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  2. Wimpy

    Wimpy's CAWs 6/18(Cage 2.0 Uploaded)

    Just as a heads up, Cage went up last night. The share feature on my PS4 keeps giving me an error, so I haven't been able to put updated pics. Tags: Brian Cage The Machine Wimpy
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  4. I love your Miz attire. Thanks for that, man. Then I started looking at some of the rest of your work and spotted the NXT Drew McIntyre stuff that you did. After seeing the hair changes you did for some other guys I thought "hmm, I wonder if he'd be willing to consider making a retro Drew with the clean-shaven face and the ponytail". Imagine my surprise when I got to the last page and saw that you were already way ahead of me. It's been a while but if you're still working on that one I'm definitely looking forward to using him!
  5. news from the conference AJ Styles is the cover star 1 Million $ Challenge basically it's online based in a yet to be announced new mode tournament style. the winner will face AJ Styles Wrestlemania Weekend (i'm assuming online or maybe in person) the 1 million $ challenge basically is the same that 2k did in mlb2k where you won a million dollars if you could get a no-hitter within i think the first 2 weeks of launch. game releasing 4 days early again PC X1 and PS4 are all eligible Releases October 9th, Early is October 5th Editions The WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition, which contains a copy of the game with special packaging and access to Season Pass, Pre-Order and Collector’s Edition digital content. The WWE 2K19 Collector’s Edition, which contains the same features as the Deluxe Edition plus exclusive and rare collectibles, as well as limited-edition WWE SuperCard content. No Switch version was announced (THANK THE GODS)
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  7. Will Alexa Bliss pay for cashing in? Does The Monster in the Bank have a plan for Brock Lesnar? How will Rollins’ rivalry with Elias play out in the wake of the WWE Money in the Bank controversy? Who will dare meet The Big Dog in his yard?
  8. Red Rooster

    Wrestling Legends Install Guide and Support Thread

    1) Ok, Attitude Era isnt really my thing so Ive never used HBK in the game yet but if its just the matter of swapping out 2 attires then its worth doing. 2) We ran out of slots in the misc so thats why Mankind got another ID, cant waste a misc slot for 2 or 3 attires really. 3) Pretty much the same answer as 1, not sure why we didnt use the 2K16 attire, wasnt my department 4) Ok

    RELL7THIRTY’s House Of CAWs (So many updates)

    Wondering if there is any chance or possibility if you have any more RVD attires that you haven't previously posted that you would share them? You have done such amazing and accurate work on so many RVD attires, was wondering if you could post some you may have not posted here or if you would be up for taking requests.

    Petey Williams is UPLOADED

    With the announcement of AJ as 2k19 cover superstar, is there any chance you could do some more retro TNA AJ Styles? Early TNA Asylum AJ , the messy hair 2004-2005 TNA AJ such as the X Styles green attire, or the 2004 first Impact attire. I can provide picture references if you don't know which attires I'm referring to.
  11. Anyone got good refs for his nXt New Orleans mask? Else I have to leave it off
  12. LordJustice17

    RipZz's 2k18 Mod Previews: Muhammad Hassan Preview last page

    Holy hell those look awesome.
  13. Is there a way to edit their height so that they're say, 3 foot 9 inches tall?
  14. XIII XHP

    Wrestling Legends Install Guide and Support Thread

    Yo I noticed a couple little details that could help improve the game for everybody. - The Modern HBK Shawn Michaels has the D-X entrance for the WM12 attire & his HBK entrance for the D-X attire. In 2k14, the built-in D-X entrance is for the WM 22 attire, so maybe we switch out the Wrestlemania 12 attire w/ the D-X attire to get the most out of his slot. This will give him the D-X entrance for his D-X attire while still having his regular HBK entrance for the others. - Mankind's main slot (the "Corporate" Mankind w/ the white button up shirt) has his call name & winning animation but the debut Mankind w/ brown attire doesn't. I would just make his 2k14 slot have the brown attire w/ render then give him the other white shirt attires. No need for two slots as I'm pretty sure he doesn't even pull out Mr. Socko for the finisher, anyway, so you'd be better off just giving him the Mandible Claw & making just 1 Mankind slot instead of 2. Plus there's another attire from '13 where he has the white shirt, tights & boots instead of sweat pants so you could use that plus his referee attire from 2k14. - Ministry Undertaker has this one attire w/ a red cross that he didn't wear. It's the Wrestlemania 15 attire just with a red cross. I would replace it w/ the one from 2k16 for the actual attire he wore w/ the silver Undertaker cross w/ the red outline. (picture below is the real attire & it was also in 2k16.) - Kane's main slot (bald Kane) has his mannerisms & moves around the way Classic Kane should. Even has his proper winning animation. I would switch their slots to try to get the best Kane possible. Kinda same thing w/ Undertaker. I also noticed the one Kane singlet attire from Survivor Series (all red attire) could be made in Superstar Threads if you put the Brothers of Destruction attire as his first attire to save arc size. The one in the game is a mod from before we got the Brothers of Destruction attire (it's the double sleeved debut attire w/ skin textured over the arms). I actually have a pretty cool Kane slot has most of his classic attires (debut, reversed color, double sleeves, Brothers of Destruction, Wrestlemania 18, tag w/ RVD, bald Kane & 2015 Kane w/ the new mask & singlet) if anybody would rather have that one as their main Kane.
  15. Zaiboerelis

    X-Packer 2017 / X-Rey 2.7 released

    how much i should donate to get x-rey ?
  16. skeletonrook

    CyBruis's James Storm Uploaded to CC now

    Fantastic james storm caw.
  17. Yungxsteffe

    [PC MODS] Make all PC MOD Requests Here

    Anybody with a Marty Scurll?
  18. Funny that you guys are talking about this right now, I just injected loads of pofos to migrate all men into the main area and all female wrestlers into the download section so that each group is gender-exclusive for easier access. Just about everybody except for the Rock 'N Roll and the Hardys played nice and moved. I guess those guys saw that their little clubhouse had suddenly became a ladies' hotspot and decided to stay behind.
  19. Cave Waverider

    Custom Character Tools 2018 [Released: Version 1.0.2]

    Hm, perhaps changing the default menu bytes for these Slots to the Superstars menu in the perfectplextra files would do the trick (in case that's where the copy protection mechanism reads these bytes from). Worth a try, I guess.
  20. OK cheers, I will look into a fix for that, I like to keep my main roster and the NPC's and managers in the downloaded section (or you could split the roster into Raw and Smackdown).
  21. Cave Waverider

    Custom Character Tools 2018 [Released: Version 1.0.2]

    Nope. It used to be possible to move them but after people unlocked them early and bragged about it in Youtube videos, 2k added copy protection that moves them back to Downloaded superstars on each startup (I assume it locks them, checks if you own the DLC, if yes it unlocks them again in it's default spot, which is Downloaded Superstars). It's annoying. One of the patch files released shortly after the DLC may hold the key or it might be the .exe directly. The workaround is to inject their .pofo files set to the Superstars menu on every startup (or just the menu bytes), but it sure would be nice if there was a proper solution, like changing the default slot to Superstars.
  22. Aj Styles,Finn Bàlor & Big Cass #MITB 2018 Attires Now On CC (XB1) Tags WWEADDICT4LIFE,MITB 2018
  23. Quick question @Cave Waverider and/or @TheVisitorX When moving DLC_30 characters from downloaded to superstars roster when I reload the game they move back to downloaded (the others can be moved and remain), when I tinker about I like to keep things as user friendly as possible so is there a known quick fix for that which I am unaware of? Also are you aware or had reports of any problems moving from superstars to downloaded or anything like movesets falling out of sync with the pofo if you move them? If so I will look into a fix which doesn't require a new save. Cheers in advance.
  24. Thunder72

    Alclegacy's Mods

    Welcome back Alc, we missed you .
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