WWE 2K18 Prop List (Completed)

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I started with the 2K17 Prop List and filled in the 2K18 blanks.

Prop    Description (WWE 2K18)
0003.pac    Ringbell
0004.pac    Dentable Black Chair With Blood
0005.pac    Table
0006.pac    Announcer Table
0007.pac    Announcer Table Cover
0009.pac    Table
0010.pac    Dentable Blue Chair With Blood
0011.pac    Ladder
0012.pac    Commentator'S Chair
0020.pac    Money In The Bank (MITB) Briefcase
0021.pac    Baseball Bat
0023.pac    Ladder Belts
0024.pac    PCHair
0025.pac    Iron
0026.pac    Belt, Camera and Tripod
0027.pac    Lighting
0028.pac    Ice Machine
0030.pac    Forklift & Pallet
0032.pac    Silver Stair
0033.pac    Silver Upper Stair
0034.pac    Silver Bottom Stair
0035.pac    Paper Plate
0036.pac    Paper Cup
0037.pac    Tong
0038.pac    Make up kit
0039.pac    Nail Ploish
0040.pac    Make Up (Foundation)
0041.pac    Hair Wax
0042.pac    Mannequin
0043.pac    Office Chair
0044.pac    Desk Light
0045.pac    Gas Cylinder
0046.pac    Safety Cone
0047.pac    Paper Bowl
0048.pac    Rocking Chair
0049.pac    Soda Machine
0059.pac    Plastic Bottle
0061.pac    Knife
0062.pac    Spoon
0063.pac    Hair Spray
0064.pac    Paper Bowl
0065.pac    Paper Plate
0066.pac    Pper Cup
0067.pac    Kalisto Mask (Make up table)
0068.pac    Leather Sofa
0069.pac    Fork
0070.pac    Laptop
0071.pac    Leather Sofa
0072.pac    Knuckleduster/Brass Knuckles
0088.pac    Shinai/Kendo Stick
0089.pac    Guitar
0094.pac    Contract
0095.pac    Headset
0099.pac    Camera
0100.pac    Table
0102.pac    Sledgehammer
0103.pac    Gavel? (Hammer)
0105.pac    Announcer Table (Gray)
0106.pac    Announcer Table (Red)
0107.pac    Announcer Table Cover (Golden Era)
0111.pac    Interview (Standing Privacy Temp Walls
0112.pac    Interview Tv
0113.pac    Plastic Case
0114.pac    Cardboard Box
0116.pac    Locker Room Tv
0117.pac    Office Tv
0118.pac    Office Pc
0119.pac    Cell Phone
0120.pac    Hand Case
0121.pac    Office Book
0122.pac    Office Telephone
0123.pac    OFFICE DOOR (The Authority)
0126.pac    White SUV (Car)
0127.pac    Red Chevrolet (Car)
0128.pac    Blue SUV (Car)
0129.pac    Grey Chevrolet (Car)
0130.pac    Production Truck
0131.pac    Drum
0132.pac    Tray
0133.pac    Truss?
0134.pac    Grey Table
0135.pac    Ambulance
0136.pac    Limousine (JBL)
0137.pac    Limousine (Black)
0138.pac    Mustard
0139.pac    Fire Extinguisher
0140.pac    Make up
0141.pac    WWE Microphone
0142.pac    WWE Microphone
0144.pac    Tray
0145.pac    Tray
0146.pac    Tea Pod
0147.pac    Dispenser
0148.pac    Chafing Dish
0149.pac    Sewing Machine
0150.pac    Blue Audi (Car)
0152.pac    Dentable Gray Chair With Blood
0153.pac    Dark Colored Steel Chair
0155.pac    Announcer Table (Black)
0156.pac    Announcer Table Cover (Golden Era)
0157.pac    Announcer Table
0158.pac    Tag Rope
0159.pac    WWE Microphone
0160.pac    Black Briefcase
0161.pac    Ladder (12 Ft)
0162.pac    Equipment Box
0163.pac    Door
0164.pac    Steel Pole
0165.pac    Locker
0166.pac    Bg Tv
0167.pac    Trashcan
0168.pac    Distribution Board
0169.pac    Flight Case
0170.pac    Table
0171.pac    Locker
0172.pac    Green Hallway Door
0173.pac    Distribution Board (Door)
0174.pac    Steel Rack
0177.pac    WWE Microphone
0202.pac    Audi (Car)
2001.pac    WWE Undisputed Championship
2002.pac    WWE Intercontinental Championship '98-'11
2003.pac    WWE United States Championship
2004.pac    WWE World Heavyweight Championship
2005.pac    WWE Hardcore Championship
2006.pac    WWE Womens Championship '98-'10
2007.pac    WWE Tag Team Championships (SmackDown) '02-'10
2008.pac    WWE Cruiserweight Championship '91-'07
2009.pac    WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Big Gold Belt)
2010.pac    WWE World Tag Team Championships (RAW) '02-'10
2011.pac    WWE Universal Championship
2012.pac    WWE SmackDown Women's Championship
2013.pac    WWE RAW Tag Team Championships
2014.pac    WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships
2015.pac    WWE Crusierweight Championship
2016.pac    WWE United Kingdom Championship
2017.pac    NXT Championship
2018.pac    NXT Women's Championship
2019.pac    NXT Tag Team Championships
2043.pac    WWE Championship '98-'02
2050.pac    WCW World Championship '91-'93
2064.pac    Steel Cage
2065.pac    Hell In A Cell
2071.pac    Undertaker's Hat? (Black Cap)
2078.pac    ECW Heavyweight Championship '94-'01 (or '06-'08)
2090.pac    Lead Pipe
2102.pac    Pen
2141.pac    Stretcher
2143.pac    Rectangular Desk
2155.pac    Urn
2293.pac    Brass Knuckles
2305.pac    ECW Championship '08-'10
2308.pac    WWE Divas Championship
2403.pac    Cap
2463.pac    Backstage Door
2470.pac    Cell Phone
2498.pac    Compact Mirror
2500.pac    JBL'S Limo
2501.pac    Low Rider (Car)
2511.pac    Elimination Chamber
2512.pac    Million Dollar Championship
2520.pac    Limousine
2528.pac    Headset (Striker)
2529.pac    Headset (Ross)
2537.pac    Headset (Lawler)
2538.pac    Headset (Cole)
2540.pac    Chuck Bike
2550.pac    Snake
2551.pac    Snake Bag
2557.pac    WWE Money In The Bank (MITB) Case (Yellow) 
2559.pac    Short Lead Pipe
2560.pac    Money In The Bank (MITB) Hook And Line
2590.pac    John Cena's Dog Tags
2591.pac    Fandango Entrance Object
2592.pac    Fandango Entrance Object (Flame)
2604.pac    Breakable Chamber Pod Glass
2605.pac    WWE Tag Team Titles (Bronze)
2608.pac    WWE European Championship
2648.pac    United States (US) Flag
2660.pac    WWE Light Heavyweight Championship
2663.pac    WWE White Intercontinental Championship
2669.pac    King Of The Ring (KOTR) Throne
2670.pac    Zack Ryder's Camera
2671.pac    Bossman Night Stick
2672.pac    WWE Attitude Era Mic
2677.pac    WWE World Tag Team Championships (Attitude Era)
2680.pac    WWE Smoking Skull Championship
2687.pac    Body Bag
2688.pac    Body Bag
2689.pac    Body Bag
2700.pac    Hole In The Ring
2701.pac    Stone Cold Steve Austin Atv
2724.pac    Gang Glass (Dragon Thing)
2740.pac    Steel Cage (Blue)
2751.pac    A Bunch Of Money (Out)
2752.pac    A Bunch Of Money (In)
2754.pac    Goldberg Backstage Sign
2766.pac    Stone Cold Steve Austin Glass Wall
2768.pac    Hof Table And Mic Stand
2812.pac    John Cena Cap (Black/Green)
2816.pac    Bray Wyatt Lantern
2819.pac    Pom Pom
2823.pac    Elbow Pad
2824.pac    Bray Wyatt Hat
2830.pac    Erick Rowan Sheep Mask
2832.pac    Jimmy Hart Mega Phone
2833.pac    Adam Rose Candy Sucker
2837.pac    Nikki Bella Cap
2845.pac    Duffle Bag
2871.pac    Rick Rude Jacket
2879.pac    Canadian Flag
2889.pac    Extreme Stone Cold Steve Austin Shirt
2894.pac    The Undertaker American Badass Bike
2904.pac    WWE Championship '88-'98 (Winged Eagle)
2905.pac    WWE Brahma Bull Championship
2910.pac    WCW World Heavyweight Championship (NWO)
2911.pac    WWE United States (US) Championship (John Cena)
2912.pac    WCW United States (US) Championship
2913.pac    WCW Cruiserweight Championship
2914.pac    ECW Heavyweight Championship '94-'01 (or '06-'08)
2915.pac    WCW World Tag Team Championship
2916.pac    WCW Hardcore Championship
2917.pac    ECW World Television Championship
2918.pac    ECW World Tag Team Championship
2923.pac    WWE Yellow Intercontinental Championship '90
2924.pac    WWE Black Intercontinental Championship '94
2931.pac    NXT Championship '12-'17
2932.pac    NXT Tag Championships '13-'17
2933.pac    WWE Championship (Spinner) '05-'13
2934.pac    NXT Women's Championship '13-'17
2938.pac    NXT Tag Championships '13-'17
2939.pac    WWE Championship '13-'14
2940.pac    WCW World Tag Team Championship '91-'96
2941.pac    WWE RAW Women's Championship
2944.pac    WCW World Heavyweight Championship 
5001.pac    WWE Undisputed Championship (Folded)
5002.pac    WWE Intercontinental Championship '98-'11 (Folded)
5003.pac    WWE United States Championship (Folded)
5004.pac    WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Folded)
5005.pac    WWE Hardcore Championship (Folded)
5006.pac    WWE Womens Championship '98-'10 (Folded)
5007.pac    WWE Tag Team Championships (SmackDown) '02-'10 (Folded)
5008.pac    WWE Cruiserweight Championship '91-'07 (Folded)
5009.pac    WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Big Gold Belt) (Folded)
5010.pac    WWE World Tag Team Championships (RAW) '02-'10 (Folded)
5011.pac    WWE Championship '88-'98 (Winged Eagle) (Folded)
5020.pac    WCW World Championship '91-'93 (Folded)
5021.pac    ECW Championship '08-'10 (Folded)
5022.pac    WWE Divas Championship (Folded)
5023.pac    WWE Tag Team Championships '10-'16 (Folded)
5024.pac    Million Dollar Championship (Folded)
5025.pac    WWE European Championship (Folded)
5026.pac    WWE Universal Championship (Folded)
5027.pac    WWE SmackDown Women's Championship (Folded)
5028.pac    WWE Light Heavyweight Championship (Folded)
5029.pac    WWE (Purple) Cruiserweight Championship (Folded)
5030.pac    ECW Heavyweight Championship '94-'01 (or '06-'08) (Folded)
5031.pac    WWE White Intercontinental Championship (Folded)
5032.pac    WWE World Tag Team Championships (Attitude Era) (Folded)
5033.pac    WWE Smoking Skull Championship
5034.pac    WWE RAW Tag Team Championships (Folded)
5035.pac    WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships (Folded)
5036.pac    WWE United Kingdom Championship (Folded)
5037.pac    WWE Championship '88-'98 (Winged Eagle) (Folded)
5038.pac    WWE Brahma Bull Championship (Folded)
5039.pac    NXT Championship (Folded)
5040.pac    NXT Women's Championship (Folded)
5041.pac    NXT Tag Team Championships (Folded)
5043.pac    WCW World Heavyweight Championship (NWO) (Folded)
5044.pac    WWE United States (US) Championship (John Cena) (Folded)
5045.pac    WCW United States (US) Championship (Folded)
5046.pac    WCW Cruiserweight Championship (Folded)
5047.pac    ECW Heavyweight Championship '94-'01 (or '06-'08) (Folded)
5048.pac    WCW World Tag Team Championship (Folded)
5049.pac    WCW Hardcore Championship (Folded)
5050.pac    ECW World Television Championship (Folded)
5051.pac    ECW World Tag Team Championship (Folded)
5056.pac    WWE Yellow Intercontinental Championship '90 (Folded)
5057.pac    WWE Black Intercontinental Championship '94 (Folded)
5064.pac    NXT Championship '12-'17 (Folded)
5065.pac    NXT Tag Championships '13-'17 (Folded)
5066.pac    WWE Championship (Spinner) '05-'13 (Folded)
5067.pac    NXT Women's Championship '13-'17 (Folded)
5071.pac    NXT Tag Championships '13-'17 (Folded)
5072.pac    WWE Championship '13-'14 (Folded)
5073.pac    WCW World Tag Team Championship '91-'96 (Folded)
5074.pac    WWE RAW Women's Championship (Folded)
5077.pac    WCW World Heavyweight Championship  (Folded)
6005.pac    WWE Microphone
6006.pac    WWE Microphone
6009.pac    DX Pyro Cannons
6010.pac    John Cena Towel
6011.pac    Fire Stick
6012.pac    Rusev Flag
6013.pac    Flag Holder
6014.pac    Tyler Breeze Selfie Stick And Phone
6015.pac    Film Clapboard
6016.pac    Big E Towel
6017.pac    Feather Scarf (Hogan?)
6018.pac    Backstage Environment
6021.pac    Bad News Barrett (Wade Barrett) Cape
6022.pac    Interview Set
6023.pac    War Zone Environment
6024.pac    Cesaro Towel
6026.pac    Floor Mattress
6027.pac    WrestleMania 31 Logo Object
6028.pac    King Of The Ring (KOTR) 96 Gate
6029.pac    Survivor Series 96 Gate
6030.pac    Summerslam 98 Stone Cold Steve Austin Glass Wall
6031.pac    Terminator 2 (T2) Bike
6032.pac    Terminator 1 (T1) Time Travel Orb
6033.pac    Neville Cape
6034.pac    Headset
6035.pac    Headset
6041.pac    Alundra Blayze Pyro
6043.pac    Mr Perfect Towel
6044.pac    Mr Perfect Gum
6045.pac    John Cena Towel
6046.pac    Turnbuckle Collision
6047.pac    Rusev Bulgarian Flag (Victory Scene)
6048.pac    Samoa Joe Towel
6049.pac    Barricade Collision
6050.pac    Kane Ring Pyro
6051.pac    Green Magic Stone
6055.pac    Chad Gable Towel
6056.pac    Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men (Tall)
6057.pac    Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men (Low)
6058.pac    Audience Seat Area
6059.pac    Sid Sign
6061.pac    Sasha Banks Glasses
6062.pac    Asuka Mask
6063.pac    Becky Lynch Goggles
6064.pac    Paige Jacket
6065.pac    Braun Strowman Mask
6067.pac    Smoke Cannon
6068.pac    Xavier Woods Trombone
6069.pac    Royal Rumble Ticket Paper
6070.pac    Goldberg Pyro Cannons
6071.pac    Iranian Flag
6072.pac    Chainsaw
6073.pac    Chainsaw Blade
6074.pac    Chainsaw Blade Rotation
6075.pac    Rope Collision
6076.pac    Eva Marie Jacket
6077.pac    Scott Dawson Towel
6078.pac    Skull
6079.pac    Voodoo Stick 
6080.pac    Brutus Beefcake Clippers
6082.pac    Arrogance Sprayer?
6083.pac    Cane (The Godfather?)
6084.pac    Cigar (The Godfather?)
6085.pac    10 Sign (Tye Dillinger)
6086.pac    Skull Multiply
6087.pac    Brass Knuckles (Black)
6088.pac    The Godfather Cap
6089.pac    The Godfather Glasses
6090.pac    BO-Lieve In Bo Placard
6091.pac    Holder
6092.pac    Enzo Amore Microphone
6093.pac    Turn Table
6094.pac    Upland
6095.pac    Upland
6096.pac    Glasses (Goggles?)
6097.pac    Peyton Royce Flower?
6098.pac    Pole
6099.pac    Pamphlet
6300.pac    Pierce
6302.pac    Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Trophy
6303.pac    Cap (Maybe Breezeango?)
6304.pac    Glassess (Green)
6307.pac    Clipboard
6309.pac    Black Bottoms
6310.pac    Sweater Vest Type Jacket?
6311.pac    The Brian Kendrick Flag?
6313.pac    Upside Down WWE (The Miz) Mic
6314.pac    Upside Down WWE (The Miz) Mic
6316.pac    Elimination Chamber (New?)
6317.pac    Umbrella (Jack Gallagher?)
6318.pac    Stay Fearless Top (Nikki Bella)
6319.pac    Charlotte Flair Robe/Jacket
6320.pac    Cube, Ball, Chrome Ball
6321.pac    Flight Case
6322.pac    Table? Back?
6324.pac    Shane Thorne Orange Towel
6325.pac    Flight Case
6326.pac    Jacket (Glitter)
6327.pac    Tampoline
6328.pac    Table? Back?
6329.pac    Table? Back?
6330.pac    Flight Case
6331.pac    SDHC
6332.pac    SDHC
6333.pac    Dollar, Guitar and String
6334.pac    Army Camo Hat/Cap
6335.pac    Table? Back?
6336.pac    Table? Back?
6337.pac    John Cena Orange/Blue Hat/Cap
6339.pac    Red Money In The Bank (MITB) Case (RAW?)
6340.pac    Blue Money In The Bank (MITB) Case (SmackDown?)
6341.pac    White Money In The Bank (MITB) Case (Women's?)
bottlewater.pac    Rare Mega Ultra Chicken Card

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thats a great list .... and use PAC Editor for those you can't open , and see if they will work or not (i never used PACTool before , but PAC Editor is still best option to me)

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Have they changed this for 2k19 does anyone know? Trying to replace the Big Gold (2009.pac) in a cutscene with the WWE Championship (2004.pac) but it's invisible in game. 

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how do i replace props in matches?

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