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  2. CAWs and creations. Feel free to share Creations and creative criticize

    A little tweak on his face and his perfect but none the less its dope man.!!
  3. Christopher Daniels (NEW UPDATE)

    Check out the updates.
  4. Today

    Downloaded literally all of these. Thank you for filling out my roh/njpw universe gaz, your hard work is appreciated.
  6. ECW's Sinister Minister

    Glad you like it man. Originally when I was making the face texture i thought it was going to turn out to look awful on the CAW but surprisingly it came out looking great.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Please Add this logo to CC (pc)

    He doesn’t know de wae my brudda.
  9. Jeff Hardy solo Gfx

    and the titantron?
  10. Hell yeah, Corny looks superb! Planing for the Midnight Express too or just gonna release him as a manager?...either way, awesome & can't wait!
  11. Please Add this logo to CC (pc)

    Why can’t you do it yourself?
  12. ECW's Sinister Minister

    Holy balls.
  13. Attack Problem

    sorry we don't speak jibberish in this forum English is the language of choice
  14. Custom Character Tools 2018 [Released: Version 1.0.1]

    Yeah about that. . . I never really finished it, hit too many walls. It would actually crash the game whenever I was trying to edit values, big mess with WWE 2k16. But I could try again this year I guess, I'll look into it. But I doubt it would be a simple edit of values. I would have to import the model or replace it somehow in the savegame. But I'll try anything once, I'll see what I can do.
  15. Attack Problem

    Ayarlardan maçın başında saldırma ayarı olmalı onu off yap
  16. Please Add This logo to wwe 2k18 CC (pc)
  17. ECW's Sinister Minister

    Comes with two attires Tags: Sinister Minister ECW MAX-GAMER-010

    Love the cards, Gaz!
  19. My-MODS-: Doink The Clown [Released]

    I wanted the kurt angle password, please.

    Love love what you did with the preview pictures here, very unique and adds to the excitment of your work

    Very nice job on all. I have all except Daniels, as I went with Cybruis's Addiction.
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