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The Wrestler ID is the internal ID number of the wrestler in the WWE 2k series of Games. It is a numeric identifier uniquely assigned to each wrestler slot and is used for the ch*.pac number, in .pofo, .moveset, .team_info files and more. It is also sometimes referred to as PACH Number, PACH Slot number, PACH ID, PAC ID, PAC Number, PAC Slot Number, SlotID (as seen in CCT) or similar.

Valid Wrestler IDs

Valid Wrestler IDs typically run from 0-999. Wrestler IDs 0-99 are usually reserved for Created Superstars, while Wrestler IDs for in-game wrestlers and mods typically range from 100-999. Note that which IDs from that range actually work is different from game to game.

Use Cases

Wrestler IDs are most prominently needed to install mods. The Wrestler ID is generally used as the XXX in chXXXYZ.pac Wrestler Models/Texture Archive, *XXX*.pofo Wrestler Information and *XXX*.moveset Entrance and Moveset file names and their contents as well as contents of the .team_info files to link them all together.

Wrestler ID Lists for WWE 2k games

Click on the link below to view the lists of Wrestler IDs used in various WWE 2k games.

WWE 2k19 Wrestler ID List

WWE 2k18 Wrestler ID List

WWE 2k17 Wrestler ID List

WWE 2k16 Wrestler ID List

WWE 2k15 Wrestler ID List

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