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  2. Renee Young Cutscene

    Can it be possible that renees interview cutscene can be turn into mod on pc since they dont have it where we can import superstars on the PS4
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  4. Why is Julian the best in the world?

    He is not the best, bro
  5. The Anouncement

    @HiPcavallo you change the deal now , I won't put this pic but I will tag @DrJoeyMagnumRyan until he ban me .
  6. Yeah if the size hasnt changed theres no reason to update the arc
  7. thanks for the info. well since my bik video files are exactly the same size byte to byte. perhaps I can skip arc updating altogether. will try my luck when I get back home.
  8. If I remember correctly Xpacker fucks up the arc when you try to update it for evtmov no matter which way you try to do it. It screws up the offsets for all the minitrons after a certain one (I can remember which one exactly) and then screws up the offset for all the files after that. Only way I found to make it work is to either inject files exactly the same size as the original file or update the arc manually in hex. (Its a total pain in the ass)
  9. yes it does. Even the Neckbreaker .I don't know why 2k developers remove them. Yukes have always had them listed in 2k16 and 2k17 but the animation files for these moves are never included in the game.
  10. The Anouncement

    I will ban yous
  11. That Spike Piledriver looks brutal as hell!
  12. Hi, 4 wwe 2k15 moves ported. The updated download link and animation preview can be found in the first post. If you have previously downloaded the April 24th update, please download the new link. NECKBREAKER 13 : The Neckbreaker 7 animation from WWE 2K15.Removed from subsequent games. STINKFACE : The WWE 2K15 Rikishi Stinkface full animation. Was removed and replaced with the present trimmed down version. This replaces the present version. Drive-by Kick 1 - Animation in 2k15 removed from subsequent games. ( The mat impact sound isn't working for the slot. I'm still working on a fix) Spike Piledriver - Piledriver in wwe 2k15 removed from subsequent games.
  13. Well I got this all narrowed down.. but not exactly sorted out... I found out that this error happens immediately after you inject any bik video file to entmov.pac file. Here is what I do: I open entmov.pac with X-Packer 10 via Open XBOX 360 / PS3 New pac format / Pac containing directories. I inject necessary bik files to replace old ones. update arc non wrestler for both arc files. I rename entmov.pac to en1mov.pac I update the file name entry in def files to be en1mov.pac instead of entmov.pac. I upload arc to both game and games forlders. I upload en1mov.pac to GAMES pac/ent folder. When I hit X to start the game, the new bik video transitions shows up perfectly. But when time comes for the entrance to start - I get this "please wait" freeze. I also tried updating arcs by using simple "update function". Then I didn't even get past the character selection screen. What else might be wrong here? @N'Jadaka, @Red Rooster, @XIII XHP, @El Guapo
  14. Petchy's CAWs | Rey Mysterio UPLOADED (26/02)

    Petchy can you do classic great muta from 90's like the one you almost did for 2k17 thx

    Please share the Tommy Dreamer and Bobby Lashley pofo and moveset files.
  16. [PC] Make all PC STEAM Creation Requests Here (NOT Mod Requests)

    you welcome
  17. Thanks a bunch, I can't wait!
  18. Why is Julian the best in the world?

    I can be German too! Das Chicken Shnitzel ist wunderbar PS: Am I good Germanian, @JulianBITW?
  19. [PC] Make all PC STEAM Creation Requests Here (NOT Mod Requests)

    Thanks dude I really appreciate. No problem, I can upload the Roppongi 3k (Yoei and Sho) tonight if you want, but the faces needs some work again , but caws are good to play in NJPW jr show and ROH. I have just finished Taka Michinoku (Suzuki Gun attire) yesterday, I'll upload him tonight also. See you tonight Ben
  20. What do you mean nice try? I dont have a ps4 I only have a PC and half of the CC on PC sucks so i was just asking nicely if you have the face photos cause i want to make them
  21. Billy Kidman added. Simple instruction on fixing 2k17 mods from the thread added.
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