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Rick Rude CAW

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Alive and Funky

'Ravishing' Rick Rude CAW for SVR

Created By Nobody @


As always, if something isn't said then it is Default. And most likely you'll need help on his face so use the pictures of him.

Ok this one is a little harder to make... We'll do things in a certain order that way

they layer over another nicely.

It is important that you do the formula as exact as you can so it looks right in the end.

Anything I don't mention is Default


Name: Rick Rude

Ring Name: Ravishing

Call Name: The Ladies Man

Classification: Heavyweight (or light heavyweight if you prefer)

Gender: Male

Match Tactics: Dirty

Show: Either

Crowd Signs: Whatever


1: Grappler

2: Brawler

Move: Aggressive

Irish Whip: Less Often

Diving Moves: Less Often

Taunt: Less Often



Face Skin: 12

Body Skin: 2

Skin Color: X -92, Y -7, SH 0

Hair: 9: X -86, Y -100, SH 0

Eyebrows: 24: X -88, Y -23, SH 0

Eyes: 7: X -96, Y -20, SH 0

We'll do the facial hair later.

Lips: 47: X -96, Y -15, SH 6


Head: X 18, Y 0, X -22

Eyebrows: X 49, Y -38, Y -42

Eyes: X -51, Y 23, X -41, Y -100

Nose: X -44, Y -1, X - 100, Y 100

Cheek: X -60, Y 77, X 18, Y -65

Mouth: X -66, Y 100, X -100, Y 23

Jaw: X 61, Y -100, X 0, Y 25

Ear: X -100, Y 25, X -100, Y 0

Age: 17


Head: X 18, Y 5, Y -60

Neck: X 10, Y 14, Y -48

Chest: X 5, Y 3, Y -35

Shoulder: X -13, Y -33

Abdomen: X 29, Y 11, Y 11

Arms: X 0, Y 0, Y -18

Hands: X -34, Y -21

Waist: X 0, Y 12

Legs, X 11, Y -1, X 0, Y -32

Feet: X 0, Y 0, Y -38

Height: 6'3

Ok NOW go back to the facial hair part.

Facial Hair: 27: X -92, Y -3, SH 0, TR 100

Facial Hair: 55: X -99, Y 0, SH 0, TR 100

Ok now go forward to the Dress Up Head section because we are going to cover parts of this


Design: Simple: 153: Make the horizontal as wide as you can and then use the second

smallest Vertical. Now keeping it in the center move it down until it covers up the entire

chin, starting right underneath his bottom lip. So that no hair on his chin is visible

X -93, Y 30, SH - 58, TR 100

Ok now we are going to cover the sides of his moustache and make it look much more Rick


Design: Simple: 154: Make it as small as it'll get and then move it to the left side

(his left, not yours) of his face so that it covers a small portion of the end of his


X -94, Y 36, SH -58, TR 100

Now copy that last pattern and go in and edit the new copy and all you have to do is

rotate it once and then move it over to the other side of his moustache and cover that tip.

TIP: It will look better if one side isn't longer than the other... lol

OK now that we got that done go back to facial hair!

Facial Hair: 52: X -92, Y 9, SH 0, TR 2

Facial Hair: 1: X -84, Y 9, SH 0, TR -27

And now we are done with his facial hair... heh...


Make-Up: 5: X 29, Y -100, SH 0, TR -100


Jackets: Coat: M 1, D 1: X 100, Y -20, SH -13 (ENTRANCE ONLY)


Design: Simple: R Arm: 31: Just move it to the side of his arm right about on his bicep

X 19, Y -100, SH -93, TR - 97


Tights: M 6, D 2: X -67, Y 39, SH -16, TR 100, LENGTH -100

Now go back to Dress Up Upper and then...

Design: Tattoo: Back: 37: Just make it as big as it'll go and put it right on his rear end.

X 85, Y 9, SH -3, TR 20


Socks: M 1, D 1: X 9, Y -100, SH 91, TR 100, LENGTH -22

Shoes: M 1, D 1: X -100, Y -20, SH -37, LENGTH - 100


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