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  2. WWE 2K18 infomation thread

    I think Lesnar holds the title to Mania then looses to Braun..
  3. WWE 2K18 infomation thread

    Braun looks great! But damn a squash match, really? Hope Braun takes the belt he's been holding hostage and barely defending. Brock is awesome but his limited appearances is hurting the brand and what the belt means. He's definitely an attraction like the Rock and Undertaker but he shouldn't have the belt if he's not going to defend it on regular TV
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  5. I think you need to read the dictionary bro you can't construct a proper sentence together, you don't get respect bro it's earned.
  6. Wrestling Legends Game

    What Is The Photo Of Rita Repulsa Added For Guys ?

    Guys just announcing that i will be back to create attires in WWE 2K18 for PS4 so please stay tuned ! This year for WWE 2K17 you guyz got me to the DIAMOND LEVEL which is really awesome. I still can't believe it. I am going to be starting attires on October 14th as I am getting the Cena Edition !!! Thanks for all your support over the years So if you guyz have any requests, tell me now and it will be done First two requests are guaranteed
  8. Ramenmaker"s Ramen Attires!!

    i also have an ambrose coming with an basic color swap
  9. Would you be able to convert these two videos into the BK2 format for titantrons? Thanks in advance.
  10. WWE 2K18 infomation thread

    The AI has to be better this year, the cpu is absolutely no challenge in 2k17
  11. DeadMAN against the Franchise?

    What the fuck is Wrestlemanka?
  12. Satanalizer

    Could one of the admins set my rep to minus 666 please? In order to repair the damages and make up for the trauma caused by GameElite™.
  13. I haven't found any others. As I do, I'll let you know
  14. Thank you! Are there any other PacPlus slots with that issue?
  15. I don't know if any of you are aware of this. But when I initially requested that @mrelectriccity turn Alexa Bliss into Rainbow Dash... Our Queen wasn't my first choice. Originally I was going to request that he turn Bayley into Rainbow Dash, as she shares more of a resemblance to a pony, than any other in game character. I even typed it out and everything, but something just didn't feel right about it, so I decided to choose someone else. Worth emphasising, I put a lot of thought into that request. I didn't even know if Rainbow Dash had been in a video game, I had to look it up. I just knew I wanted Bayley turned into Rainbow Dash, and I had solid reasoning behind choosing her. But I changed my mind at the last second, I'm honestly not even sure why I chose our Queen. It just felt right. Makes me wonder, did I really choose her, or was I unknowingly following her command all this time? In either case it was undoubtedly the right call. Interesting to think though, what would the Kingdom be now had I stuck with Bayley? Would the joke have even worked? Would Beardy have posted Bayley gifs to become a King? Would we even have a Kingdom? Or would we have simply switched allegiance when Alexa Bliss conquered Bayley to become Raw Women's Champion? It's hard to fathom we could've lived in a world without Bliss, but it's certainly Interesting to contemplate the possibility of what could have been. More importantly it's necessary to fully appreciate what we have now, I for one certainly don't think we would've prospered under Bayley's rule. I'm still in character, bro. Look I'm saying bro to confirm it, bro.
  16. JJ Jeff Jarrett

    Hacked JJ Hat
  17. Looks like injecting to slot 571 injects into 569 in game. Just FYI
  18. WWE Summerslam+Takeover discussion (spoilers)

    Yeah! Any discussion for the weeks coming up to the PPV can easily be done in the weekly topic as quite frankly it needs all the love it can get. It's not very pc to ignore it, bro. Expect me to do it at Saturday-Sunday (aus times)
  19. WWE Summerslam+Takeover discussion (spoilers)

    I can verify that @pc-Penguin has every intention of posting them shortly before No Mercy and Hell and a Cell take place. Just like he does for every ppv, bro. Mixing up the formula now would just marginalise other ppv's that weren't treated to the same format. As a PC Penguin he would never discriminate like that, bro.
  20. JJ Jeff Jarrett

    JJ Jeff Jarrett WIP
  21. WWE 2K17+ Alpha Release VER: (Title Downloads Added)

    What is difference between using cheat engine and 2k17+ For those who migrated from 2k15 have easier times using cheat engine So any difference? The best thing is record their entrances individually I don't think its possible or wait Set up a normal match, at least the champion will come with title So record this phase and then set up the match u want and record the match
  22. SixZz|RipZz's 2k17 Mods: Finn Balor IT Custom Attire Ingame Preview

    The right one is much better. Without the eyeshadow he looks pretty dumb lol
  23. Fuck. Marry. Kill.

    Fuck J&J Security Marry Singh Brothers Kill Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco Khali, Lashely and Roman Reigns

    My thoughts changed...since reliance is making it, its gonna be be awesome. Ambani has always done awesome things
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