over top rope, Cast 1 stands there.

7.       Cast 2 swats away Cast 1, cockily leaves the ring.

8.       Cast 2 backs away from Cast 1, leans against ropes before leaving.

9.       Cast 2 stands on apron, raises hand to crowd. Looks very dramatic.

10.   Cast 2 points to crowd, then Cast 1, then leaves.

11.   Cast 2 leaves under bottom rope, staring at Cast 2 all the way,

12.   Cast 1 walks past Cast 2, pointing at them as they leave.

13.   Mostly the same as 12.

14.   Once again, mostly the same, Cast 1 raises arms to crowd as they leave.

15.   Pretty much the same as 12.

16.   Brief staredown, Cast 2 raises arms out as Cast 1 leaves ring. Another quick staredown as Cast 1 is outside.

17.   Cast 1 (tall guy) stares down Cast 2, leaves over tope rope.

18.   Another generic scene, Cast 1 walks off.

19.   Cast 1 points at Cast 2, walks down steps.

20.   Cast 1 backs up, yells at crowd as they leave.

21.   Cast 1 yells at crowd and Cast 2, then leaves.

22.   Looks like another generic scene, Cast 1 leaves under bottom rope.

23.   Female. Cast 2 extends arm out as she leaves.

24.   Female. Cast 1 ignores Cast 2 as she leaves.


1.       Cast 2 clotheslines Cast 1.

2.       Cast 2 kicks Cast 1 in the gut.

3.       Cast 2 low blows Cast 1.

4.       Cast 2 cheap shots Cast 1 with mic.

5.       Again as 4, this time Cast 1 falls over.

6.       Female. Cast 1 jabs the mic at Cast 2.

Staredown Vs.

1.       Staredown, Cast 2 points to crowd, himself and Cast 1 as they leave.

2.       Brief talking, Cast 2 leaves the ring.

3.       More talking, Cast 2 continues talking as they walk off.

4.       Cast 2 fakes punch, Cast 1 flinches because of it.

5.       Cast 2 pushes Cast 1 by the face, gets out of ring as Cast 1 runs towards them.

6.       Cast 1 laughs at Cast 2 before leaving. Looks at crowd before leaving.

7.       Both sides point to crowd, both stare at each other as 1 leaves.

8.       Cast 1 points at Cast face before leaving, stares down on outside.

9.       Cast 1 points at themselves, shrugs off 2. Talks briefly on the apron before leaving.

10.   Cast 2 fakes punch, Cast 1 briefly flinches before raising the mic. 1 leaves.

11.   Cast 1 walks past 2, hitting his shoulder as he leaves.

12.   Female. Cast 2 leaves ring, looking at 1 on the apron.

13.   Female. 2 shrugs off 1 before leaving.

14.   Female. 2 shakes head at 1, then leaves.

15.   Female. 2 pushes 1, then quickly rolls out of ring.

16.   Female. 2 raises arms, 1 leaves ring as 2 keeps yelling at them.

17.   Female. Same as 16. 1 puts hand in 2’s face as they leave.

18.   Female. 1 talks briefly, shaking her head as she leaves.



All victories from Create A Victory, not much more to say.



1.       Tag team walk to ring, attacked by team from behind.

2.       Outside interference from Cast 3 on Cast 1. Throws them into steps and throws them into ring. Ref throws out 3. Starts match between 1 & 2.

3.       Tag Team (Cast 1 & 2) stand in ring, while other team (3 & 4), stand outside. They call for a fight, 1 & 2 go outside and beat them down.

4.       Cast 1 stands in ring, Cast 2 stands on stage, presents someone for the match. Doesn’t show who it is, instead focuses on 1 in the ring.

5.       Cast 1 walks down the ramp, attacked from behind by Cast 2 with WWE Title (can’t edit the title.)

6.       Cast 1 walks down the ramp, Cast 2 chop blocks 1 from behind, 1 holds onto their knee on the floor.

7.       Cast 2 attacks Cast 1 from behind, throws them into the steps.

8.       Cast 1 stands in ring, 2 slowly enters the ring and gets beat down by Cast 1. Ref splits it up.

9.       Tag Team attacked by Tag Team Champions (RAW Tag Team Titles, can’t edit.)

10.   Cast 1 stands in ring, 2 runs towards ring, brawls starts between 2, referee splits it up.


1.       Tag Team (Cast 1 & 2) decide who’ll go first, high five after it.

2.       Cast 2 offers handshake to Cast 1, 2 cheap shots instead.

3.       Cast 2 ducks clothesline, Cast 1 hits ref instead.

4.       Generic handshake between the two.

5.       Cast 1 stands in ring, 2 enters, ref rings the bill and 1 beats down 2.

6.       Cast 2 blind tags Cast 1, enters the match instead.

7.       Cast 1 shows 2 into referee, brawl begins, goes to outside.

8.       Cast 2 fakes a handshake to Cast 1.

9.       Cast 2 fakes a handshake, Cast 1 slaps 2 in response.


1.       Cast 2 goes for Cast 1, who leaves ring and walks up ramp.

2.       Cast 3 attacks 1 & 2, 1 then throws 3 out of the ring.

3.       Cast 2 drops off apron, leaving Cast 1 in a 2 on 1 situation.

4.       Cast 1 beats down Cast 2, Cast 3 enters the ring, then beats down 2 themselves.

5.       Cast 1 Irish Whips Cast 2, Cast 3 grabs 2, Cast 4 gets up on the apron to distract Cast 1, referee throws out both 3 & 4 from the match.

6.       Cast 1 beats down 2, rival titantron/theme hits, distracts 1 and lets 2 get up.

7.       Cast 1 Irish Whips Cast 2, Cast 4 grabs 2’s leg, 1 takes advantage of it.

8.       Same, but from a different side of the ring.

9.       Cast 1 Irish Whips 2 into corner, 2 pulls ref into the corner, 1 runs into him. Cast 3 slides chair into the ring for Cast 2.

10.   Cast 2 pins Cast 1, Cast 4 puts 1’s foot on the rope.

11.   Cast 1 and 2 brawl, 1 forces 2 out of the ring, 1 goes after them when 2 goes to leave, forces them back into the ring.

12.   Same as 11, this time 1 leaves the ring and goes to walk out, Cast 3 forces them back into the ring.

13.   Another brawl, Cast 1 Irish Whip’s 2, who pulls themselves out of the ring, 2 then cheap shots 1 as 1 chases them down.



1.       Cast 2 stomps on Cast 1 after the match.

2.       Cast 2 leaves the ring, turns around, grabs a chair and hits Cast 1 with it.

3.       Cast 1 celebrates victory, as Cast 4 checks on Cast 2. Cast 3 slides in chairs, them and 1 then beat up 4 & 2 with the chairs.

4.       Cast 2 celebrates victory tells Cast 3 to get a chair to beat up Cast 1. 2 hits 1 with the chair, then 3 comes in and hits 1 with the chair once.

5.       Cast 1 and 2 argue after 1 loses a match. 2 leaves the ring a 1 looks on.

6.       Cast 1 celebrates win, offers handshake to 2, who accepts it.

7.       Cast 1 celebrates win, offers handshake to 2, who pushes it off and walks away.

8.       Cast 1 and 2 celebrate win, attacked from behind by 3 & 4.

9.       Cast 1 celebrates as Cast 2 rolls out of ring. Cast 3 runs in and hits 1 with a kendo stick, stands over them.

10.   Undertaker cutscene, hits Cast 1 with Chokeslam.

11.   Cast 1 celebrates a win, 3 shakes his hand, before attacking him from behind.

12.   Cast 1 is stretchered out of the ring, 2 attacks 1, tipping the stretcher over.

13.   Cast 1 fakes a knee injury and cheap shots 2.

14.   Cast 2 looks down at Cast 1 after winning, gets a steel chair and goes to attack 1, but 3 makes the stop and chases off 2.

15.   Other handshake cutscene, Cast 1 celebrates on 2nd rope after it.

16.   Cast 3 (manager) celebrates with Cast 1 after victory.

17.   Cast 1 celebrates, Cast 2 goes to offer handshake, low blows 1 instead.

18.   Cast 3 slides a chair to Cast 2, who goes to attack Cast 1. Cast 4 runs into the ring, saving 1 and chasing off 2 & 3.

19.   Cast 3 attacks 1 & 2 after the match, before leaving the ring.

20.   Cast 1 is attacked by 3 with the WWE Title. (Literally can’t see Cast 2 in this scene, also WWE Title is un-editable.)

21.   Cast 1 & 3 are attacked by 2 & 4 with the RAW Tag Team Titles. (can’t be edited.)

22.   Cast 1 stands in the ring, as 2, 3 & 4 stand on the stage. 1 wants a fight in ring.

23.   Cast 1 celebrates with WWE Title, as 2, 3 & 4 stand on stage. 1 stares them down. (again, title can’t be edited.)

24.   Cast 1 celebrates, before Cast 3 walks into the ring to attack Cast 2, only for Cast 1 to save 2, knocking 3 over the top rope.

25.   Cast 1 stands in ring, Cast 2 comes onto the stage, 1 goes after them and they brawl.

26.   Cast 2 calls Cast 1 to the ring, who throws Cast 3 out of the ring.

27.   Cast 1 and 2 celebrate tag victory, as 3 & 4 walk away.

28.   Cast 1 stands in the ring, Cast 2, 3 & 4 stand on the stage, clapping at 1.

29.   Cast 1 handed WWE Title, celebrates with it before Cast 3 attacks them from behind, takes the title and hits 1 with it. (can’t edit belt.)

30.   Cast 2 celebrates win, attacks Cast 1 as they walk away. Sends them into the steps.

31.   Cast 1 celebrates win, offers handshake to Cast 2, part of a branching cutscene.

32.   Cast 1 celebrates victory, as Cast 3 (tag partner) argues with them before leaving the ring. Cast 4 checks on Cast 2.

33.   Cast 2 stands in ring, Cast 1’s theme/titantron hits. Short cutscene and you can barely see the titantron, good one.

34.   Cast 2 attempts to attack Cast 1 after losing, 1 ducks and clothesline’s 2 over the rope, celebrates some more.

35.   Alternate cutscene to Scene 1. More stomping from Cast 1.

36.   Cast 1 talks shit to a downed Cast 2, Cast 3 & 4 attack 1 from behind, 2 hits the final punch and they stand around him.

37.   Cast 1 celebrates victory, as he and Cast 2 argue.

38.   Another Taker scene (Cast 1.) Lights go out, Taker standing there, 2 gets out of the ring.

39.   Cast 1 celebrates as Cast 2 sits on the apron, annoyed with defeat.

40.   Cast 2 gets up after defeat, chases off Cast 1 and hits the ref.

41.   Cast 1 grabs a chair and slams it down on Cast 2’s arm.

42.   Cast 1 grabs a chair and slams it down on Cast 2’s leg.

43.   Cast 1 holds onto arm as they walk out of the ring. Cast 3 is supposed to be the ref.

44.   Cast 1 hobbles on their leg after victory. This time the ref is here.

45.   Cast 1 hold back and ribs as they walk out.

46.   Cast 1 celebrates, Cast 3 runs into the ring and stares down with 1.

47.   Cast 1 presented with WWE Title, Cast 3 enters ring and stares down with 1, who raises the title. (Yep, can’t edit the belt.)

48.   Cast 1 stands in the ring, as Cast 3 w/WWE Title comes to the ring, they staredown, and 3 raises the belt up. (Oh, you didn’t know? The title isn’t getting edited. Spoilers.)

49.   Cast 1 injured, helped out by ref & Crew.

50.   Alternate to Scene 32, this time they staredown for a bit. Same Casts as 32.

51.   Another alternate scene, Cast 1 pushes 3, who then leaves.

52.   Alternate Scene to 5. Cast 1 pushes 2 and leaves.

53.   Cast 2 calls men to ring, Cast 1 tries to fight back, but gets stomped on by 2, 3 & 4.

54.   Cast 1 raises WWE Title. Cast 2, 3 & 4 stand on stage clapping. 1 puts the title down and invites them to the ring. (Yep, you know already.)

55.   Another Taker Scene (cast 1.) Cast 2 stands there, branching scenes follow.

56.   Cast 1 walks towards 2, who falls out of the ropes.

57.   2 goes to leave the ring, instead stands face to face with 1.

58.   2 goes to leave the ring, tries to attack 1 and gets KO’d in 1 punch.

59.   The branching scenes from Scene 31. No idea why they’re here. 2 shakes 1 hand, 1 celebrates after it.

60.   2 rejects the handshake, leaves the ring, but 1 still celebrates.

61.   2 turns his back on 1, then cheapshots him instead and leaves the ring.

62.   2 shakes the hand of 1, who pulls him back in, a quick staredown before 2 leaves the ring, letting 1 celebrate.

63.   Generic tag celebration.

64.   Tag celebration, Cast 1 attacks Cast 2, stands over him.

65.   Alternate scene, this time Cast 2 attacks Cast 1.

66.   Cast 1 hands WWE Title to Cast 2, who celebrates with it.

67.   Cast 1 hands WWE Title to 2, who attacks Cast 1 from behind with it.

68.   Alternate scene, 2 hits him in the face this time.

69.   Cast 1 hands title to 2, then attacks 1 from behind, stomps on them and throws the title down.

70.   Cast 1 attacks Cast 2 with chair handed from Cast 3. I assume the branching cutscene for this is missing.

71.   Cast 1 grabs the chair, drops the chair and refuses to do it.

72.   Cast 1 grabs the chair, throws it at Cast 3 instead.

73.   Taker Scene (Cast 2.) Cast 1 goes to leave, Taker appears in front of him and chokeslams him.

74.   Cast 1 celebrates win, Cast 3 (manager) low blows 1, talks down to him.

75.   Cast 1 & 2 celebrate win, 1 pushes Cast 4 out of the ring.

76.   Cast 1 stands in the ring, Cast 3 walks down and they staredown at each other.

77.   Cast 1 handed World Title, Cast 3 walks into the ring and stares down, pointing at the title. (Yes, the World Heavyweight Title.)

78.   Cast 3 jumps Cast 1, demands the Steel Cage is drawn down. They brawl as the cage comes down, Cast 1 sends 3 into the cage twice.

79.   Alternate to 78, they brawl but 3 low blows 1, sending them into the cage twice.

80.   Cast 1 looks at a downed Cast 2. Leaves the ring to grab a ladder and hits 2 with it.

81.   Alternate to 80, 2 gets hit with it, and then slammed onto the ladder.

82.   Cast 1 stomps on Cast 2, goes outside and grabs a table. Props it up on the turnbuckle and shoulder tackles 2 through the table.

83.   Alternate to 82. Table is set up on its legs, Cast 2 gets chokeslammed through it.

84.   Cast 1 handed World Title, celebrates with it as Cast 3 hits 1 with MITB contract. 3 grabs the World Title and goes to hit 1 with it, who ducks and clothesline’s 3 over the rope, who grabs the briefcase and leaves.

85.   Cast 1 handed World Title. Cast 3 hits 1 with the briefcase, goes to cash in but Cast 2 attacks 3, stopping the cash in and stares down Cast 1.

86.   Cast 2 offers handshake to cast 1, who denies it and yells at Cast 2. Looks like a manager or tag partner scene.

87.   A fucking mess. Cast 1 & 2, holding a World Title each, celebrate with them as Cast 3 stands there. Casts 4, 5 & 6 come onto the stage and they yell at each other. I assume this is supposed to Era focused, but the two World Title’s makes the thing unusable.

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the King Lives

thanks you saved me the trouble of making a list myself lol

victory 87 is really supposed to be tag champs and the world champ but it's the glitch just like if you used an alt attire in 2k18 and the champion was holding up a universal title no matter what title he holds lol

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how can you change the arena for a video?

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58 minutes ago, Sportfreund86 said:

how can you change the arena for a video?

press Y on xbox one, but some scenes like in my career arenas cannot be changed or showcase scenes

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okay, with the PS4 you can only hide the background, but not choose another arena, like WCW Monday Nitro

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On 12/30/2018 at 1:08 PM, Sportfreund86 said:

okay, with the PS4 you can only hide the background, but not choose another arena, like WCW Monday Nitro

You're in highlight reel, not create a video. You can absolutely change the arena on PS4.

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ok, i know. here my Konnan "Wolfpac" Highlight scene :D




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So I know I've seen multiple clips on YouTube that have a championship unveiling/ presentation scene. I thought it'd come from my career but after DAYS of looking through all cutscenes I cannot find it, anybody know where to find this or am I crazy?

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I love this forum. Thank you so so much. Does anyone know if this is been done with entrance videos yet?

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You still haven’t done the MyCareer ones what’s up with that?

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Could be just me, but there's no option to change the title in the cutscenes. So if I wanted to use females for MITB cash in scenes, I'd have woman A ducking a blast attempt with the WHC from woman B.

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