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  2. Davehinnegan1986

    0014 File Perfec...texture....I have nothing

    Thanx for this tool. works fine making all 2K18 ch as alts!
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  4. sidkaramat

    Problem in Normal Map

    @King_JD Sorry boss just checked an old normal and came to know about older specular maps. In the normal create Alpha channel and there bright areas will be shinier than darker areas ... the ones i checked were grey scale.
  5. ADDED: Luther Reigns, Christy Hemme, Muhammed Hassan Remember: To use my pofo and moveset please download my super String: (In case you use the CCT one you have to replace it in the CCT Superstring Folder) and you will need the entrance and moveset ports from @squaredcirclefan
  6. DFM85

    WWE 2K19 PC Mod Requests Thread

    DM if you want a commission
  7. Cave Waverider

    Can't Restore ANY of My Backed Up Saves

    Glad to be of help. I've updated the Wiki page to make it stand out a little better so people hopefully won't miss it in the future. Thank you.
  8. Hi, Not really. Funny thing is ive actually ported that entrance a while back but somehow forgot to include the files in the pack.
  9. denbigh7

    Title Belt Thumbnails?

    So happy to finally get this working! Now my game will be complete. Thanks again!
  10. fachrym91

    PAC Editor

    svr anim editor v7?
  11. xdwin_10

  12. johnsmithonline

    Wwe 2k20

    this game has already been launched in the year of October 19, is getting good reviews. All the wwe superstars online are in the game. New version is also releasing soon.
  13. xtremebrett

    Title Belt Thumbnails?

    No problem man! Happy to help. Let me know if you hit any other roadblocks in the future because I've hit plenty and figured out most of them over time
  14. denbigh7

    Title Belt Thumbnails?

    Holy Crap it worked!!!!! Man, thank you both so much!!!! Been trying to figure this out for months. I'll keep you posted on how my editing goes. But man, THANK YOU!!! And @Red Rooster thank you as well! You're solid gold, bro.
  15. xtremebrett

    Title Belt Thumbnails?

    So I see where you're going wrong. You can't open zlib or bpe files in X-Packer. Those are compressed versions of the file. When you decompressed the file, you did that correctly. The part you missed was changing the extension of the file from ".pac" to ".dds". It seems as though you don't have extensions visible, so here's a tutorial I found online: After doing this, extensions for these files should be shown as .pac. Just change the ending to .dds instead and you should be good to go.
  16. I've been using motion builder for my game a bit and let's just say there would be alot involved reversing the output since Yukes didn't choose fbx
  17. Red Rooster

    Title Belt Thumbnails?

    I dont have Xpacker at the moment, waiting for Tekken57 to send me a new activation code. Open the file in a Hex editor and check if it is a dds file, if not then changing the extension wont help. If its a dds file it should say at the start of the file when you open it in hex as shown below.
  18. ^ Guys I dont know how to say it enough. these dumb pointless comments on my page are very discouraging. and there would be an old mods page if people such as the brian wright didnt comment incessantly on there. Please dont comment on my page. especially you. Really. I hate doing this. just stop please. Anyways. Aside from this toxic troll up here. USA Macho Man Released!!!!! If you enjoy these mods please dont comment spam on my page. Beverly brothers coming next. stay tuned...... As a reminder I do have a DM here click that envelope looking thingy in the top right corner. its easy. Or you can also dm me on discord matt2282p#7334. Thanks again!
  19. denbigh7

    Title Belt Thumbnails?

    @xtremebrett and @Red Rooster xtremebrett - I uploaded a YouTube video of me trying to follow your directions as I extract all the files from menuHD. When I finally get to the end, I'm not able to open any of them as texture files. I also tried your trick of changing the extension to .dds (not in the video) and it doesn't work on the .pac file. It allows me to change the .bpe file to .dds, but when I open it in Photoshop, it gives me an error. I'd be most grateful if you guys could watch this short video and let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or if maybe I have a messed up MenuHD file(?). Thanks!
  20. kevan1700

    Eddie Guerrero Attire Pack (WIP) From Dr_Freeze

    yeah imma need all of those. they all look great
  21. KJxbox

    WWE Games' DLCs for Xbox 360 (RGH)

    The site I read, said the Outsiders was part of the season pass. Try the Season Pass I sent you as it may have more licenses unlocked then the one you have.
  22. Wwe cmpunk360

    WWE Games' DLCs for Xbox 360 (RGH)

    No bro ese ya lo tengo solo necesito el de the outsiders
  23. unitedprowrestling

    Curb Stomp City Mods - AEW & NXT Microphones | AEW Referee

    Is there anyway you can make one with my custom logos? Attached for reference.
  24. KJxbox

    WWE Games' DLCs for Xbox 360 (RGH)

    Here's the 2k14 Season pass. Everything should be unlocked.
  25. Yesterday
  26. unitedprowrestling

    Trouble Injecting DDS File

    Thanks for the response. The video isn't really what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to update a dds file within a prop pac file.
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