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Tutorial How to save dds files


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Ok this took me awhile to find out because i could not find any tutorial

on this first your goin to need your photoshop with dds plugin here is a link for that

DDS Plugin

and your goin to need a Hex Editor witch i have uploaded to

Hex Editor

now just edit the dds file the way you want it open up the hex editor and open the dds file in there ddspic.jpg

and take that 04 and goto this Website mipmapsneeded.jpg

and put the 04 in the Hexadecimal as shown in the photo and in the Decimal as shown in the pic is how many mip maps you will need 4 and so you will save it as DXT5 with 4 Mip Maps as shown in the pic here howtosaveddsfile.jpg

PS I hope this helps out as it took me awhile to find out have to save the dds files enjoy

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