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Does anyone know of anway to make matches longer and more epic. I what to play matches were 1-very few finishers are hit, very few kick outs, and a long duration. Kind of as if finishers were actually finishers but matches weren’t just three seconds. I want to do this with setting the momentum slow because universe mode automatically has every match set to regular momentum. I know it is no longer like this in the wwe today, but I just want my game like that.

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I messed with this actually There's an attribute called "momentum" or something similar. If you put it way down, I think to the 40s,it'll make matches a lot longer.  Also, if you have average reversal rates(you'll have to tweak them until you get a good setting) and low reversal slots, you get more realistic matches. Way less reversals and they're usually spaced out. Last, you can increase finisher strength. However, because matches are longer, you may not want this. Your opponent will take enough damage by the time you get a finisher.The downside to these is you get boring, one-sided matches at times, but isn't a big deal if you only do ppv matches.

If you want the CPU to do more varied moves, make sure stamina recovery and stamina use are low. Again, may not the exact names, but something similar was in sliders last year. They'll do whip moves, go to top rope, etc. because they don't use as much stamina.

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