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  2. Preview of Magnus (Nick Aldis) in first post.
  3. Also my Attempt at Making Tiger Mask W portrayed by Kota Ibushi, lot of work left to be done
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  5. IMO possibly try Body Type 9 (4th one on the 2nd row), then make changes to the body pieces...seems to have a smaller width waist/ab area, which Jinder's is thinner than the type you have on it. Keep debating it myself though as I look at refs...his ab section is thinner, but some of the other thinner ones seem to have longer abs than him (which the one you are on is more right there). Just choose whichever you like best, even if it's that one. Would be nice to have that body with abs less wide...they need to give us sliders back to go with the current body system. lol
  6. Bobby Roode (I Don't know if I will keep this hairstyle, any suggestions?)
  7. Marty looks great. Hope to see some attires from his single run.
  8. I have a Mark Andrews wip, but I don't have good refs for his attire. And I have a Pete Dunne uploaded to CC, but currently working on him. Thanks, you're right I'll check which one fits him the most.
  9. This forum doesn't NOT support piracy
  10. Dammit I want your Roderick but don't have the dlc amazing work
  11. Help, please??
  12. Looks great!
  13. I'm 100% sure this is not allowed in the forums and is illegal. @pozzum @Smacktalks
  14. mickie james

    Great job!
  15. Jinder's face looks pretty dang good there...IMO though, that body choice is WAY too big for him. I'd go to one of the smaller muscular ones, then define it using veins.
  16. Thanks bro! Yeah there were probably other guys we could've added who were there more, but Chulo was a really good wrestler and his moveset matches up well with a lot of guys. I considered doing El Puerto Ricano originally but we had so much depth in 95-96 and Chulo actually had some credibility lol. I'll see what I can do about RVD singlets for sure although it'll be after the rest of the CAWs are done. There's a couple updates to guys we already made. I made a rare 1995 ECW shirt so Keith and I both did attire updates with it. Keith made Cactus's Hardcore Heaven 95 attire from when he faced The Sandman. If you get Keith's Cactus edit now, he's got the original 2 attires but now this is attire 1. Keith also made new snakeskin cactus logos for him, and you can't see the boots in the pic but they're really cool. And I put the shirt on Tommy Dreamer, because it was the shirt he was wearing for the "chairshot heard round the world" with Raven. Again, Tommy still has the original 2 attires I made for him, so he's got 3 now. They'll be up for a few days, so get them soon if you're interested. And I should have a new guy tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.
  17. Awesome work dude! I really like your Roderick Strong in particular!
  18. how download iso wwf sd2
  19. Wow, Nikki came out great!
  20. Can you make Breezango's latest attires?
  21. Not a problem. It's nice to see you still around the community!
  22. Whats your tags bro? Great work
  23. u ve done an awesome job mister!!Mortis, Glacier and Gangrel are my favorites !! bravo for your work!!
  24. Jinder mahal last attire Backlash 2017 Ready for uplaod
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