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World Wrestling Entertainment, short WWE is the largest Wrestling and Sports-Entertainment Promotion in the world today.


The Promotion was founded as World-Wide Wrestling Federation, short WWWF by Vince McMahon Sr. After Vince McMahon Junior bought it from his father, he shortened the name to World Wrestling Federation, short WWF. The name was changed to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, WWFE and later World Wrestling Entertainment, short WWE in the early 2000s due to a dispute with the World Wide Fund For Nature suing the wrestling company due to the fund using the WWF initials longer (it used to be called World Wildlife Fund until 1986) which it has remained until today. While the Worldwide Fund for Nature has allowed the WWE to use the WWF Initials and logos again in the mid- 2010s, the company decided to remain known as World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE.

Video Games

See WWE Video Games.


WWE.com - The Official Website of World Wrestling Entertainment