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  2. These movesets are based solely on NJPW matches from the calendar year of 2017. Davey Boy Smith Jr Ricochet
  3. Seth Rollins SummerSlam/Deadpool Attire Released download link --------------
  4. Gameplay video's !!

    I think they have taken a massive leap this year with the graphics but i think the lighting shaders are simply to dull. All that's really been lacking in the 2K games the past few years is a more in depth universe mode with more stories, angles & cut scenes - I found i got bored of last years game within a month and turned straight to modding as soon as the PC Version came out. If they get it right this year there will be no need for us to mod things in the game - Hopefully this year the CAW is a hell of a lot more in depth so blender will be a thing of the past ha. Its a real shame they couldn't get the mp3 Rights to add custom themes but if a wrestlers intro changes il just have to hum it in my head
  5. Weekly Wrestling Discussion (Spoilers) (with Bliss)

    Can they please move Bray back to Smackdown now ? He's now feuded with pretty much every babyface on RAW.
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  7. First Mods - Bret Hart 90s 10-attire pack *Released*

    Awesome work on Bret Pack
  8. LouEvil76 2K16 -MODS- 2K15/2K17 Ports ***DONE***

    Hi Im having a problem with your mods. I see you added some new ones for 2K16. When I try to install Brutus Beefcake and I load the game up his name doesnt appear in the superstar list and Ive no idea why unless there is a problem with the pofo. I know Im doing it correct because I installed your Hulk Hogan & Jeff Hardy mods perfectly fine. Im using custom character tools.
  9. Gameplay video's !!

    too tempting... was gonna say something but i don't need to ruin my record lol
  10. Alclegacy's Mods - MNM released

    where do i find the download to this?
  11. JulianBITW's Thread - AJ Styles/ Seth Rollins Released

    yall are some of the most ungrateful ass people ever. he gives you about 2-3 mods a week and you all just ask for more instead of appreciating the work. sheeeesh lol
  12. Wrestling Legends Game

    Its possible but I think if you really want to play Wrestling Legends then getting a RGH/JTAG Xbox 360 is your best bet. Even if someone does do a conversion to PS3 it will still never be as complete as the 360 version due to certain limitations with the PS3 that no one has figured out.
  13. But don't you love Akira Tozawa? You know, the guy who lost the CWC, couldn't even hold the Cruiserweight title a week, and needs fucking Titus O'Neil of all people to keep him relevant. Last I checked Alexa Bliss is a three time champion in WWE, add to that she conquered Westeros and established a Kingdom in her name. The match at Summerslam was rigged, so she didn't even really lose, and all great rulers face setbacks from time to time (remember when the Kingdom was burned down? Look how well that worked out in the end). Was going to hold off on posting this until I recieved confirmation from Penguin. But as ahmedady is being horribly inconsiderate and making me post, I'll have to do it now. I know some of you are probably feeling quite down right about now following the Summerslam conspiracy against our Queen. But I have a few announcements that I think will go a long way towards restoring morale within the Kingdom of Bliss. First of all it appears as though @King Beardy is alive and well! He has survived the festival of friendship, and returned earlier to express his feelings about the Summerslam conspiracy (the match was obviously rigged!). Myself and @Penguin have convinced Queen Alexa to name Lady Cavallo the master of cosplay, and granted her a seat on the small council. @Aero has officially joined the Kingdom of Bliss! We have named him master of liquor, and granted him a seat on the small council. Bear Island has been awarded to his house. In celebration Queen Alexa has graciously permitted me to use the royal funds, to grant each of you a night with Aero's Ma. To claim your bookings simply organise a time with Aero (who will be rewarded handsomely for his services), and we'll take care of the payment! If you don't feel you have the sexual stamina required to last a full night with Aero's Ma, then we can possibly break it down into smaller bookings if it's to an equivalent value, or less. Unfortunately as @ahmedady is trapped at the wall as a sworn brother of the nights watch he is exempt, as he is no longer permitted to have sex. Instead we will be giving him a coupon for a free hash brown, with any breakfast combo at McDonalds. We are hoping to have our first McDonalds open in Westeros by the end of September. You're welcome. We all know the match at Summerslam was rigged, but it's only a matter of time before Queen Alexa reclaims her Raw Women's Championship! The rest of the division are quite simply beneath her. Have to say though, I'm not sure ahmedady really deserves his McDonalds coupon now.
  14. fun fact: the lowering of the cage/cell/ec structures music they always use was actually in WWE 12, 13, and 2K14 lol yeah i absolutely hated it when chris cut it. when he shortened it i just knew he'd eventually chop it all off. but yeah i'd rather jericho have the let out hair vs that damn ponytail. same with big show. i don't know what's 2k's deal they seem obsessed with ponytails. THQ was like that too lol
  15. JulianBITW's Thread - AJ Styles/ Seth Rollins Released

    Any King? Maybe A Demon? Maybe A Cruserweight?
  16. JulianBITW's Thread - AJ Styles/ Seth Rollins Released

    Any plan on Demon Finn ?
  17. JulianBITW's Thread - AJ Styles/ Seth Rollins Released

    Would take me like 5 Minutes, not worth my time tho.
  18. JulianBITW's Thread - AJ Styles/ Seth Rollins Released

    Thank you for Amazing rollins btw any chances on John cena updated attire with new shorts and shoes ?
  19. To be fair Cena's wristbands and tacky as fuck shirts also need to piss off.
  20. Weekly Wrestling Discussion (Spoilers) (with Bliss)

    Cena and his jorts need to piss off also Jason Jordan is the worst Kurt Angle son ever.
  21. SixZz|RipZz's 2k17 Mods: Cesaro Summerslam Attire preview

    Looking good! Can't wait for this attire to be released, as well as Summerslam Cesaro attire.
  22. @HiPcavallo But I Don't Love Losers !
  23. Wrestling Legends Game

    Im guessing someone will work on this after release
  24. Is Finn Balor Lesnar's next opponent???

    The thing is, the stronger they build Lesnar, the cockier he becomes. It's totally realistic to believe Lesnar could come in, not take Balor seriously, and get caught off guard. Balor just needs to get him down for a 3 count, not outright dominate him. To be fair, Lesnar also isn't what he was a year ago. Ever since the Goldberg fued he's been portrayed as far more beatable.
  25. Just a suggestion

    I don't see what I'd have to do exactly to re-enable them right now. It might be fine to leave it that way. If people have complaints I'm sure people can voice it and I can do more research.
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