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  2. If you had previewed the Bro Derek 2 previously, the damage timing, vibration and sound were not in sync with the motion. I did not update spear 4. I moved it to another slot. The spear I have listed as spear (Roman Reigns) was previously hidden in the game. DDT 18 was too fast when I ported it like some of the 2k20 moves. I had to use data for a slow move to make it a bit slower. The move belongs to Chyna. I will try to work on it at some point. I can't find a move called kneeling DDT so I'm not sure which move you are referring to.
  3. Seth Freakin Rolli

    2K20 ports for 2k19....For users still playing 2k19 - Ported moves update 13 uploaded

    hey man, just downloaded update 13 of ur ported moves and i assigned roman reigns' hidden spear to him as a finisher. But there is a problem. After i hit an opponent with that finisher, opponent instantly tries to stand up like i hit him with a normal move sometimes. Can u look to it? Thanks!
  4. Hi , bro derek 2 and difference between both spear 4 and roman spear update isn't noticeable in my game . Can you brief please ? Also kneeling ddt has no impact sound Also the ddt 18 from 2k20 has slow motion . Don't know who it belongs Thank you for all the updates ❤
  5. Hi 1st thing, can someone send me a tutorial of how to add modded wrestlers to universe mode? 2nd, I downloaded some mods with cct (like marty scrull, john morrison, cm punk and more), but I can't use them (some of them I can use, like kenny omega or cody rhodes). Can someone help? thanks
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  7. Impaler

    WWE12 PS3 DLC

    PM'ed the link
  8. UndertakerWLF

    WWE12 PS3 DLC

    Hi all, I've recently lost all of my DLC that I had archived for all my WWE games, does anybody out there have the DLC unlocker for WWE12 on PS3? or the DLC itself? If anybody has these it would be great if you could share them!
  10. upload on a file sharing platform and post a link . like Mediafire.
  11. Final preview before upload of "The Murderhawk Monster" Lance Archer has been added.
  12. Did you copy all the files in this pack to the right folders? Also I will assume you haven't installed the 2k19 pack over this one . Is that isn't the case, can you send your chunk0.def file ?
  13. No mate. I dont know what is the problem. No wwe 2k20 move is there and no asssited bulldog. There is no duplicated createmode.pac
  14. Hi friends, could somebody tell me how to place 'miz and maryse tag entrance' in the place of 'Andrade and zelina tag entrance' ? So for this, what are the files that I need to swap ?
  15. I suspect you probably have another copy of the createmode.pac file in another folder location in your game. The game might be reading from an older copy of the file.You need to search your 2k19 folder for extra copies of this file. The file should only be placed in the pac\root folder.
  16. I don't know but its not showing in my move list. I think there is a problem with my game. No wwe 2k20 ported moves are showing and rope assisted bulldog is missing too
  17. Hi, Is there anything wrong with Rope Assisted Bulldog ?
  18. Cave Waverider

    2 of the same wrestler in char select

    If you have two copies of the same wrestler in the character selections, you've installed the same .pofo in two slots. Uninstall/lock it from the one that you aren't using (or restore the original one in case you've overwritten one of a wrestler). Now, finding out which slot you've mistakenly installed the duplicate .pofo to may be tricky and you'd have to do some trial and error. Which may be easier is go back to a backup of your save from before you installed the .pofo and install the .pofo again in the correct slot only. The reason why you can't select the other is likely because the Commentary Name is set the same for both .pofos. This can be handy if you want to prevent certain wrestlers or several versions of the same wrestler to be able to participate in the same match. Load the .pofo of each in Data Editor and set the Commentary ID to unique values (ideally the same as the Wrestler ID used to prevent such things from happening in the future) and reinstall the edited .pofo. Another reason for them being unselectable in the same match may be that they have a different gender set. In this case set the same desired gender for both with Data Editor or CCT.
  19. eplate2

    How Do I Make Renders?? Please Help

    thank you so much!
  20. Rzal

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    Hi I was wondering if anyone was interested in making/already has made a Wrestle Kingdom 14 Kazuchika Okada?
  21. 💀 Straight outta the Boneyard 🦴, it's the mf'n UNDERTAKER! 🧟‍♀️ His late '93 look, right before he "died" at Rumble '94 ⚰️ Commissioned by the homie @The Anti Source Big Thanks!! (And also thank you to the ace of bases, @matt2282p for the ace base 😎) Enjoy! 🌠
  22. Hi, What you need to do is change his entrance ID to 680 to his moveset file in Data Editor. This is the ID for the entrance. Since the gfx is already set in the file, just save and reinject the moveset file.
  23. Added some custom GFX to the front page
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