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  2. .Raiee's. (CM Punk UPLOADED - 23 Oct 2017)

    Any ideas for attires?
  3. you're the best that's why i'm asking you big cass thamks
  4. .Raiee's. (CM Punk UPLOADED - 23 Oct 2017)

    Please give us today or wednesday your amazing Adam Cole CAW, because it's the best already, and the only one who Looks perfect
  5. [PS4] Make all PLAYSTATION 4 Creation Requests Here

    Wade barrett, mr. Kennedy, damien sandow, ted dibiase jr, & tajiri
  6. never used the convert tool before, if my wwise path is invalid what do I have to install to update it?
  7. KANE 99/00 & Triple H 2000

    Can you see now
  8. Today
  9. minoru suzuki

    i made him last year and never really improved him, so i thought i'd make him again this year and try to improve upon his last iteration. the attire needs a bit of work, not sure if the face does or not hence why I'm posting and asking for suggestions.
  10. Jimmy Jacobs fired for taking a picture with Bullet Club?

    Dark, but tots tru.
  11. Universe question

    Do you still get cutscenes if you have managers ringside? Or is it like last year?
  12. RipZz's 2k18 Mod Previews: Owen Hart In-game Preview

    Those Angle attires are amazing mate. Can't wait for the finished product of Owen.
  13. SuperSauldier CAWS // Pete Dunne, CM Punk UPLOADED!

    Pete Dunne is uploaded. Will be making Bate and Seven very soon as well.
  14. Post your WWE2K18 Screenshots

    I love the sweat system! His winning pose is decent, it's a shame his entrace pose sucks.
  15. Tony Nese final preview

  16. He's just a special lil' boy now, so we gotta treat him special! Yeah, like what the hell? Pinkdust is on the sidelines, he could've lost to Kane!
  17. Thanks! Oh yeah. Already got some logos made up for Scott. Probably have some previews up this week sometime.
  18. Weekly Wrestling Discussion (Spoilers) (with Bliss)

    How is Balor extraordinary? He finally picked up some solid momentum, and then quickly jobbed out to Kane. If anything is extraordinary, it's the level of disappointment Balor's run on Raw has given us. The treatment of Queen Alexa and Goldust on this episode was fucking shameful, bro.
  19. Every year I wait for your Taker-Kane pack. Nice to see Kurt has joined the party also. Amazing as always. Just a little suggestion. Please use retro/younger Taker model on that ABA/Big Evil Taker. Latest model looks too old.
  20. Update in first post with Tino preview
  21. Yeah, they're all in order, but i made them start at the 2nd attire slot because the default Kurt is actually also a Wrestlemania attire. 10512 &10514 - WrestleMania 18 10522 & 10524 - WrestleMania 19 10532 & 10534 - WrestleMania 20 10542 & 10544 - WrestleMania 21
  22. And the rest of the Street Attire Collection : Preview : Brock Lesnar 1 Way Ticket Shirt Preview : Brock Lesnar Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat Shirt Preview : Brock Lesnar Exit F5 Shirt Preview : Brock Lesnar License Suplex City Shirt Preview : Brock Lesnar No Shirt (default in ring for all the above) Stayed tuned for the UFC collection and the Lesnar WWE Return attires to complete the 20 or so attires for 2K18!
  23. Excuse me, may I ask for the order of the attire? Since we still don't have the attire unlock, I just want to use one of those lol. Is it WM 18-19-20-21 like normal?
  24. Undertaker July 1st, 2002 Kane WrestleMania 18
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