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What Would You Guys Like To See Hacked In Svr?

Supa #2

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So what would you guys like to see hacked in the next smackdown game, Smackdown vs RAW? Now take this seriously and don't say things like 'OMG A fLAMING ARENA FIReTruck LAsT MAN STANDING First BlooD Match!!1!'

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Hey peeps. Can't wait for the new game and can't wait for more hacks!

I'm not gonna dis any match types on this game as I like the majority of them any way. I would like to see some more options for Interferance in season mode. More than 3 in a stable and also some new story modes that may have been deleated from the game for season mode.

Match modifications. Such as: -

Take reffs out of the game!

Usual find codes for hell in a cell match types and so on.

Rules mod.

Maybe make the rock weare some balarena clothes. lol!!!

And activate Create a ring entrance mode if u can. :D

Thats about it for now. bye .

Maybe rope changes and ring changes. :D

More weapons is a deffo kool call.

And ummmmmmmmmm..............

Yea! Thats it.

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