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Super Damage


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Everyone receives mega-damage with this. If you hit the COM just once, his/her health will go from blue to red. If the COM hits you once, your health will go from blue to red. If you don't want mega-damage to affect your character, then use the infinite health for human players along with this:

Inf. HP (Human)/Mega-Damage to COM

Credit: CMX

AR2v1 (NTSC) & GS2v1 (NTSC)

1C8AC6F8 0496E6F9

1C8AC818 BAB6E7A5

AR2v1 (PAL) & GS2v1 (PAL)

1C8ACEE8 0496E6F9

1C8AD008 BAB6E7A5

AR2v2 (NTSC) & GS2v2 (NTSC)


DE9FB7EE 62499B83

AR2v2 (PAL) & GS2v2 (PAL)


DE9FAFDE 62499B83

CB2 & GS2v3/v4 (NTSC)

201F45D0 104001EC

201F47F0 A6A00000

GS2v3/v4 (PAL) & Xploder

201F4DC0 104001EC

201F4FE0 A6A00000

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DRAVEN, don't be like that, first off he got you the code, don't be ignorant and demand extra stuff on it, and don't call him a dick...

Make your own codes from now on...

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Fuck him.......

The code was made for on/off I cant remeber where?

Baillie: I do make my own codes but at the moment I am working on repalcing the music in the game to work with swap magic or non chiped PS2's

My mate as the tool to do it

convert music to ADX format.....

Edited by DRAVEN
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