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  3. squaredcirclefan

    Arena Editing

    Porting arenas is not a straightforward process as each arena consists of different elements : aprons, flags, stadiums, barricades, entrances, matchup screens, nameplate locators, replay screens etc. Probably the easiest to swap over are the aprons and arena entrances. If you just wanted to swap say the 2k18 summerslam 88 apron and flag with the 2k15 Wrestlemania 6 or Summerslam one, then that's relatively easy, as they all share the same classic nameplates.
  4. squaredcirclefan

    Need help creating The Dudley Boys tag team entrance

    I will test this mod and the titantrons later on in my game and get back to you.
  5. That place is so painful! 🙂
  6. 8 man matches ran fine in 18 if u had an x1x or PS4 pro I really don't see an issue. I mean the idiots on 2k are basically losing their shit because it doesn't look as good as UFC 3. But I actually think it's the pose
  7. Yea their entrance is in the game but it's the titantron I can't get to play right. When I replace another team's entrance vid all I get is that infinite screen on the titantron.
  8. can you repost ruby riott render with long hair
  9. Yesterday
  10. Stay tuned guys, I finally had a chance to work on Bret's WM 12 attire, it's going to look better than the textures i used from the community creations for his in-ring gear. It's the correct color and a little more accurate than what they showed in wwe 2k14. I'm trying redo shawn's again with a crystal clear logo for the rear of his tights, but the one i used in his wwe 2k14 texture pack didn't come out as clear as i would like unfortunately in-game. If someone has a great rendition of shawn michaels wm 12 tights logo on the rear just let me know. i think once i make all of the textures mine 100% it should be able to go on the community creations. --Wolf
  11. RebelYellPain

    .RYEE'S. (Mitsuharu Misawa Uploaded, Aug 16th 2018)

    Grabbed every of your CAWs, I was hoping for some legends and you made Misawa and by that you made my day, thank you so much bro! Hopefully we might see TenKoji yet... no current costumes CAWs of them.
  12. Red Rooster

    How to properly inject CDLC to PS3 version of 2K14?

    I never changed those values, I left them as they were so I dont think it matters.
  13. drwho269

    Need help fixing Wrestlers

    Thank you so much!
  14. Thank you so much for the support guys, reading this stuff helps loads. I'm trying so hard not to sink into depression over this. aAt the moment going to sleep and waking up are the hardest parts as I just feel empty. I'm going to try and finish this project within the next week or so now and get it out to you. I have a question would donations be allowed on this forum? I dont mean to get my work I just mean If I put a donate button up or something is that against the rules. I only ask this because I've spent the last week looking at funeral prices and trying to get government help for it but it seems they will pay you afterward which is a little tricky, not to mention that I had no idea this type of thing would cost so much, so any help from anyone would be amazing. P.S @esbatmusic pm me again about those logos I accidentally deleted a few messages trying to clear my read messages
  15. Tornado_X

    Showcase mode Confirmed !!

    Yeah I get that but that match was long with cutscenes, this was less than half a minute
  16. Cave Waverider

    Need help fixing Wrestlers

    Verifying the files on Steam won't fix it, as the .pofo and .moveset data is saved in the save game. However, Data Editor comes with the original .pofo and .moveset files of in-game wrestlers in the Templates folders, you can easily inject them with CCT or other tools to restore them to their originals.
  17. Hi, When you're in Create a Video, you can disable the public and the ring, the referee. You have a black screen background. He's there someone who found how to change the black color of the background in another color, to make chroma key ? Thanks in advance.
  18. I really hope it runs 8 man matches ok on XB1 this year.
  19. Looks ok, the face is lacking detail
  20. drwho269

    Alclegacy's Mods

    Soin lame terms, how could I fix it?
  21. AlcLegacy

    Alclegacy's Mods
  22. AlcLegacy

    Alclegacy's Mods

    It's likely the 25e4 file. The entrance attire wasn't intended for in ring use so that will happen unless that file is fixed.
  23. drwho269

    Alclegacy's Mods

    I have this problem with your Andrade MOD. Where does his mask go? he has half head tron mask and the other half without mask, is weird to look at.
  24. efrem166

    Ac dc original

    Efrem ,www al poder
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