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  2. AznBlusuazn

    Tekken57's 2k18 mods - Steiner released / Benoit preview

    Hey there! The legendary @brienj ❤️ -- I used HxD in that instance because it was quick. I usually use X-Packer since I'm in it a lot. I've been using Pozzum's WrestlePlus and WrestleMinus a lot. There are some great tools out there. It really just depends on what I'm doing that determines what process I use. Great to see you active!
  3. Alright. Just tweaked Hiroyo's size to make her a tiny bit less skinny. I also went ahead and created an entrance and tweaked a few things in her moveset and on her attire. Second attire has different hair, which isn't super accurate, but I personally like it more than what I did have with her second attire. It is long and curly at least. She has been reuploaded with these changes. Same tags and number of logos.
  4. Packers12

    DatBlizz's Theme Thread

    Can you please add these themes? Bret Hart (late 80s-early 90s original Hart Foundation theme)-a version that doesn't have that fade/pause in the middle of the theme. Shawn Michaels (Sensational Sherri's Sexy Boy version) Owen Hart (The Rocket/High Energy theme) British Bulldog (Theme he used 1994-1996, not the version that's in the game) The Narcissist Lex Luger The Headshrinkers (Fatu and Samu) Adam Bomb Crush (heel '93-'94) Jerry Lawler Kamala I.R.S. Tito Santana Hacksaw Jim Duggan The Mountie Jake Roberts (Snake Bit) Booker T (Can You Dig It) Ric Flair (WWE early 90s) Roddy Piper (theme he used in early 90s)
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  7. DrJoeyMagnumRyan

    Great_One 2k19 Mods *The Rock Mod-Pack released*

    Azn told he never gave you permission to use his rock mod That's not looking good @great_one
  8. Rhuanico99

    Rhuanico99 Caws - CM Punk / Suicide

    I can't.. my internet is still not working and I'm all out of data to use from my phone. In fact, I'm only able to post anything using wifi when I'm not home.
  9. Cave Waverider

    Where are custom videos located?

    If it's the same as the previous years, they should be stored in the save directory. You can get an idea where to find that directory on this wiki entry. They are split into various files each. I don't think anyone has figured out how to do anything with them outside the game yet.
  10. Titantrons are controlled by a file called assetconv -- there is a fix on the Smacktalks Discord.
  11. DrJoeyMagnumRyan

    Great_One 2k19 Mods *The Rock Mod-Pack released*

    @great_one could you send me your rock titantron so I can compare it to IMIS69's titantron please?
  12. I Need Pofo and Moveset file,That is the best
  13. Broskinator97

    Alclegacy's mods - Undertaker WM29/ The Rock SS'11 RELEASED

    Are these mods released?
  14. IMIS69

    Great_One 2k19 Mods *The Rock Mod-Pack released*

    No, u lied i'm pretty sure that is come from my work. Now you should delete it
  15. Yeah the new pointers work. Of note is even when I pinned one of the guys, their HUD disappeared but they stayed to attack. The match doesn't seem really designed for multi-men anyway as the opponents love to interrupt your environmental grapples. A shame, I kind of want the kind of 6 man crazy backstage fights in SYM and HCTP.
  16. great_one

    Great_One 2k19 Mods *The Rock Mod-Pack released*

    I have it through three times the minitron from the game and recorded the area with a desktop recording tool. Afterwards with RAD tools and the tutorial converted and edited. That's why the quality is a bit bad
  17. brienj


    Yeah, thanks. It actually came to me later after I posted, that I could just edit the memory location for it being playable or not, but actually injecting a completely empty pofo and moveset is probably the best way.
  18. It would be great if you could do Evolution GFX from Smackdown 1000
  19. pozzum


    You can use the pach edit menu in wrestle plus to change the pac number of the files. Pofo files also have the pac number at the start which data editor should be able to edit it. To uninstall inject an empty pofo / moveset. I'll have to see if it's downloading the wrong file.
  20. nsieniski

    My Stuff - Too much to list. Updated w/ Mysterio (WCW masked)!

    Thank you, great job! I'm already using some of your caws in my WCW universe
  21. Attires 4 & 5 + final face now previewed.
  22. Follow his teaching. Finally, def can be reconstructed using wrestlePlus.
  23. First name Macho, last name Man...ohhh YEA. Amazing work on the macho pack. Here's the lovely Miss Elizabeth to complete the Wrestlemania 2 pack vs George Steele: Download:!pDIFRIiS!aGLH5f4_TNYspER9PpznSvtub4HoM3Wd6cm47uVa8MU
  24. petr


    Unlimited Payback would be better.
  25. Wormie

    Wormie’s 2K19 Mods | Samoa Joe Update Mod!

    I’m not sure if it does, or how it would look if it did. You can try it, but I’d recommend backing up your original file just Incase.
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