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  2. meatbaghogan

    Tekken57's 2k19 mods - Perry Saturn caw conversion

    This is amazing. His CAWS are incredible and will be great mods. Thank you both for working together on this, @tekken57 @peja12.
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  4. R3playsz-_-

    WWE 2K20 Create A Video - Universe Cutscenes

    So the titles that say “default “ can be changed or no? So the titles that say default can be changed?
  5. tekken57

    Tekken57's 2k19 mods - Perry Saturn caw conversion

    Do you smell what the Juice is cooking!! @peja12's caw converted to a wrestler mod.
  6. SincereTitan

    Weird mod entrance glitch

    Yes! That was it, thank you!
  7. SincereTitan

    ERAS - Classic 80's & 90's Arenas | W.I.P

    Just curious when will these be finished as I'm really interested in getting the NWA Mid-South and NWA Mid-Atlantic arenas
  8. Hi, Thanks for your contribution to the community. Since many of us dont have mediafire and it cost $90 which many of us cant afford to download pofo. Can you please upload it in google drive? Also, will you be doing fictional charaters such as joker, batman, john wick etc
  9. BlindedByTheGrace

    Possible to mod the cut scenes within an entrance?

    Hi, When you mean mod, I will assume you mean totally removing both from the intro video's from the entrance. Its not hardcoded into the game but is managed by the entrance effect file which also contains the timeframe in the motion both scenes come on. To remove them, you will have to modify the entrance effect file (01374.pac file in the 2k19\pac\evt\effect folder) Open this file in PacEditor and select Uncompress from the menu. Open the saved file with 0fop extension in HxD. You will see the following as shown in the screenshot below. The bytes 5C you see are for both cutscenes. Change the 5C to 00. (Don't delete, type 00 over both.) Save and inject the file back using the INJECT AS BPE function in Pac Editor.
  10. Cave Waverider

    Weird mod entrance glitch

    I assume your Hacksaw only comes with an ring attire chXXXYZ.pac file, while Alexa Bliss has a file for the entrance attire, too. Installing the same Hacksaw Jim Duggan ring attire chXXXYZ.pac file as the entrance attire as well should fix it.
  11. mattfick


  12. setho123113

    Working Paint Tool Download

    sorry that I'm a year late, but I have a black picture when I import a picture. I even resized the picture, and it still shows up full on pitch black in the paint tool program. is there a fix?
  13. Red Rooster


    Do you have a RGH or JTAG modded xbox? DM me on discord Red Rooster#9738
  14. @trioxin1331 Thanks for the shoutout.I think we made a good team regarding menu modding. And who knows, maybe we have other projects in the future we can help each other out. Also a shoutout to @BlindedByTheGrace as always he was helped a lot by answering questions. I think you mod is a great thing for everyone who loves the Attitude Era and wants that flavor in his WWE2k19 game!
  15. Last week
  16. GeorgeFX

    Request: SvR 09 DLC (Roster Update 1 And 2)

    yes of course the game is bles and the pkg is bles, one user from here smacktalks transfered to me and somehow the game accept the dlc pkg, but not complete, when i install the pkg dlc, i can see the dlc wrestlers in my game but all are blocked, i cant select this wrestlers. but the attires of edge, mvp, also in the pkg, i can play with this news attires. ?? sooo idk .
  17. TheFranchiseJayP

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    I didn’t see anyone make this request but forgive me if someone already has, if anyone can make Wes Lee and Nash Carter, that would be great! Either their Vengeance Day Attires or Stand and Deliver attires please. Thanks in advance to anyone who follows through!
  18. Specifically, the deleters of worlds have two cutscenes within them: the first is the broken glass for broken Matt Hardy's gimmick and then, a few seconds later, that Wyatt family cutscene. Is it possible to mod either or both of these videos are or they hard coded into the game?
  19. SincereTitan

    Weird mod entrance glitch

    So I replaced Alexa Bliss with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and ported his entrance from 2k20 and got his theme and everything, he shows up in matches but in the entrance it's always Alexa Bliss, any help?
  20. SincereTitan

    Weird mod entrance glitch

    So I replaced Alexa Bliss with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and ported his entrance from 2k20 and got his theme and everything, he shows up in matches but in the entrance it's always Alexa Bliss, any help? nvm posted this in the wrong section by mistake lmao ignore this.
  21. Sportfreund86

    WCW Stages

    please cry softly, the emphasis is on "final", not self-created. completely self-created are Nitro '96 and NWO Nitro. compare this useless sketchup Nitro'99 stage with the final product you can use on the PS4.
  22. mattfick

    WCW Stages

    "my final creations" implies you created it.
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