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  2. Styles was easy. I did his Phenomenal set last year. Which was based off old school AJ, so I took that set, his NJPW set from 16, his current set, watched a few more matches, and whipped up his Ultimate set! Let me know what you think. I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it. I will try to get to SteenOwens tonight or tomorrow.
  3. He hit his prime when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract the night after WrestleMania.
  4. Billy Gunn hit his prime as a part of the Voodoo Kim Mafia. A TNA CREATION. Therefore TNA > NJPW
  5. Samoa Joe, CM Punk Ultimate, Asuka and AJ Styles Ultimate added!
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  7. I don't have any mirrors. I would say try downloading again?
  8. Nope. Just can't be arssed Sunday
  9. Billy Gunn is popular because of his Smoking Gunns days not his DX days, duh. Also, Mauro's staying in WWE. Now joining NXT's commentary team.
  10. Are you talking about Diego/Fernando's moveset? Cavewaverider's Data Editor tool has moveset templates you could use.
  11. Can't seem to download this. When I click the download button on Google Drive, it tells me the page cannot be displayed. Are there any mirrors? @pozzum
  12. Added the new Macho video and the 2 arena videos to the first post
  13. Hi All, You may remember that I made a topic on editing the root header of a camera (specifically, the intro parts). Well, thanks to @pozzum, he's created a GUI frontend for my tutorial. It's simply a much more refined version using my guide. I hope this helps people and makes them easier to edit entrance animations. What the program does: It allows extraction and injection of YANM blocks. This includes things such as, intro cameras, wrestler motions (similar to the Advanced Entrances) etc. Also allows extraction of 2K14 YANM blocks, since they use the same format. What the program does NOT do: Allow specific editing of a wrestler motion. You can already do this via hex, somewhat, but it only lasts for a single frame and attempting to add more parts causes a "no model". Convert older WWE '12 - 2K14 entrances (I'm still looking into this but for now, consider this impossible). Allow editing of the EVP (I've never looked into this and I imagine this wouldn't be very feasible to do). You will require your 0000 or 000A, which you can get from uncompressing the BPE from the entrance's SDHC via PE or X-Packer and viewing the file via PE/X-Packer. Should be self-explanatory, just extract the 0000 (if you're editing the motion) or 000A (if it's the camera) and open it in Animation Editor. If you're editing a 000A, this is what each block means. For 0000, it means these: 00000000 - the intro timing for the model to come out 00000001 - YMAM reference 00050000 - Stage animation 00050001 - YMAM reference 00100000 - Ramp animation 00100001 - YMAM reference 00150000 - Ring-in animation 00150001 - YMAM reference 00200000 - Ring animation 00200001 - YMAM reference The YMAM references, as far as I know can be safely ignored. Believe it or not, they do actually contribute to the massive file sizes that the PC entrances have. For example, The Rock '01's entrance is 1.1MB, but goes down to 636KB once those references have been removed. Not much larger than a PS3 entrance. I believe Pozzum said that he intends on adding the project to test GitHub out. For now, here's the download link to try out Animation Editor. Let me know how it goes!
  14. I dont have any dlcs or season pass, is it mandatory to use this or what? I use the steam version btw...
  15. Each entrance has 2 different possible camera angles so I had to record 84 videos...thats why it took so long
  16. There is a fair amount I don't think they could break unless they vastly change how matches are built in the game.
  17. Here's some CAWs i've been working on. Milano Collection A.T: And very WIP Shuji Kondo: Brother YASSHI:
  18. Thats nice
  19. Thank you !
  20. Look at @pozzum's 2k17+ thread or @TheVisitorX's CCT thread to start. Those are the main tools you'll be using to install characters.
  21. @Dennis-Bieser Hey man, tried to PM but you can't recieve messages again. Are you still planning on releasing the updated Big Daddy V? No mention on releasing him for awhile but it looked really awesome. Just wondering because accidentally deleted the 2k16 version and the old download links don't work anymore so no way to re-download. Keep up the good work, man. Thanks.
  22. Thank you, but i just don't know how to install everything xD
  23. Lol there is about 28 inring attires with entrance so thats 56 attires to preview. Shit load of work in there. For those who dont know how it work just making this Macho mod with previews took about 2-3 months. I understand you guys and appreciate the interest. Amazing video bro !!!
  24. OH YEAH!!!! How many hours of gameplay did you log just to create that video??? Awesome!
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