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Emil Sitoci CAW - Jay White CAW


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Here's my shot at Jay White.  Face photo capture was a challenge because his eyes are wide-set and the eyebrows wrap around his eyes.  Ended up airbrushing out the eyebrows and adding them back as logos, so first attire has the added eyebrows while second attire (white) does not - also different hair style on it.  That way if you like the added eyebrows, you can add them to the second attire and if you don't you can delete them from the first!  Most of what I saw from NJPW had him in plain trunks, but black gear (first attire) was taken from photos of his August matches in the UK, and the white gear is from earlier matches.

I realize not everyone is interested in some of the less than mainstream indie wrestlers so I haven't posted any since David Starr, but in case you are interested, I've uploaded US indies Colby Corino, Stan Styles, Joey Janella and Caleb Konley.  UK wrestlers uploaded but not posted here include Charlie Garrett, Sammy Smooth, CJ Banks, Antonio de Luca, Tyler Bate, Oliver Peace and Jack Gallagher (leopard trunks and striped trunks gear).





Still on WWE 2K16 while waiting for the upcoming multiple patches required (and a sale price).  Here's my take on The Tremendous One, Emil Sitoci, Dutch wrestler:



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If you PM me, I'll give you a better face photo. The resemblance a lil off atm but the attire is on point


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Thanks.  Did sent you a PM, but I guess you've been off the site a while.  Went ahead and made some adjustments to face, mainly nose.  Went with same longer hairstyle on both attires and with the eyebrows and uploaded last night.  Search is screwed up, but if anyone is looking, try 2 hashtags and sort newest and it might show up.  Hashtags used:  Jay_White, NJPW, ROH, Smacktalks, caws.ws.

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Whoops, for those still on WWE 2K16 and interested, hastags used were:

Emil Sitoci





Perhaps using a couple of these might turn it up in CC Search - uploaded last night

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I made the logos in Photoshop, as well has the face capture.

Sorry for the delay, I hadn't checked in on this topic for a while.

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