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Yobj-Anatomizer-Pac Size

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I'll try to explain as much but all this is new to me, so please bear with me.  I've read a lot this week and seen many videos but at this point the gears in my head have become stuck.  My question isn't a matter of someone doing it for me, its more a matter of me learning to do it myself.  I'll tell you more or less what i know so far pertaining to what I'm trying to do and if you can shed some light, any information is appreciated.  Like i said, its more a matter of me learning this more than actually playing.  The project is two simple knee pads.  Whatever program YOU are using is fine for the explanation.  Just remember to K.I.S. for the last S which is me.

SO after traveling back in time to 2015 and reading how 4life was suffering with an XPac shirt, i became acquainted with Anatomizer.  I am not working with Xpac, totally different wrestler.  The wrestler is not really the issue, at least i don't think so, its the the knee pads and what is happening.

The project is bringing an old 2K15 wrestler to 2K17.

So what i did was i got the original OOOO.yobj from the 2K15 model which DOES NOT work and opened it up in Anatomizer.  Then i selected the 2 objects that i needed. Knee pad for the Right leg Object18.obj and Object19.obj knee pad for the left leg.  I moved them all the way to the top and in the bottom render box select 2 Items to render, then saved.


This file is now 17,338 kb or 16.9mb.

I then opened the 2K17 model which DOES WORK using X-Packer and extracted the PACH, then opened the PACH, extracted all the files to a separate folder and added a OO1A.yobj file i took from The Rock.  I took all the files in this folder and using X-Packer, created a new PACH.  I opened up the newly created PACH and injected OOOO.yobj into the OO1A.yobj. Finally I took this new PACH, injected it into a PAC and fixed the internal Hex numbers to match.  At this point, the PAC was now over 80mbs and as you know 2K17 will not read it.

To satisfy my curiosity that what i did would work.  I redid a new PACH and removed 2716.yobj which were the boots, thus reducing the file size to 70mbs.  I fired it up and Sho 'nuff it worked.  The wrestler came out with the Knee pads, textures working fine, and of course with no boots because i had removed them.

So, my question is, somewhere down the line did i do something wrong with the Knee pads that made them 17mbs?  Is there a way to make them smaller?

Where did i mess up or what could i remove in order to put these knee pads in there.  I must add to this that somewhere in the working 2K17 model, it has Knee pads, but they do not show when you look at the model in X-REY, but they will show up in game.  They however, are messed up and clipping from the previous person who attempted to fix this model.  This is an attempt to correct that.

Anyhoot, I'm off to have dinner.  If anyone reads this and wants to chime in, please do so.  Any info is appreciated in my quest to learn how to mod.

Thank You.

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When you reduce the number of objects using anatomiser, you are only setting which objects to render. The filesize does not change at all. The 80mb filesize limit is your problem.

You can try to reduce the pac filesize by either reducing the textures in the texture archive i.e. do not include textures which are not needed for your mod or try to limit the number of yobj files in your pac i.e you said you are using a 001a and 2716 yobj file for the boots.

You should try to find a yobj which has both shoes and knees in it so you can use one additional yobj instead of two.

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Thanks @tekken57 i was able to fix the problem.  I decided to work with what was there instead of trying to start from scratch with something else i was doing.  After watching a different video on switching wrestler parts i was able to take something from that info and fix the clipping.

One of my other problems was that i was creating a pach, then hitting filename to set it in order.  However, it would give me the infinite loop.  After much reading, i read the right topic, and re-injected the files into the Pach archive.  This fixed the infinite load and it showed up in game.

Can't express the feeling of satisfaction when i finally saw the knee pads show up in game.  Now all i have to do is push them back a bit because i made them too puffy :D

Once i tackle that, next project is snapping the neck in place properly, followed by retouching the textures and it will be my first mod.  Thanks again for the help.

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No problem man. The issues with creating new pach files will be resolved on the next x-packer update. 


Looking forward to what you come up with.

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