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Hey peeps,

Please delete this if not allowed.

So i was hoping to get some help. I didnt contribute much of anything last year mainly because i have a really hard time with logos and how to get them. So i was hoping some of you guys could give me tips on what exactly you do to find or create logos and outfit designs that look soo dam impressive. Last year i would have a hunt on high res videos and i attempted a few times but could not get anything remotely close to how perfect some of these designs are.

I had a (admittedly very quick) look around and couldnt find too much.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and again if this is not allowed then i will DELETE (sorry had to) the topic.

Thanks guys.


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Depends on what you're looking for really, could you give some examples of what you were looking for?

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Yeah i would love too, i just dont know where to start. Never done any sort of graphic design or anything (plus i only have Gimp haha).

Its mainly for like Puro and Indy guys. Take for instance the Okadas and Naitos that were released last game. Theyre tight designs are so intricate, inwould love some tips or ideas on how people go about doing that. Its incredible.

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