Jim Ross Met With Dixie Carter & TNA Executives Earlier This Month
Source: prowrestling.net
According to a reliable source in TNA Wrestling, several company executives met with Jim Ross earlier this month.

Ross met with TNA Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead, Dixie Carter and her father Bob Carter a few weeks ago to discuss working with the company when his WWE contract expires in just 10 days. One of the main points of contention Ross brought up was that Vince Russo would have to be removed from the creative team before he would even consider any serious negotiations.

Jim Ross told the Carters that if he were to sign with TNA hed be looking to be not just an announcer, but a top level company executive. With the amount of time Ross spent as one of the top players behind the scenes in WWE, he would be an invaluable asset to TNA in terms of talent development and the overall direction of the company.

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