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How to recognize size of .bk2 files


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Hi guys,

I just want to check if I can replace some arena minitrons. As I realised when starting them via RAD Video Tools, the format is smaller than the minitrons of the superstars. Is there a way how to find out which formatthey have as they seem not to have 512 X 256?

And is there a way to convert .gif files to bk2? found a Smackdown retro .gif file but I am getting an error when trying to bink

Thanks in advance

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Think you could send me the .gif file? I'll try and convert it myself. As for your original question, in RAD video tools, you need to click on "File info". The first two lines are the video width and height. For example, a titantron is 640x640 pixels.

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Titantron needs to be 640x640
Minitron needs to be 512x256
Walltron needs to be 512x512

Just do what jakeypearce said & depending on what type tron you are trying to make follow the size chart I posted ;)

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What size should I give for full screen intro ?example: raw intro size(?,?).what is the start &end value for full screen intro in rad video tool?


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