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Cleveland Rock's Titantron Entrance Videos (Requests Open) [Updated 2017-07-16]

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Haldo! My name's Cleveland Rock and I do custom entrance videos. Feel free to request whatever you want.

Here's the folder where I upload all of them. Feel free to browse, but try not to carouse! Ho ho!!4BwUHZKD!nW3dfvxjzBSdc_3w6CG4Hg



  1. Put the downloaded .bk2 file into your movies\titantron\ folder.
  2. Find the right address for the wrestler you want to update in Pozzum's Memory Sheet. For example, Mankind's address is 142AFFFB0 for an easy entrance, 142AFFFD0 for an advanced entrance, and 142B0028C for his winning animation.
  3. Use Cheat Engine to change the value of this address to the number in the filename of the .bk2 file without the leading zero. For example, if the filename is ent_0246_0_1_Mankind97.bk2, you would use a value of 24601.
  4. Remember to save your game! I usually do this by changing a wrestler's heel/face status, leaving the screen, then changing it back.
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i feel energy calling me back where it comes from. Welcome to Smacktalks. Thanks for contributing


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