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Make These Codes Fro Me And...


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ok so i have been messing around with trying to get these codes to work for ages now and its just not happening, i want the people from season mode so tazz, JR king linda to use in exibition...i know it can be done but i tried using the superstar modifier and all i get is lots of rocks...wrestlers becoming the rock....so If someone is willing to make these codes for me:

rico becomes JR

Hurricane - TAzz

Iron sheik - KIng

Ted Diabase - Linda

for AR2 PAL

i will as a thank you and insentive..host some sigs / avitars etc...for lets say a month..on MY paid server for absolutley free....only applies to the first that helpe me though..........so, any one got codes?

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omg....for one month? holy hell..and considering you can upload your avatars here @ st, the avatar thing isn't major and well..no one seems to have trouble with sigs anyways...nice try tho...

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